VAST - Touched Lyrics

You say that I am too
So much of what you say is true

I'll never find someone quite like you again
I'll never find someone quite like you, like you

The razors and the dying roses
Plead I don't leave you alone
The demi-gods and hungry ghosts
God, god knows I'm not at home

I'll never find someone quite like you again
I'll never find someone quite like you again

I, I looked into your eyes and saw
A world that does not exist
I looked into your eyes
And saw a world I wish I was in

I'll never find someone quite as touched as you
I'll never love someone quite the way that I loved you

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VAST Touched Comments

    I remember watching a 411VM skate vid years ago and this was on one of the sections. Great tune, this has stayed with me ever since.

  2. Richard Miller

    Cool! New to me!

  3. Kimberly Murray

    Laird Hamilton, Pea'hi and tow surfing. I'm Stoked!!!!!

  4. Jeffrey L

    2020 still a banger 💫

  5. j williams

    U can’t bring back those who dedicated there last breath under your coorospondance ...

  6. j williams

    Feild no u wouldn’t understand to see what these people lost ur money is no good to us ...

  7. j williams

    Hummana I don’t think all like what they lost why u were eating ur supper demon..

  8. j williams

    Why jeffe u never knew the aspects of the inside like us press conferences hope one day ur wife spits in ur face ...

  9. Nele

    This song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it because I associate it whit basically to many good movies ♡

  10. MuseOfAbysmalBliss

    I want this song played at my funeral. 🖤

  11. Ulises Pérez

    damn this song is just amazing!!!

  12. Daniel Oro

    Escuchen OCTAFOMIC

  13. Curtis plowden jr

    WM 25 Brought me here!!!!

  14. Bengüsu Kaynakoğlu

    Sana bir şarkı yazsaydım ve melodilendirseydim eğer o şarkı kesinlikle bu olurdu. Bu şarkıyı senelerce dinledim fakat seni hayatıma soktuğumda anlamlandı...

  15. quasi-evil

    funny where life can take you and how many things are connected. first heard this song on the show angel back in 2000. turned me onto this band.

  16. Dtt159

    The beach 2000 trailer

  17. D K

    Heard this song on a bmx flatland video and have loved it ever since. One of my favourites. Listening in 2020 and forever

  18. sidharth gautam

    This my type of music!!!

  19. John Lachmann

    Heard this on the radio in the late 90s and was mesmerized by it. Just found it here recently and still find it amazing in a haunting way.

  20. Kristina Karaivanova

    This song is a masterpiece not only for the text but because of the magical Bulgarian voices in the background.
    We, bulgarians can make very beautiful things like this.
    I remember watching Zena,The princess warrior, that was the first time I've heard bulgarian folklore song and now this...
    I'm very happy!

  21. Alex Rodriguez Cruz

    Has been 10 years, but finally, Wrestlemania 25 highlights brought me here

  22. Mackenzie McGee

    The Witcher brought me back here to this old goodie, hmmm the memory’s 😌😌😌

  23. Katelyn Rushe

    "Everworld" was what brought me here. A promotional CD for the books was sold at Barnes & Noble back in 1999 and this song was the first track on it. The lyrics actually fit pretty well with the story.

  24. Georgia Swann

    my Christmas Eve mood....


    Alexander the great volkanovski Macedonian warrior! hughlist


    Play with soul

  27. Luke Kendall


  28. Hexadecibel

    90's kids might remember this tune

  29. RainbowDreams30

    I looked into your eyes and saw a world that does not exist, I looked into your eyes, and saw a world I wish I was in

  30. j williams

    Not as far as youth think..

  31. j williams

    How many ....

  32. j williams

    Again ... when ... one day ... I love ....

  33. George Cotton

    Wreck my train wreck of a heart.

  34. Wes Beadman

    411vm Best of 6 ❤️ Temptation is another great song

  35. SerOn EnOff

    Im from Argentina... this is great. ImI

  36. Chrixhagen

    ich kanns nich mehr und haltes dieser nicht mehr aus -- civirahrmania

  37. j williams

    Smile in the face of you Brett schnackenberg wish the truth I couldn’t let u know black tape ...

  38. Pepe Montezz

    Por fin encontré este tema
    Lo escuché por primera vez en 2009 más específico por WrestleMania 25 👍👍😘 Like si tu también conoces este tema por WrestleMania 25

  39. Jokar


  40. tyrenebanks72

    Watching QAF and this song comes on S3E14 - instantly transported to the past! Living in San Antonio hearing it on ... i think it was the KISS FM radio station. Great song! Always found it quite ahead of it's time back then!

  41. Edriss Scofield


  42. Jourdan Sockey

    WrestleMania 25's closing of the show... That's all I have to say about that...

  43. silverspike1

    Oh and of course Happy 20th anniversary Angel! This show is still missed.

