Vannelli, Gino - Love Is A Night Lyrics

Hangin' out in New Orleans
Diggin' on the bourbon scenes
Just feelin' the vibes of the oncoming days
There ain't no Texan chaparral
To hide away all those southern belles
Just thinking about that Georgian gal conjures a crazy

Love is a night
Who really cares if it's wrong or it's right
And all that I care
You've been some life and love I could share

Got a thing in Tennessee
She ain't about to marry me

There's never been a time she says yes and means no
I had a case in carolin'
From makin' love on rose wine
It's strange how they come and they go

Love is a night
Who really cares if it's wrong or it's right
And all that I know
You've been some life and love on the road

Love is a night
I only know the moment is right
As for the ladies I've known
They mean so much when you're all alone

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Vannelli, Gino Love Is A Night Comments
  1. Cor Born

    My fav ❤️

  2. Cor Born

    My fav ❤️

  3. Aileen Puga

    thank you tyler for introducing me to this gem

  4. Snarkapotamus

    Those drums sound very Gadd like in certain spots..

  5. drummersammy

    Tyler has a good ear 👌

  6. akira genesis

    Im losing my virginity to this

  7. Angelica Cushing

    Tyler probably drives in his mclaren listening to this.

  8. pnmcrw

    I NEED this instrumental!

  9. camaro rider

    Player music.

  10. Gabe Hoover

    Here from nardwuar what the fuck is this

  11. Vicky Williams


  12. Bill Schultze

    One of Gino's best and perhaps most overlooked hits. I saw him do this one live a couple of years ago and he makes it sound even better now. And this was a small benefit show in Augusta, GA, not some huge concert hall. Didn't matter, he still left it all on the stage. Man is a true professional.

  13. Musau Kilonzo

    my good taste in music brought me here


    Been a fan since 1975.  Gino Vannelli is AWESOME.

  15. james garnett

    I maybe a day late and a dollar short, but youngens Gino Vanelli was (is) the shit. An incredible voice and bangin -ass band. We rocked the shit out of "blue eyed soul" back in the day. Open your mind there was music before rap and hip hop.......give it a shot your homies don't have to know! lol


    Love Gino Vannelli too!!! saw him on Soul Train when I was younger and folks got the groove that day!! Put the young folks to SHAME!!!

  16. Man of The sword

    Tyler the creator

    Matthew Ream

    that's why i'm here

  17. Reynol Banda

    wth tyler

  18. Orlando Trejo

    We're all convinced that Tyler brought us here . Great chord progression and synchronization.
    The guy that produced this is on something else

  19. AyyeBC

    Tyler brought me here, this shit is fire, those chord progressions

  20. Baleigh Epperly

    Tyler is crazy, shit is sickkk

  21. Alexis Bryant

    Nardward interview with tyler👌 he has a good ear THO no lie I like it

  22. Alex Mirenda

    man tyler the creator listens to some weird ass music

    F Stanz

    @Alex Mirenda You'd probably recognize this dudes song It Hurts to Be in Love from the radio.

    This is Vikram

    god tyler LOL

    Ts gang

    he's very lit lol bless him


    Alex Mirenda he listens to 70s proggy shit because he writes 70s proggy instrumentals lmfao. My surprise level = 0 to be honest. Its reeeally easy to hear how shit like this influences his keyboard playing/writing

    John Parker

    lmao son what

  23. LRMarketing

    El único en su clase. Excelente audio, muy avanzado para su tiempo, Toda una historia en la música

  24. iiL meeL

    oh my god.

  25. Marko Lazić

    Kakav SaS