Veil Of Maya - All Eyes Look Ahead Lyrics

Chariots ride above fiery craters
Uncertain a mist appears ahead
Solvent and simple the figure approaches
Stench of the dead stings my nostrils, the sulky
Figure whispers to me
Ultimate sacrifice or be condemned
I raise to my knees cutting his work in two
Life and death so simply put
I wrap my hands around his cold shape, I wrap my
Fucking hands
Screaming till my lungs bleed I clench
Screaming till my lungs bleed I end this

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Veil Of Maya All Eyes Look Ahead Comments
  1. Ivan Kuzminski

    2:00 This is the best breakdown in history of Breakdowns, maybe ever

    Dick Trickle

    loved X number of years ago and love it today

  2. Curious Fiend

    That beat gets awesomely intense at about 2mins, really love their sick skills.

  3. Wanto

    Its still harder and harder to find this golden songs because of new shitty albums.

  4. Joey's Car Seat


  5. doogan chode

    not sure how they go from this to the last album.


    Mike Hart THIS was veil. not that gay sellout shit.

    Greg Pfeifer

    Amen, tf happened to veil, smh

    DJ Panini

    holy shit, bands change, quit bitching

    Noriaki Kakyoin

    @DJ Panini lol right


    Its called evolution, who wants to make the same music over and over

  6. Nick McGowan

    Here are the lyrics... play along and listen

    two minions ride off of vinyl regret
    does your sultan of restaurant is or end?

    showcase example the failure of a chance
    stretch off the debt, stretch right not strauss
    the salty minion which was romaine

    a total sacrifice
    our bacon town!
    a total sacrifice

    our race to my neck, car eight is walking down
    lifes a truck, so selfie ride
    lifes a truck, so sexy pride
    lifes a truck, so sexy pride
    lifes a truck.. sauce in my bun!

    i'm in my dance. all of this will check
    i'm in my fucking ass

    gravy to find my pain, i curse
    slave into my life pain
    roy ate this

    massiv pp man xddd

    "lifes a truck.. sauce in my bun"
    Fell off my goddamn chair cuz of this line.

    Tom Guerrero

    Nick McGowan sounds like some dance gavin dance lyrics


    Nick McGowan lmfao sauce in my bun.

    Convince us

    That's some straight up fkn hilarious-ness there.well done👏

  7. Ian Anderson

    this sounds like something the black Dahlia murder would write

  8. Andrew Lein Guitar

    hey guys, plеаse chесk out my guitar cover of this song (in hd) on mу сhаnnеl, thanks!)

  9. Paul bonkosky

    That guitar solo <3 <3 <3

  10. the12lookslikeyou

    For fuck sake Sam applebaum, y u so good??

  11. FutureSequence

    Meshuggah chuggs more than VoM.

  12. Mascot Quellson

    Maybe if you've only ever listened to Veil of Maya. Honestly, they aren't that interesting. Just more chugging. Seriously, though, do you even Meshuggah?

    coffindragger rr

    Mascot Quellson That band is awful

    Hogos Bazvarakh

    If it weren't for Meshuggah, Veil of Maya wouldn't be nearly the same band.


    if there weren't meshuggah than people couldnt "use" their name to describe the origins of a genre that isnt even a genre n rather a technical palm muting method

  13. Luis Dietsch

    From 0.00 to 0.50 its a perfect passage.

  14. WobblePizza

    I love the pillars > we bow > all eyes transition. It's just relentless.

  15. Tyron Tention

    even Born of Osiris?

  16. Daniel Krupa

    Makes me pick up my books and go to school!!! YEAH.

  17. Sam Carpenter

    wuhan 12 inch and meinl 18 inch

  18. Mat hias

    Which 2 China Cymbals is he using??? :)

  19. chode


  20. sheedrock1

    I just lost my shit

  21. bloodline862

    Holy cheese and sprinkles this fucking song is amazing!

  22. Dill Pickle

    are you daft?

  23. Dill Pickle

    nah just shut up man just be quiet just shut the hell up man hurr durr

  24. knikolas watson

    all i have to say is :O

  25. trollmaster

    Next week can't fucking wait who's with me in la

  26. Eddie Solalindez

    This n Resistence sound like pirate songs lol

  27. M Medina

    Technical Progressive Deathcore (or something around that) is what they've been called. And even THEY said they don't care about what they're known as so.......

  28. CrashBandit

    That's cute...

  29. Nothing No-one

    lol wtf

  30. Dill Pickle

    And i mean Chelsea Grin before My Damnation.

  31. Dill Pickle

    This is just my opinion: Carnifex, Born of Osiris, and Chelsea Grin.

  32. Dill Pickle

    @iheartmetalcoreful im not trying to insult your opinion or anything . Veil of Maya is a great band but there are other deathcore bands that are at or above their "level".

  33. Dill Pickle

    @iheartmetalcoreful that made me giggle

  34. ponceclovis

    i love how he fits like 50 min worth of insanely good shit into 50 sec

  35. Daniel Segura

    0:37, beautiful :')

  36. Orlando Rivera



  37. coldbloodedkidder

    by far my favorite VOM song...-D

  38. coldbloodedkidder

    @xSlipturbedx damn straight!...-D

  39. César Emilio Vásquez Osorio

    0:49 heaviest riff ever

  40. Joseph Gold

    :47- :50 is one of my favorite parts of the whole album. LOVE those 5 notes.

  41. Toxin08

    one of the best on the album. listened to this album soooo many times