VEDO - So Gone Lyrics

Girl, I love you better with no makeup
Especially in the morning when you wake up
You make me wanna dive in
You make, you make me wanna put a child in
Girl, you got the thing I like
And I never trip cuz I know that it's mine
Love every flaw you possess
And if you ask me ten years from now
Are you beautiful the answer is yes
Mum loved you too
Pop said you cool
Sis fucks wit you
Girl that's all the confirmation I need
To get down on one knee, baby

I'm so gone
(You make me feel)
Like I can do anything when you're with me
Baby, you're a queen, get your king
Know you feel me, feel me
You make me feel
Like I'm better, baby
That's right, anything you want, girl, you can get it, baby
Girl, you elevate me

You the one I brag about
You the only reason that the bag is out
Remember we used to kick it at yo mama's house
Do you know, yeah they held you close
But they start your future way before
You the one I prayed for
No Usher girl, but this is what it's made for
If you're not ready girl, I'll wait for
Cuz shawty you the best and you know
Can't nothing change my mind

(You make me feel)
Oh, you make me feel
Like I can do anything when you're with me
Baby, you're a queen, get your king
Know you feel me, feel me
(You make me feel)
Like I'm better, baby
That's right, anything you want, girl, you can get it, baby (you can get it)
Girl, you elevate me

I'm so gone
You can have the code to the phone
You the only one that I want
Girl we got time in this
Can't let no other chick fuck it up
Girl, this is deeper than us
Oh girl, you got me like
Ohhh, I'm ready to ride, yeah
And I ain't even hit it yet
Sprung off your personality I must admit
Girl, you got me good

(You make me feel)
Girl, you make me feel
Like I can do anything when you're with me
Baby, you're a queen, get your king
Know you feel me, feel me
(You make me feel)
Like I'm better baby
(Like I'm better baby)
Like I'm better baby
That's right, anything you want, girl, you can get it, baby
Girl, you elevate me

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VEDO So Gone Comments
  1. Courtney Norwood


  2. Joanne Mcnair

    Vedo the Singer i fuck with you .You have some serious talent my King 👑 from a very big fan your black queen 👑

  3. Nicole Thomas

    I wAnna hear him and jaquees

  4. Christopher Rael


  5. Vee 12

    Vedothesinger stands out b/c his choice words are better 🔥🔥🔥 something that the new generation lack🤷‍♂️ look I’m just busing the truth to y’all

  6. Melissa Mo


  7. srtonni

    I'm your fan

  8. La la La la

    Well done you xxx love your music and talent vedo xxx shiv keep moto xxxx


    He sounds like Tony Lane!👀 ANYBODY?👀

  10. Shaunielle McCoy

    Dammit!! Who sent you. I'm so gone💗💗💗💗

  11. Divine Serenity

    I hate that I can't love (like) all the videos I've thumbs up already lol #bestfriendisthedopest

  12. 1017 DBO

    I did the remix to I killed ot

  13. Makaylia Belle

    2019 anyone?

  14. Rodney Ichikawa

    Robert Zator

  15. Moré Be Rappin

    I'm in MF love😍😍😍

  16. TellItLikeItIs 1

    At 52 seconds watch until about 60 seconds

  17. TellItLikeItIs 1

    A orb when across your screen , Somebody watching over you!!!! 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  18. Lizette M

    Love this song already

  19. Nicole Wright

    I love you Vedo❤❤❤❤❤

  20. Accureds

    This is how many of us is here in 2019

    Brian Holmes

    Yeah. Vedo is underrated.

  21. Queen B


  22. Lashay Williams

    Man can u come sing at my bachelor party for a female... just sing that would make my day lol....

  23. LaLa Moore-Santana

    2019 still sounds great

  24. Mr. j-dog1

    Straight up Vedo dog I can't see why you so underrated. Don't trip tho. They can't sleep forever. 💯

  25. Ruby ******

    "mom loves you too pops said u cool sis fucks with you"😍👅💍🔐❤️

  26. Natasha Robertson


  27. TheLOVEHER87

    I do love this

  28. Honey Kiss Royalty

    I think he be talking to me😂 . He making me feel some type of way 😍 do yo shit Vedo!

  29. Deon Jones

    This lit as fuck

  30. IN THE CAR WITH Alexa


  31. Isaac Pikaahu

    Ur Amazon's dude keep it up

  32. latanya rohadfox

    Vedo I'll have you gone, and I'll make you feel. Oohwee he fly

  33. Justice Kgobise

    Lenny Williams - Cause I Love You (Cover it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

  34. kimsfood islife

    Yo Monica have you heard?

  35. Vedo

    🗣 Thanks for the support!!! My New Album “VEDO” is out now!! Make sure ya’ll buy/stream it on all platforms right now!!! Click that link 👉🏾 👈🏾

  36. Miss. Beauty 06

    Can't nothing change my mind......😘😍😍😍

  37. Journey Smith

    Ummm. Make me cold..where u at

  38. Samantha Orr

    I think he is awesome!

