Vega, Suzanne - Bound Lyrics

The way of the world
Has taken its toll
Ravaged my body
And bitten my soul

I am ruined by rain
Weathered by wind
I've been invaded
Without and within

And I ask
I am asking you
Asking you if you
Might still want me.

Once you said
I'm made of fine stuff.
But I've been corrupted.
And taken enough.

Now you appear.
Making your claim.
Inside my heart
Is the sign of your name.

And I ask
I am asking you
Asking you if you
Might still want me?

All these words
Like darling and angel and dear
Crowd my mouth
In a path to your ear.
The way of the world
Has taken it's toll
Ravaged my body
Bitten my soul

And I ask
I am asking you
Asking you if you
Might still want me?

When I said:
I am bound to you forever
Here's what I meant:
I am bound to you forever.

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Vega, Suzanne Bound Comments
  1. Foster Twelvetrees

    For the 2 who gave a thumbs down

    I will find you and I will kill you😠

  2. Foster Twelvetrees

    Crafted from a block of purest perfection💖

  3. Foster Twelvetrees

    That cymbal crash that brings in the chorus strings!😚😚😚😚😚


    What second in the song are you referring to?

    Foster Twelvetrees

    @amhay 1:21/22

  4. Foster Twelvetrees


  5. Spinny78

    When I said, "I am bound to you forever; here's what I meant: I am bound to you forever."

  6. amaranta arcadia castillo gómez

    Such a beautiful love song that I just remembered today...I feel deep in my heart this moment when she sings: and I'm asking you if you might still want me

  7. HDXBear

    love this love em all bravo Suzanne

  8. The Psychic Economist

    the weight of the world has taken it's toll

  9. Slant Six

    Stirs the emotions

  10. Ace Tafoya

    One of my favorite tracks on the 'Beauty & Crime' cd.  Thanks for posting!

  11. Confessions of an English Lopium Eater

    Ohhh those strings on the chorus...They take me somewhere off the map.

    Foster Twelvetrees


  12. Carl Littlejohns

    Truly excellent song.

  13. Per A.J. Andersson

    One of her best songs. Such beautiful harmonies, strings, her voice (as usual), and some haunting percussive and/or lingering sounds. I often have this song on repeat, as just one listen won't quench my thirst of it. :-)

    Per A.J. Andersson

    @Confessions of an English Lopium Eater Well, IMO there are even more pristine items. Such as "World Before Columbus", "St. Clare" and "Soap and Water". But nothing, absolutely nothing, matches "Night Vision". To me that one is pure, unadulterated magic.

    Confessions of an English Lopium Eater

    "World before Columbus" cuts close to my heart strings.  You have fine taste!


    @Per A.J. Andersson I have always loved 'Night Vision'-I saw her sing it as an encore on the 'Solitude Standing' tour in 1987. I have only recently discovered the beautiful 'St.Clare', along with 'Soap and Water' and 'Penitent' my favourite tracks on 'Songs in Red and Gray'. 'Beauty and Crime ' is the only album of hers that I haven't got-must get a copy, worth it for this song alone. I am going to see her play in London tomorrow-I am hoping that she will sing some of these songs or other favourites such as 'Song of Sand' or 'Portrait of the Knight of Wands'.

    Per A.J. Andersson

    +Portcullis Yes, Penitent is a great song, but my three favourites on this album are SAW, SIRAG and St. Clare. I'm a sucker for Suzanne's "blue notes". You don't have "Beauty and Crime" yet?! No reason to shy away from it, as there are some great tunes in there, my favourites being # 3, 4 and 7. Musically yours.

    Bijan Kardouni

    +Per A.J. Andersson I agree with you. Whenever I want to listen to this song, it must be replayed at least for three times. She's a magician who does magic with the beauty of her voice, words and guitar.

  14. Gary Dunn

    Conversely, Suzanne made another song called "Unbound" in which she appears to
    be singing about a plant that is Bound and struggling to grow.  Bound was a song to
    her husband, and how she now feels, "Bound to him forever"  Unbound was, I think,
    a song about her breaking free from her previous relationship, but cleverly likened
    to a plant. Check it out if you have not heard it, it showcases Suzanne's talent as a

  15. Gary Dunn

    The way of the world has taken its toll, ravaged my body, bitten my soul.
    Ruined by rain, weathered by wind, been invaded without and within.
    Lyrics from "Bound" by Suzanne Vega.


    One of my favorites verses......

  16. Rath001


  17. wmfivethree

    Can't really argue with that---I just wish YouTube could figure out how to associate similar artists/genres in their advertising. Few people would like ALL of these artists, though some people do hav diverse tastes.

  18. FractalGypsy

    OK, I have to reply to this. I am a huge Suzanne Vega fan, and this song is one of the defining ones of my marriage. So I don't say it lightly when I say...

    Do we really have to constantly trash other artists to like ours? I have found things in all the ones you mention to enjoy. They are not my favorites, but do they have to be? Why not just raise up what we love, and let that alone lower what we don't, so that we can raise the bar for everyone?

  19. Carlos Gabriel

    She has a great natural voice.

  20. lyonslaforet

    I had the pirivilege to chat with Suzanne Vega 4 years ago after her show. Unforgettable memory!

  21. wmfivethree

    "Inside my heart, is the Sign of your name"...beautiful, almost Scriptural image.

  22. wmfivethree

    My God , it goes right through you, to the soul. Utterly beautiful. She has the true artist's gift of finding what is inside of you, bringing it out, and giving it a shape that you only recognize in the form which she gives it. Which is why I'm ecstatic that for once, YouTube isn't insulting me with and ad for frickin' Bieber, GaGa, or Rhianna, or some other trash that isn't fit to clean Suzanne Vega's shoes.But that's the tragedy of being the best; only the selective minority appreciate you.

  23. emarr71

    "'All these words, Like darling and angle and dear, crowd my mouth, in a path to your ear,"

  24. Adam Bojakowski

    thanx! i was searching for this song quite a few times. It is beautifull indeed.