Vega, Suzanne - Small Blue Thing Lyrics

Today I am
A small blue thing
Like a marble
Or an eye

With my knees against my mouth
I am perfectly round
I am watching you

I am cold against your skin
You are perfectly reflected
I am lost inside your pocket
I am lost against
Your fingers

I am falling down the stairs
I am skipping on the sidewalk
I am thrown against the sky

I am raining down in pieces
I am scattering like light
Scattering like light
Scattering like light

Today I am
A small blue thing
Made of china
Made of glass

I am cool and smooth and curious
I never blink
I am turning in your hand
Turning in your hand
Small blue thing

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Vega, Suzanne Small Blue Thing Comments
  1. Deborah Mahmoudieh

    Thank you, still gives me the goosebump-surge it did 25 years ago when i first heard this beautiful song - the accompanying imagery is superb! Many thanks for sharing :)

  2. Zaoui Frederic

    magnifique voice for melodie souvenir alliance femme precise de guitar and grace :merci madam :

  3. Nicholas DeLarge

    This sounds like a slightly different version than the one on the first album. Is it? If so what's its origin?


    It is indeed a re recording for the Close Up album

  4. The Psychic Economist

    Like a marble

  5. The Psychic Economist

    I am scattering like light

  6. David Parsons

    Universe gives birth
    to small blue planet,
    which in turn
    nurtures child
    within a teardrop
    of ocean

  7. thor Casúr

    never heard this version before, the album version had far worst mic capture. Funny how nice this alternate take of her voice works, even though it is heavily clipped

  8. ARID FooL

    like a Smurf

  9. Sarah Greenhalgh

    Another beautiful track....

  10. Bother Yenot

    this track with Suzzane's voice is part of Heritage of Humanity

  11. Ron Thuomas

    Thank you for posting
    A forgotten favorite
    Nice visuals too

  12. Andy Goss

    Beautiful visualisation to one of the most entrancing songs ever written.

  13. Zain Solinski

    Jsem malá modrá věc.

  14. Jussi Lehto

    beauty kauneus

  15. lotusalivelight24

    The first time i heard this, i was walking alone in my new neighborhood, & found one small, light-blue marble, no one could see through... 1988.♡

  16. David Cabeza

    I love you, Suzanne.

  17. Erica M and Kiddos

    It's gonna be ok buddy. Yes this is for u buddy! Force smiles...walk around looking like the Joker in Batman until u burst out laughing... That's how u channel good energy

  18. Kassi Ydris

    You have always been a poet to my heart. God bless you. Your songs have always made me happy when i was sad in my life. I bought my first album of yours
    "Solitude Standing" after watching the song video for Luka on VH1 music channel in the 80's. That was your second album and then i bought your first and have been with you as your loyal fan since then. 💝💝💝

    Neil Franklin

    i was fortunate to get the double single pack of this song the 12" of left of centre, and the 2 albums mentioned,

  19. Marco Congedi

    My favourite Vega song. Seems to me to be very melancholic and sad. Is she unhappy and receding into herself trapped in a relationship that is not a happy one? She's small, she's cool and cold, her knees are pulled up against her mouth, watching him. She is cold against his skin. Does this mean she feels manipulated and trapped? Does she no longer love him?

  20. Blackthorn

    Haunting. Like a beautiful piece of art, a imagined landscape that exists on a wall for centuries, watching over a family and all their relations. A real toad in an imaginary garden. With a purpose beyond our own understanding. But always beloved by those invoked by its passive beauty.

  21. Saul Damon

    A beautiful song....

  22. ef dponge


  23. Karina OMG

    It's so sad 😔😢

  24. Pat

    Heart breakingly beautiful. Such wonderful use of language, imagery, simile and metaphor. Could you imagine going to a creative writing class hosted by Suzanne Vega?!

  25. Paul McCauley

    great song, but about as erotic as a cross bow

    Daniel Julian

    Each to his own, Paul.

  26. Maria Benke

    Wunderbar!!! :-)))

  27. Dj Doolittle

    💚😔 "I am turning in your hand, turning in your hand"

  28. Daniel San

    heard this at kfc and google sound searched it

  29. Salome

    The most beautiful colour...and photos...and song. Today I am a small blue thing made of glass...wonderful.

  30. Norman Fresh

    one of the most beautiful love songs

    Marcin Kąpiński

    It is song about love albeit uneasy one, nearing breakup. Small blue thing is basically extended metaphor of a woman's feelings in difficult relationship. It is not known why there is tension between the two but she is struggling between her love to him and desire to flee. Like victim of domestic violence. At least this is how I understand that song. I may be wrong.

  31. Travis Yirka

    water is life like earth is our heart. i am with you


    Travis Yirka love 😍

  32. commonsensedatcom

    heard this at mcdonalds and shazamed it

  33. Kelli King


  34. littleninpo

    Really nice.

