Veil Of Maya - Codex Lyrics

Imprisoned in all of us, a journey
A true test of being, a struggle in us all to be human
We all possess the most raw and natural power deep inside
Standing there in the moment
In the position to live now
Standing there in the moment
Imprisoned in all of us, a journey

Temptation won't control me
In the position to live now
Temptation won't control me
Imprisoned in all of us, a journey
We all know there is something more to our lives
When the inner core beckons
Savage and clean the body still receiving, a message
The code to greatness
A known true cure to us all

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Veil Of Maya Codex Comments
  1. Bel Vermillion

    Best song in this album 🔥

  2. Luca Lazzari

    still great, this song is kick ass

  3. Валерия Ландерс

    100х on repeat 🎶🎧🔂💕

  4. SkyratiK

    This song still blows me away every time I hear it.

  5. Winston Carter

    The neurons on the album cover are microscopic photos of Marc's brain cells.

  6. 6 Path’s Ramen Guy

    New VOM fans won’t find us here.

  7. Kam Challam

    One of the finest metal songs out there! Lyrically as well as musically.

  8. akai_sake

    0:00 veil of maya "conquer"


    This song is Codex lol

  9. Tray M

    Taking it back to 9th grade 🤷

  10. Brendon Waterman

    Those 2 guitar riffs at the end are fucking sick

  11. Irusu

    I fucking love you veil of maya, im making instrumental covers because marc became one of my favs guitarist. I'll be uploading a cover of this song nthis week. I hope one day I will be able to share stage with these guys, they're my infancy and my today

  12. Gabereal Thomas

    mosh ninjas throw hands @ 1:05

  13. Collin Aldridge

    This has been one of my favorite songs since it came out. These melodies are almost tear-jerkingly beautiful.


    Mark touches my willy through my soul. Its almost homo how a man can make another man feel this way with those beautiful riffs.


    KloWn694 lol

  14. Nick Winches

    You had one job Sumerian.The song is Codex, not Conquer

    Ted Grimm

    +Nick Winches maybe if you told them 4 years ago, we wouldn't have this problem

  15. tom kotas

    Back when veil of maya was good


    Look I love this album to death, I listen to it almost every day sometimes, but it's just open note chugging, some chords here and there, and lead guitar arpeggios. They've really stepped up their composition and songwriting skills on the newest record and you just don't sound informed at all form a musical standpoint when you talk about music like that. Accept the band is changing and evolving to fit new narratives of music, or fuck off. Simple.

    Blah Blahs

    tom kotas their new album was so good what are you talking about?


    Spencer sounds good because he's in Periphery. Those kinds of vocals don't belong in a band that used to be as heavy as this. Now they sound like a boy band that's trying too hard. Their new album sucks goat scrotes, deal with it.

    Tom Kruze

    tom kotas totally agree with you. Common Man's Collapse and Id have unforgettable songs that don't sound like everyone else. The vocals don't take away from the music, and the instruments can really breath. The newer shit is way too focused on the vocals, the music suffers. Marc went from playing 10 unforgettable, amazing riffs per song to a handful per album.


    Bands evolve. Bands are not immune to change. Bands are artists. Artists don't enjoy painting landscapes all the time. They get bored. They lose interest. Shit gets stale. As a fan you are allowed to love or hate it. Unfortunately you're not in the band so you have not one bit of a right to judge their direction. You aren't apart of their day to day grind. Basically your opinion doesn't mean shit to an artist who enjoys their own work. Of course they want to please their fans and maybe some of you want to hear the same story or see the same shit all the time but that leaves no room for improvement. You get dirty, you make mistakes, you win some, you lose some. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. True VOM fan here from day one. Get the fuck over it if you don't like it. Listen to something else that compares to the same old tired shit you want to hear. Thank you and fuck the haters.

  16. Alex Black

    This is Veil of Maya's best album.

  17. KloWn694

    This is so almost neoclassical metal. Beautiful

  18. thirtymilehigh

    This could be speaking about the divine within us.

  19. Alex Menendez

    Oh, how I miss this VoM. 2:39 onward is such a beautiful piece of music. Just genius.


    Plays over and over in my head love this song this is true veil of maya conception

  21. Harry King

    This song is just fucking gorgeous, words don't do it justice.

  22. Noelle Silva

    This song is beyond good.

