Veil Of Maya - Conquer Lyrics

My eyes, my eyes have failed me
A passenger in infinite great wisdom
We all struggle to possess the key to our lives
We ignite, we ignite, shedding new light
Overcoming what we were left with
Conquering the motionless satellites
In my future blank canvas full of design
Never searching we search for ourselves
My face has seen all walks of the earth
When there's nothing we fall apart
We fall to our knees, collecting our thoughts
They can't know this
The thickened air surrounds us
Clenching at our lungs
Searching blindly I follow a prophets sense of one
My eyes have failed me tonight
Overcoming what we were left with
Conquering the motionless satellites

Conquer [2x]

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Veil Of Maya Conquer Comments
  1. Cosmick Angel

    the emotion that marc okubo invokes on guitar is out of this world. hes sooooo underrated it drives me nuts.

  2. kill joy

    I miss this and hate their new sound so much


    I don't know about you but the vocals aren't what ruins the new stuff for me, Marc took a much simpler route for composing recently than he does here and that bothers me because it's more stereotypical djent/progressive sounding now, which isn't inherently bad but I just find this better

  3. vampevilj

    This was one of my favs to play on guitar. Fuck new Vei!

    Matt M

    Fuck YOU, matriarch is quite decent.

    J Ram

    Matthew Punk Lmao! Quite decent. That's pretty bad if that is the best that can be said about it.

    Matinicus Creek

    J Ram Bad? Really? lmaooo you guys are hilarious

  4. Patricia Gascueña Romero

    artur hijodeputa

  5. Kern O'Leary

    my fuckkkkk this song is tiring on the ol right hand

    Adrien Barrette

    +Kern O'Leary oh yes it is. Resistance too


    In more ways than one

    Nothing No-one

    Kern O'Leary The Higler is even more tiring.

  6. Minton Branham

    dont understand how any one can call this deathcore, to me this sounds like progressive metal or melodic death. its like calling the black dahlia murder or the faceless deathcore, come the fuck on people, i hate the genre nonsense but to group this band in with all the un original deathcore repeats is just not fair


    @Ian Jackson @Minton Branham they're progressive melidoc deathcore/death metal...either way they're fucking original and amazing

    Chicken Fingurzz

    Who gives a fuck about what sub genre it may or may not be? It sounds fucking amazing. It's good metal. That should be the only thing that matters.

    Ian Jackson

    +Chicken Fingurzz Whilst I agree, genres do serve a purpose. Lol.

    Stay Classy San Diego

    Veil of Maya is progressive deathcore

    scotty smith

    Minton Branham you hate genre nonsense? Your whole comment was riddled with it. Acrite nigga.

  7. Chris Calderon

    the bass

  8. Niran Mistry

    Lol which 5 dickheads dislikes this? they mustve been drunk

  9. FujitoraTheGreat

    420 blazeitfaggot

  10. doctor deepwater

    0:43, holy crap, amazing guitar

  11. Trey West

    the most stereotypical yet....respectable comment.

  12. RevenantAD

    But that's a different type of music set aside from this genre.

  13. Nibby

    Yeah, my band tried to get signed by sumerian, but they have two place from what found out. One in DC and several is Cali, and we're out in Ks. Fuckin lame lol.

  14. MrKrthwrd

    beautiful. simply beautiful

  15. EterniumOfficial

    Guitar and bass work is great. Everything else is pretty meh.

  16. toolarmy4life

    yo! that is a mighty fine list you have there... john mayer is a BEAST!

  17. Mike W

    This band sounds a lot like black dahlia, without the amazing solos. Uncool.

  18. JyLeZ

    My Top 5, if anyone really gives a shit:
    Born Of Osiris
    Veil Of Maya
    The Acacia Strain
    Oh, and John Mayer.

  19. JyLeZ

    oooooo haaahaahahahahahHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. JoshK

    Woah shit ETID! Listen to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster too, dude.

  21. Elegist

    Instrumental of [id], make it happen. *claps hands*

  22. Shaheero

    There needs to be an instrumentals version of this released. Man what I'd do for that.

  23. Ian Jackson

    Seriously, this song is a a fucking masterpiece. Kudos, Marc and the rest.

  24. Lorenz Meyn

    It's way to fast to masturbate to :'c

  25. jess1541

    Hell yeah!

  26. sorasorasora0

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  27. BassBumpin108

    Sumerian has some amazing bands. This and Born of Osiris are some of my all time favorites.

  28. Mikal Djunts 2

    @LetsPride pasturebaition. lololol.

  29. Engelbert Twinkleton

    @LetsPride hahahaha made me lol

  30. TheJpike

    one person will not bow in our arua

  31. Nick Clutter

    No dislikes.

  32. toke pls

    only 1400 wtf