  35. Steve H

    6million 4bullshit are retarded assholes, oh well I guess someone has to be.I have seen the curvature of the earth from space ,explain that poindexter

  36. squatlo

    First time listening to this, and I'm stunned. Had never considered this artist worthy, but suddenly realize how mistaken I've been. Absolutely gorgeous, poignant song. Must have.

    Mitchell Cline

    "Had never considered this artist worthy" You have missed years and years of great music because of this attitude. I'm sad for you.


    The first and second albums are both priceless.

  37. mousepotato66

    Absolutely perfect images to put together for this video, Beatriz. Nicely done.

  38. Brian Dick

    Wow! I can really related with the words of feeling at times like a small blue thing falling down the stairs and scattering like light and slipping on the sidewalk and feeling yaknow? I can really relate with what Suzy V just sang or as they say in the Southern USA simply, "Heard that!"

  39. Berel Dov Lerner

    The most pristinely erotic song I've heard. The idea of someone relishing an experience of total self-objectification borders on scary. She realizes that a "small blue thing" is something to be just for "today" but not forever and always. I hope that when the moment passes she'll have no trouble finding her way out of his pocket and away from his fingers and will recover some sense of her own existence instead of being his perfect reflection. Whew!

    Bob Dobalina

    Interesting analysis, full of feeling. You must be a woman. :) She explored so many different areas and perspectives that no one else did in those days (Luka - domestic violence, for ex). Too bad the singer songwriter is gone, replaced by the satanic marketing campaign (Lady Gaga, Katy Perry).


    Bob Dobalina Actually I am a man married to the same woman for 35 years...but I know my name can be confusing ( Berel not Beryl)

    Berel Dov Lerner

    that was me via another social media platform

    Whitley Hamilton

    Berel Dov Lerner ;) that's beautiful

    Nicholas DeLarge

    That is a completely messed up interpretation. She's singing about being a little girl and using her imagination, and pretending to be a marble. Get help or something.

  40. jordian me

    Una cosa semplicemente meravigliosa.

  41. Bob Dobalina

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written. THIS was my generation. THIS is indicative of a time when we were HUMANS, not ANDROIDs and I-phones.  I would trade all days of the 21st century for just to be able to go back to those days.  The current generation are USELESS cell phone worshippers (look up Transhumanism).  Long live the 80s forever. Peace. 

    Daniel Julian

    There's the possibility of some thinking somewhere in your post, Bob Dobalina, but I've yet to find it. Why do you want to save humanity? This happened, the moon landing happened, Voyager left the Solar System. Is that not enough of a monument on our grave? Let it pass, unless you have a messiah complex. There's no frog being boiled, here, because there's no agent boiling the frog. You give the game away, quacking on about "free will", and all that quacking is just your license to feel righteous and indignant. Far from being Pollyanna, I'm a student of what I observe, rather than what I hope for, the latter being the province of religion. Yes, we see something beautiful and then start wishing it could last forever. Thermodynamics is against us.

    John Hudson


    Chlöe Alice

    I am 15, the current generation. Yet I live for this song, I was raised on Suzanne Vega and Melanie, listening to Woodstock and dancing round the kitchen to Woodstock. I take long walks in nature and do all the other earth praising mind cleansing things. And I have a mobile phone. I am not zombie. I'm just different from you.


    This never consumed a generation. Just a select few understood its impact on our lives. I hope Suzanne was one of them. We couldn't forget if we tried to force ourselves to. The marble in our minds, real and existant, and undeniable as the sun or the earth. On my deathbead, my final thought will be, "Worth it. Worth it all. Thank you so much."

    Pete Creese

    I agree totally.

  42. Tammie

    wonderful images to a brilliant artist, and this song is so beautiful

  43. Brent Reid

    Two songs in my 51 years make me inconsolable every time.  The other one is Beethoven's 3rd symphony. articulate the point of beauty like nobody else.  You get me in a way I don't understand.  You lay me low with this song.  I won't tell you how gorgeous I think you are in this comment cus I want you to know it's the song that is kicking my emotional ass this time.  Thanks for the tears, my love.


    +Brent Reid What a beautiful comment. Hugs you.

  44. Robert Wilkinson

    beautiful version with alternative vocal to the album version.. 

  45. Anyse Joslin

    Thank you Jennifer Serti! A smart and very on point comment.

  46. Don Biancamano

    Beautiful video with a beautiful song. Thank you!

  47. N0eWats0n

    I just came here to listen to this song but my eyes got lost in those beautiful pictures. They're very well selected, congratulations! 

  48. wowbobwow37

    This and In Liverpool are my favorite songs by Suzanne! 

  49. marzy 66

    Bravo im a pilipino

  50. OdedMusic

    tremendous, even though the original is better.

  51. babiju13

    very beautiful! ♥

  52. huanita

    100 % beautiful

  53. Silvia Messerli

    bellissimo !!!!