Vega, Suzanne - St. Clare Lyrics

call on that saint
and the candle that burns
keeping her safe
until her return

plaster and paint
holding the fire
a poor woman's saint
holding all man's desire

bold little bird
fly away home
could I but ride herd
on the wind and the foam

all of the souls
that curl by the fire
they never know
all man's desire

watercress clings
to the banks of the stream
in the first grip of spring
when the snow melts to green

barefoot and cold
and holding a lyre
by the side of the road
holding all man's desire

call on the saint
when the white candle burns
keeping her safe
until her return

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Vega, Suzanne St. Clare Comments
  1. small blue caramel

    Beautiful !


    Thank you. Small blue thing /Caramel - I get it.

  2. Eva M

    always loved her soothing voice :)


    Her voice/singing technique certainly has that quality about it. Thanks for watching.

  3. Portcullis

    Beautiful song and rural images to accompany it.Suzanne Vega's voice is particularly lovely on this song.Although I have most of her albums,I am not familiar with this song.I notice that it was written by Jack Hardy-any more info on him or the album that this can be found on?  


    Thank you for your kind critique. This is the final track from her 2001 cd, "Songs In Red And Gray." This song was written by her friend and influential New York folk artist, Jack Hardy (this was the first time she recorded a cover on a regular album). That whole cd is exceptional. Highly recommend it.  Jack Hardy passed away in 2011 but there is a video on Youtube of him and Suzanne performing this song live.


    @axhacker Many thanks for your prompt reply and the info about the song and songwriter.Sad to hear of the passing of Jack Hardy.I realise now that I recently bought a copy of 'Songs In Red And Gray' but I have not had chance to hear the whole album yet-I also bought Suzanne Vega's recent album 'Tales From The Realm' and I have been listening to that one quite a bit.Must find time to listen to the whole of 'Songs In Red And Gray' now! 


    @Portcullis "Tales From The Realm" is good, as well. I felt like I had to wait a long time for that new album, though.  She had another album (of new songs) she put out in 2007 called, "Beauty and Crime." It has the same feel as the "Songs in Red and Gray" album and is on a par with it for excellence, in my opinion.  She is one of the few artists I can safely buy the whole album, sight unseen, or unheard, rather, and never be disappointed.

  4. N0eWats0n

    These pictures fit perfectly. This song is beautiful, it has both sense and meaning. Thank you fot the post! 


    You are kind to say so.  Thank you. Life without meaning is not necessary.


    I totally agree! Greetings :) 

  5. axhandler

    Thanks for your post. I have not heard the original. I only know that it was written by Jack Hardy. There are no renditions of this song on youtube other than this recording (that I know of) and a live performance of Suzanne singing it while Jack Hardy accompanies her on guitar. That performance sounds very much like this recording.

  6. Per A.J. Andersson

    One of the very best of Suzanne Vega's songs. I'm so glad she recorded it, as it fits her style and the style of this very album perfectly. I'm a huge fan. What does the original sound like, BTW?

  7. Tom B.

    I am a fan -- yes. Very much so.

  8. axhandler

    Thanks for watching. Are you a fan of Suzanne Vega?

  9. Tom B.

    Nicely done!

  10. axhandler

    Thank you - your comment is vey kind. I had not heard about the the documentary - I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

  11. wmfivethree

    This is unbelievably lovely--and she is only doing a cover! This was also used in the opening of a would be documentary about her, which to my knowledge is yet to be released. Can't be soon enough!

  12. axhandler

    thanks - glad you liked it.

  13. Kurt Barlow

    such an under-rated song!