  44. Dyllan Sheridan

    Show someone some love. This song absolutely proclaims it love you people

  45. Dyllan Sheridan

    411 brought me here

  46. silverspike1

    Makes me think of Angel the series every time. A great song for a great series.

    Edriss Scofield

    For real, I wish the show used the song more than once

  47. Dan Beaudry

    Everworld Experience brought me here.

  48. Xombigod

    The God Machine - Home brought me here

  49. Deathbyexile

    Exactly what instrument is being played in the last 20 seconds or so? It sounds very asian but I can't place it.

  50. piper man

    Shaun el mejor amgo que podrias tener

  51. jorge lopez


  52. Raúl T M

    ShaunTrack brought them here. I already knew VAST

  53. RainbowDreams30

    I looked into your eyes and saw a world that does not exist..I looked into your eyes and saw a world I wish I was in...

  54. Stephany Hurtt

    It's a crying shame that Jon has turned into a crazy right wing nut job. Like stay off that Alex Jones Kool-Aid, man. He hasn't done anything in a decade.

    Richard Miller

    Its called reality child

  55. Neil Hynes

    Step into Liquid brought me here

  56. Eden Lopez

    J'ai vu cette chanson dans Angel

  57. Kurt Cobain

    Concert now

  58. CHEN2933

    Je m evade.....

  59. ernsto alvarado emocore

    chamanic song

  60. Austin Mesnard

    “I’ll never find someone quite like you again.”

    Sounds sad, yes, but think: someone like them won’t be found, they’ll find you.

    Edriss Scofield

    That's a lovely way to think about it

    Nzuzo Vilakazi

    @Edriss Scofield ya know AJ Styles used this song as his theme song in NWA

  61. Simone d

    Angel and the movie the beach brought me here, plus I grew up in the 90s/2000s!

  62. Legendario 57

    Wrestlemania 25 official highlights theme💥💥💥💥

    Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.

    Also AJ Styles's NWA theme song

  63. Joy L

    So good!
    Found this on youtube over a decade after hearing it for the first time :)
    Thank you!

  64. H3XX0

    Imogen? :)) haideeeeeeee~

  65. Semi-Sweet Edits 2

    This song is so fucking hard to find. Imagine trying to google search "Ayyyyyyy ah ae eee eeee".

  66. Vidan


  67. Stefan 1229

    Imogen normal

  68. Donatello

    Cn e de la imogen dupa live :))

  69. Next LeveL PuLaNbER

    who's here for imogen?

  70. Anca Tiriteu

    I was a fan of them in highschool
    I needed to listen to them again - too much time passed

  71. Treenibean

    This song captures my emotional state I often find myself in towards someone I desperately desire to be loved by, but know it will never happen.. The cruelty of wanting someone to cradle you, of whom you can never have. Devastating

  72. O. J.

    I, I looked into your eyes and saw 
    A world that does not exist
    I looked into your eyes
    And saw a world I wish I was in

    The bridgepart is my favorite, just wow

  73. Zeul Zeilor

    Cineva de la Imogen??😂🤣

  74. Mario Scevko

    Is the sample from mystery’s of Bulgarian voices ?


    Correct. It’s awesome. Takes me right back to the Thracian Valley.

  75. Un Emigrant


  76. Sebălaina


  77. The Silvered Phoenix

    An ancient Rurouni Kenshin AMV that I just found again.

  78. Ben Patterson

    Met these dudes in Austin in 95 bad ass show in a small club

  79. Mark Hanz

    Ill never find someone quite like you..Again...

  80. Kitty Estes

    I used to drop acid to this cd, Amazing.


    Bulgarian folklore ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬

  82. setho styles

    Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles Aj Styles

  83. Drepex

    Here because of WrestleMania 25 😂

    Hafiz Syed Noman Ali.

    Me because of AJ Styles

  84. Marcelo Vartor

    Una joyita perdida

  85. Marcelo Vartor

    Bierda busque este video por 10 años jajajajajajajj

  86. Joel Maton

    411VM 1999 👍😎

  87. Tramaine Terrance

    Love this song. The first time I heard was on a great TV Show called Angel.


  88. Lando

    Brought here from Step into Liquid



  90. Niko Mitrović

    Edvin van der Sar !

  91. Gabriel

    Wrestlemania 25 recap :')

  92. Ivan Georgiev

    Oh yeah I love that Bulgarian folklore add to it with the choirs and the bagpipe! atmosphere is just amazing and uplifting

  93. Cannibal 1

    I saw this band at a small venue in Detroit, MI years ago. AMAZING show!!!!

  94. Anthony Serrano

    This band never got the attention it deserved.Such a great band.Been a fan since'98.

  95. Col Friday

    AJ Styles, someone?