  23. 22wwert

    Best VOM song. period.

  24. Shane Codringtonn

    The lyrics are about the album name, why not just name it Id.........the fuck is a codex

    Ian Jackson

    Codex is a wealth of information pertaining to a specific subject. Fitting, don't you think?


    @Ian Jackson It is like we carry the sum total experience and knowledge of the race, that we are walking microcosms, and we have the whole universe within us. #HigherConsciousness  

  25. ASenseOfClarity

    It's Not Safe To Swim 2.0?

  26. mummas shack

    It's not safe to swim tomorrow, lol.


    Hahaha it was safe the day before lol

    Adan Sanchez

    That first breakdown right? Lmao

  27. Plooum


  28. Minton Branham

    There's so much beauty in this chaos.

  29. Nick McDickinPrick

    one of the greatest metal songs of all time

    Nick McDickinPrick

    @***** so youre saying akeldama isnt metal?

    Nick McDickinPrick

    @***** how is it anything close to anything opeth has ever done? i cant even take you seriously after that comment.

    Nick McDickinPrick

    @***** you are an enjoyable person to talk to. suggest some actual "metal" then.

    Nick McDickinPrick

    @***** ive been listening to incantation and cryptopsy alot lately

    Yiğit Özver


  30. Trent Pace

    0:56 Mind explosion

  31. Josh Carlucci

    It says conquer in the beginning

  32. stevo8825

    dat It's Not Safe To Swim Today riff at 1:14

  33. cabbagesftw

    Wow amazing, maybe my new favorite song of theirs.

  34. SoapyTaco

    brandon's lyrics are always amazing, he goes over a lot of different stuff, even pop culture like namaste. his growls are the shit too

  35. Tyler Wilson

    VOM definitely has always had an uplifting theme to their lyrics

  36. Owen Hoover

    this was the song that first got me into them

  37. Tyron Tention

    I'm glad that you are keeping an open mind.

  38. Chris Calderon

    animals as leaders has a song just like the end

  39. Tyron Tention

    I agree.

  40. Brian Foster

    but 121343462x better

  41. Brian Foster

    The ending outro riff from 2:38 till the end is fucking amazing the perfect blend of melody and off time rhythm

  42. Robotic Lover

    Someone just sent me this link as motivation. The lyrics are great, to bad I can't understand any of it. It's just because I never listen to this kind of music.

  43. Ian Jackson

    I beg to differ. I don't like Misha's producing on that album. I mean, it's still VoM, but fuck man, this is like one of my favorite albums ever.

  44. Kenopsia

    yes music

  45. 01s26

    i think he says "imprisoned in all of us, locked away, a true test of being"

  46. 01s26

    veil of maya is the way to go, it's just the best

  47. Nibby

    This song is 1000x better when you blare it with subs :)

  48. Nibby

    Its a fuckin sick song in general xD

  49. Brandon Dusk

    nice, stealing comments.

  50. Josip Andy Ešegović

    Dobri liriksi, još bolja pjesma. ;)

  51. Grey Shake

    so amazing how i've been listening to these guys for ever then started listening to echart tolle and power of now and only then I check out the lyrics to find that the power now is what they speak of...SIMPLY AMAZING

  52. Danijel Tomičić

    Good lyrics on this one

  53. 1FastfingersMcgee1

    This is definitely a much more optimistic and positive album than common mans collapse.

  54. FutureSequence

    only problem with this band is that u cant fucking headbang properly to this awesome shit

  55. Nick Alexander

    i know right! a few of the riffs on this album remind me of pirates of the carribean lol

  56. Eddie Solalindez

    Lol their songs sound like pirate songs

  57. Raymond Rodriguez

    omggggeeee this song is sooo pop punk!!<333333


    what the fuck did you just say? ok. if you say so.

  58. 9rmetal

    my fav off them!

  59. gorillaz101998

    This song is so beautiful

  60. RayDrumsOnDrums

    nah I knew what you meant haha XD


    just saying there are some similar sections!

  62. RayDrumsOnDrums

    No, it's Codex and it's awesome.


    wtf is this, its not safe to swim today?

  64. Aspacs

    Finally someone noticed. Wanted to write that, too. But then I tought, being the 102334th to do that would be embarassing.