  39. Dwayne Richardson

    Sounds like autotune. Why does everyone sound the same? I hear a commercial between you singing. And I thought it was you. But it wasn't. But he sounded just like you. Not to say you're not talented. You are. But find your own voice. No one will tell you the truth on YouTube.

  40. tjcandles32

    Mmmmmm can't get enough of you Vedo! U tha shit! Vedo victim lol

  41. Shantel Riggs

    Cmon Vedo yasss 🙏

  42. tjcandles32

    Damn you Vedo baby LMBO! Ur so that shit!!!

  43. Marie Dodds

    I ain't even. Hit it yet. And I ain't even hit yet !!!!! Uessssi Has Monica seen this !?..

  44. Lance De Guzman

    What is the instrumental song?

  45. Searne Pettitt

    Stilllll bumpinnn

  46. Mariana Silva

    Wooow, ele tem uma bela voz

  47. Laraya Warnsley

    who still listening in 2019??

  48. dickens7371

    Him and Jade Novah would be lit

  49. Jenilyn Degoro

    Can I marry

  50. Baby Bounce

    Dammmm your voice your remixes make people fall in love 😫❤️



  52. Mariana Fernandez

    It’s 2019 and omg I just found this 😭😭💕

  53. Paul Barela

    Paul the king

  54. Paul Barela

    Tanya i s my queen

  55. Glynnat Moore-Horton


  56. ambrosia Madison

    I ❤️ I ❤️

  57. bouamri1

    No no don’t do this meeee!!! I love this mans voice his voice me weak in my knees lol 😂

  58. carol wilkins

    Mhmmmm it’s vedo baby 😍😘❤️😛

  59. Not playing with nobody That way

    I no he better be sign

  60. Not playing with nobody That way

    That mf voice dang 💕❤️❤️💕🙏🏾

  61. Bendu Obieze

    I love this man 😍😍🔥🔥

  62. Tanya Barera

    Got my king

  63. Better Bodies2 LLC

    Booth time w/Vede

  64. Rashid EightTwo

    He might be better than jaquess

    Katrina cain

    Rashid EightTwo @ Might He’s Way Better Than Jacques 😂😂

  65. Monique Garcia

    Can you post one with lyrics please

  66. Sandra Parker

    So talented!!! I love his music.

  67. Renee Smith

    I think vedo is a great singer,hope you get that fame,

  68. Emoni Johnson

    Here because of Tay&Jas 😭😍💙

  69. Antonio Malik

    you a bumpin mfr G<< waitin on ya album,, really if u havent ya mix tape of remixes would be lit,,, btw u got da best Boo'd up remix by far!!

  70. cherell barton

    always lit

  71. Victoria R. Williams

    Love it

  72. Lil. R&B

    I'm sad cause I'm late af😕😟😭😭😢 but bruh at of all his songs I think this one is my favorite 😍😍😘

  73. coty geneva

    I’m playing this since yesterday I haven’t tried yet I’m listen it again again wow u are so dope guy mix with Monica

  74. coty geneva

    Honestly I love this guy

  75. _ iAnonymous! _


  76. Tamara Knox

    "You make me wanna dive in it..Make me wanna put a child in it...

  77. Akady

    You make me wanna dive in...You make me wanna put a child in💣💕

  78. Diana Jones

    You haven't been signed yet!!! Somebody please sign him... Seen you on the voice you had me in tears telling your story...

  79. Gordon Robinson

    Bra snapping I to get him to my city

  80. S W

    He can really out sing all the artists lol

  81. Shantelly Lace

    So talented 🔥🔥🔥

  82. Tonya Twyman

    Real talent !!!!!

  83. Derelle Brooks


  84. Jovany

    woahhh 😨 🔥

  85. LovinMe60

    He's a 🌟..Lovv it.

  86. hassina haidara


  87. Fredrick Wilson

    Damn it's funny how u stumble over stuff by accident

  88. Monique Wiggins

    Get it baby do your thing..

  89. Ronda Jenkins

    i swear he can just say his name on a track the way he says in the beginning and ill buy it lmaooo

  90. Leeya Thai

    Love it

  91. Annette Childs

    Yup I'm loving this one too. 💥 Boo'd Up was 💣💥

  92. Wynette Natt

    I'm diggin that...

  93. Hot Trends3550

    You sound good, but the harmony on the hook can be better. Sorry my ears are sensitive lmaoo.

  94. eboneedwards17

    What happened to your cover of Earned It? That was my favorite one 😭😭

  95. King Matautia

    Good one uce

  96. Aulandre London

    Still come here everyday ❤

  97. Priest Turner

    This my shii 😍😍😭