Vee, Bobby - Stayin' In Lyrics

I punched my buddy
In the nose after lunch
Now I'm in trouble
'Cause the dean saw the punch

He was tellin' things
That were not true about her
So I let him have it
In the cafeteria

Now I'm stayin' in
Stayin' in
While my baby's walkin'
Home with him

They passed my window
Hand in hand just then
But what can I do
'Cause I'm stayin' in

If she just knew
What that son of a gun said
I know she wouldn't
Be caught with him dead

She don't know
What he has got up his sleeve
But she would find out
If I could only leave

But I'm stayin' in
Stayin' in
While my baby's walkin'
Home with him

I did it then
And I'd do it again
I love her so
But I'm stayin' in

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Vee, Bobby Stayin' In Comments
  1. Tyrone G.

    Bobby Vee, lol.Lyrics are amazing.

  2. Mickey Bowser


  3. John Morris

    Love this. Funny and catchy and clever.

  4. Alan Jordan

    Clever song!
    Well done

  5. Arizona Paul

    Another great 50's-60's artist that we've lost.

  6. Jim Adams

    All your songs were the the best....Great bombin around music. Get the Camaro out   Toronto,ON  Go Jays Go..

    mr. warmth

    sure  jim

  7. pat stewart

    Enjoyed all of your songs................RIP Bobby

  8. 64JBran

    Another Great John D. Loudermilk tune!!

  9. cindykrista

    Pure genius.

  10. Tina Evans

    I know EVERY WORD of this song...So I let him have it in the .........cafeteria!..LOL!

    David Law

    I could not help but sing: "So I let him have it in the ...posterior." Still do!

  11. Ray Felix

    Larry...a great song from the good old days.  This one is for you.  lol

  12. andrew singleton

    classic tune love it

  13. caputo19

    oh... if they only had cellphones back then, she would of found out HAHAHAHA

  14. Bruce Farris

    Always loved this song!!! It happened so many times when I was a teenager!!! THANKS

  15. Joe Threechord

    Thanks for the song... I used to play this over and over on my dad's record player when I was three.... never forgot it.

  16. George Davis

    so i let him have it in the cafeh...teareh, recited these lines to my drinking buddies and they looked kinda stunned and said, wha, that's stupid. They are ignoramuses, dumbkins. As someone witty.

  17. Robert Godridge

    I have no idea why, but the way he says the words nose, and catheteria make me nearly cry laughing
    great stuff lol

  18. connectionup

    Had this on the flip side of "More Than I Can Say" from way back when. Simply beautiful!

    mr. warmth

    you are correct freind

    mr. warmth

    ty for the reminder

    Alan Fox

    I heard this on the greatest hits album this should have been the a side in her own right.

  19. smokiebird06

    This song has been going through my head for the past week or so and here it is!! Thanks to all who post these lost oldies.

    mr. warmth

    your welcome

  20. 412shoe

    I remember listening to this when I was about 5 years Aunt used to let me play her 45's. This bring back memories.....great to find it here. Thanks Brent441

  21. beefycajun

    Great song to have made into a video! This is the first Bobby Vee song I heard as a child, flip side of the 45 "More Than I Can Say."

    mr. warmth

    good memory

  22. charliedontsurf70

    what a great memory