  65. Mrjuiceboxjunky

    @Xactualize I would like but I'm on an iPad you deserve top


    this song gets me all jollied up!

  67. capturethelife

    that outro parts reminds me of something from Dream Theater, King Crimson, BTBAM. respect

  68. Evan Murphy

    anyone else notice the error EpicHookMaster made Top Comments?
    He labeled the mistake sumerian made lower right hand side, when it was really lower left hand side. lol. :3

  69. Jeremy Beck Official Music Page

    I love this song so freekin much!!! Veil of maya rules!! :D go watch @slayc cover of this song! It's amazing!

  70. Rusher4444

    @EpicHookMaster U notice the error you made in your comment :D
    "bottom right hand side" :3

  71. Eric Leon

    you mean bottom left....

  72. EpicHookMaster

    @kidloc1 I was herpin durpin that day. lol.

  73. dude47

    What a beautiful outro, what a beautiful song.

  74. AJ Savage

    @EpicHookMaster bottom left :) but ur right

  75. Merkaba

    0:57-1:15 <3

  76. RaePlaes

    @EpicHookMaster No,but I did notice that it was on the bottom left hand side :P

  77. D'Aundre Pryce-Pierre

    Disposed To Mirth brought me

  78. Scot Johnson

    @EpicHookMaster Lol it clearly says it on the left.... wtf u dont know ur left and rights?

  79. Kalim Wylde Abbott

    @JapaneseGolfClubs I'm agree, is the same song but with different key and some other things.

  80. Sekkun

    @JapaneseGolfClubs Yeah, because a different key, order, chord progression, and rhythm make it the same as another song.

  81. coolfool182

    @EpicHookMaster Umm, wouldnt that be the bottom LEFT? lol

  82. Kevin Trochez

    no deslike so far... who can deslike this!

  83. Nicholas Van Vechten

    @mnames456 FAGGGGGGOT

  84. asilaydying534x

    guitar at 1:15 kinda sounds like the same riff from "it's not safe to swim today"....hmmmm

  85. mnames456

    @HeavyMusicGuy16 I like asking alexandria because of their epic high screams and the occasional breakdown. I haven't heard any of the faceless's songs but Im not really into death metal. veil of maya and that one song by chelsea grin is the only deathcore I will listen to. perhaps I'll give the faceless a listen. anyhow, +10 for maturity and for not shoving your interest in my face and claiming it superior (like in most youtube music arguments)

  86. Daniel Segura

    @mnames456 Right you see I'm not into metalcore, therefore asking alexandria sounds like shit to me lol. The faceless is more on the lines of progressive deathmetal(with a few breakdowns, but not enough to be considered "deathcore")Veil of maya to is a progressive metal band aswell, but leaning more to a metalcore/deathcore sound. I do agree with you on the fact that this label signs alot of really talented bands.

  87. mnames456

    @HeavyMusicGuy16 what do you mean by 'ehhh' lol do you like them or not really? I dont really care about contrasting opinions. And im not a huge fan of deathcore so i dont listen to the faceless. in fact, I like veil of maya because, although a deathcore band, this album sounds more like metalcore

  88. Daniel Segura

    @mnames456 yeah I was going to say ehhh about asking alexandria, you're forgetting the faceless!

  89. Bio Storm

    @EpicHookMaster i hope you know thats the left side not right .

  90. mnames456

    WHY DOES THIS RECORD LABEL HAVE ALL AMAZING BANDS?!?!?!?!?!? veil of maya, born of osiris, periphery, fellsilent, circle of contempt! and Asking alexandria (don't hate)

  91. Diablo5591

    Damn, this actually sounds tremendously like It's Not Safe To Swim Today. The fuck..

  92. Diablo5591

    Just started listening, but there are at least 2 chords the same. There's your reason.

  93. EpicHookMaster

    @thewonkis -.-

    Fuck you trolls hahahaha

  94. Deric Diershow

    @EpicHookMaster thats left bro XD nice try tho

  95. EpicHookMaster

    @wingeddemon1026 -.- Explained below D:

  96. EpicHookMaster

    @teehee12 I corrected myself later down the comment list. :P

    Yeah I'm a failure. haha.

  97. John Guidetti

    @EpicHookMaster bottom left? =P

  98. Chris M Camilletti

    Codex and unbreakable are amazing !!!