Vega, Suzanne - Lolita Lyrics

Almost grown
Go on home

Hey girl
Don't be a dog all your life
Don't beg for
Some little crumb of affection

Don't try
To be somebody's wife
So young
You need a word of protection

Almost grown
Go on home

Hey girl
I've been where you are standing
Leaning in the doorway
In your mother's black dress

So hungry
For the one understanding
Looking for a token of
Blood or tenderness

Almost grown
Go on home


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Vega, Suzanne Lolita Comments
  1. n lee

    Damn, I just found this masterpiece after 9 years

  2. Sand Boy

    Oye como va, el ritmo....

    Cris Solanilla

    great ! unique

  3. small blue caramel

    Thanks for posting , this picture is my favourite of her and Nine Objects of Desire is -according to me - her absolute masterpiece :-)

  4. Paolo Salvatori

    well a careless woman can be a lolita even in her 30ies. women live longer and with this new french law identical to ours well the biological age becomes an object on the document. like a lolita is a butterfly gambling on some man. afamc

  5. Ting

    Hey Suzanne, you make my day!


    this album is very bass heavy.