Vega, Suzanne - Frank & Ava Lyrics

On the way to the bidet
Is when the trouble used to start
It didn't mean she wasn't queen
Of the tinderbox that was his heart

Her fire his desire meant that
Everything must come undone
And so now we know it's not enough to be in love

He's so true. she is too. she says
I love you Frank and then they drank
All night. what a fight.
He says it isn't me you're thinking of

She's cool. it makes him cruel
And they needle till the jewels
Go raining down upon the ground
She says its not enough to be in love

Not enough to be in love
Not enough to be in love

They woke up, and they broke up.
They were volatile, and all the while
Life passed, it went so fast,
And yet they never could forget,

Their chemistry, like you and me
Proved to keep them both apart for life
And so, now we know
That it's not enough to be in love

Not enough to be in love
To be in love
To be in love
To be in love

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Vega, Suzanne Frank & Ava Comments
  1. Ederson Cleber Sousa Santos

    Linda música

  2. MAAT RE

    On the way to the bidet is when the trouble used to start
    It didn't mean she wasn't queen of the tinderbox that was his heart
    Her fire, his desire meant that everything must come undone
    And, so, now we know that it's not enough to be in love
    (Not enough to be in love, not enough to be in love)
    He's so true, she is, too; she says "I love you Frank, " and then they drank all night
    What a fight! He says "it isn't me you're thinking of"
    She's cool; it makes him cruel, and they needle till the jewels go raining down
    Upon the ground; she says "it's not enough to be in love"
    Not enough to be in love
    (It's not enough, it's not enough, it's not enough to be in love)
    They woke up, but they broke up; they were so volatile, and all the while life passed
    And it went fast; and yet they never could forget their chemistry
    Like you and me, it proved to keep them both apart for life
    And so, now we know that it's not enough to be in love
    Not enough to be in love

  3. Frank Vega

    Wtf did i do

  4. พยายม ยมฑูตมีบัญชี


  5. Daryl Hansen

    Boy,... She sure looks Pretty in that Black dress/outfit on the Balcony. Love her style & Of Course Her Music too. : ) Also Looks so very Pretty in the Gold outfit : ) <3
    Ohhhhh You guys,... Check out Her other song ===> No Cheap Thrill, also--> We of Me

  6. patricialmcgregor

    Brutal song ...... Brutal video .....

  7. Dream Logic

    I love this song so much!  Such a beautiful, quirky melody.  Thank you to all involved, and Suzanne.

  8. J. B.

    She's a VERY sexy woman.

  9. John Itadakiman

    The voice of an angel

  10. John Itadakiman

    Oh my God.......

  11. LastTrainToClarkson

    This is a good song. However, for some weird reason, there is a kind of effect on the vocal that is very annoying.

  12. Michelle Mix

    This song is all hook. And pretty damn fabulous.

  13. longcat

    Sinatra & Gardner?


    longcat Yeah, unfortunately the real reason they broke up is Ava used the same hookers Frank used...but that's not a Suzy V song 😐

  14. Patrick Melody

    Nice to hear she had one cool one left in her after, If I Were A Weapon. New Fave!

  15. Benoit Vanhees

    Not a bad song, but not really the mood I would have associated with the theme. Maybe that would have rather been something for Sade.

  16. Outsider

    I could listen to this piece for 29 hours straight.

  17. paul elliott

    Brilliant brilliant brilliant

  18. María C. LM

    The best!!!!

  19. unprof

    Molto bella.
    Composta la Vega..

  20. Slant Six

    This has a Punk Rock sound. Such an incredibly versatile artist.

  21. Slant Six


  22. Adam Slechta

    Trying to find the guy who shot this video. René? I worked with him briefly in 2013.

  23. battywattywoo

    I used to fancy Ava's first hubby, Mickey. I love my Dorothy musical doll; when you turn the key in her back, the tune Over the Rainbow = played.

  24. small blue caramel

    It's a pity that no more video has been released of Beauty&Crimes .Many songs of this beautiful record are so inspiring !

  25. Erika Ochoa

    I found my brake up song..

  26. Gary Dunn

    This is a great song from her "Beauty & Crime" album, and cleverly crafted song
    about the tempestuous relationship between Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner.  I
    saw Suzanne play this Live in 2010 and she was absolutely fantastic.  The whole
    album revolved around New York City, where she lives.  The songs are all about
    life experiences, both personal and otherwise. 

  27. kisdubos79

    the backing vocals are kinda sheryl crow-y, aren't they? great song from a great album.

    Yuval Mishory

    @kisdubos79 That's actually KT Tunstall, the excellent Scottish singer :-)

  28. Edmondo Tumiati

    Always Suzy the Voice the Guitar the Life !

  29. Michael Fidler

    your still numbe 1 in my top 10

  30. Nicolas Olano

    I can't believe this jewel of a singer and song writer is not always on the top 10!

  31. philipatoz

    This should have been a pop hit on alternative radio. But, thing is, the subject matter is probably lost upon the demographic that buys music in vast numbers. Suzanne is quite capable of creating music that becomes widely popular - and has done so quite a bit. But she's unwilling to sell her soul to put out pure calculated crap just to gain additional popularity or make a few more bucks. She has integrity and has demonstrated it throughout her career.

  32. A World Without Sin

    Suzanne is old enough to be my mother but she's hot or at least not bad


    Nothing wrong with liking an older woman.

  33. curaja caster

    This song plays at work and it's awesome, this singer is very talented.

  34. Charles Potts

    I love you Suzanne!

  35. Brett S

    She good Singer better than new one out there

  36. Ima Brand

    This was a really good idea. Good song, awesome and catchy tune.

  37. tommy hall

    A tune with great insight into Frank and Ava's doomed love affair, but the images, Frank with sideburns, I think not, the closest he came to them was when he welcomed Elvis home from the army, otherwise, lovely tune and lyrics.

  38. ormaguda1

    No problem about the few songs she seems to be known for. Sooner or later people will get tired of listening to every new mediocre grasping a microphone and pretending to be a singer. Suzanne has never felt forced to use extravagance to express herself, nevertheless she's great due to the incredible quality of her music.

  39. notka9

    Z którego to roku???

  40. MonkeyGrl43

    Love Tamara Gorski as Ava Gardner in the video - go Tamara!

  41. thebuckrogers22

    hey the lady in the kitchen is from hercules show

  42. JudeIceCool3000

    I <3 SV and KT

  43. philipatoz

    Suzanne Vega is as smart a songwriter as she is beautiful. It is so rare that one finds one of such exquisite taste in selecting songs. Her lyrics, always so visual are just perfectly juxtapositioned against wonderful arrangements and her always distinctive voice. She has a consistent style, and yet she has always taken chances - her music is very diverse. But, as with all great artists, I think she is much more into making quality music than topping charts - thankfully!

  44. neil t


    Amen...and kinda talented, too.

  45. neil t


    ..that Suzanne does not garner more attention for her absolute first-rate tunes and lyrics such as this small jewel. Some artists, alas, must seek extra solace in the knowledge that they will remain important and relevant far into the future, instead of but in the here and now.
    A little more here and now here would be nice, though.

  46. Brian Otterson

    @luviindream It was in 2007.

  47. LunaSeaSane

    Excellent. Production also way up there.

  48. Cierra Foster

    @kenrogers2009 what year was this?

  49. cjp371

    This woman just keeps getting better. It's a shame she's only known for Luka and Tom's Diner. Her stuff over the last 10 years blows those songs out of the water.

  50. Videos Eclectic

    At the time Suzanne made this video, she was 48. At that age, Suzanne is as beautiful (maybe even better looking) as she was back in the '80s.