Vannelli, Gino - Father & Son Lyrics

Once in a life there comes a man like you
And you bear a son so much like yourself
And it's hard to believe that he's a grown man
But pop I understand

Once every night I thank my lucky stars
You've given me some guiding light
But there comes a time when a father and a son
Can no longer be as one

It took me so long to recover
From the pain of having denied the love I once relied upon

It takes more than time to discover
That for both the young and old
The truth is sometimes cold but right

This is my life
And I've got to hold my own
Even if it means hurting us both
And the wrongs become right when
We stop and wonder how
Look at us
We're better friends now

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Vannelli, Gino Father & Son Comments
  1. Tomas Martinez

    This is a good one, but Cat Stevens version is better for me.

  2. gabriella amatucci


  3. Emmanuel Tapia M.

    Estupendo talento, brillante... fuera de serie.

  4. Leön Sangäla

    I v'e been cryin for an hour straight

  5. Саша Бороденков

    There are no words, you will not listen, a great musician ...

  6. Memory Lane

    Maybe the best song of Gino ever...

  7. Casparus Kruger

    Great Fender Rhodes chords

  8. rcdqlbrchlrdlflcrrsdrslsllmnd

    beautiful song

  9. 64CUERVO

    Amazing song.

  10. strat400

    I first heard this in `78 when I left Illinois QC for sunny Ca. loved it ever since .. don't ever get tired of it. Mom died 2 yrs ago but I still have my dad .. I've watched, learned & studied him all my life. He's a WWII Navy vet at 86 yrs old now and still in very good health, but if he goes before me .. I'm gonna do my best to perform this song at his funeral. The awesome power & heart felt beauty of this song is an emeasureble lifes portrait to hold & cherish forever .. peace

  11. Leo55BabyBoomer

    I never had or knew a black male/father figure in my life...Thank you Mom for doing triple best friend! Your loving son forever, LaVyonne...(a.k.a. Leo55BabyBoomer). I love you Ma!!! Forever and forever...cannot wait to join you!

  12. Leo55BabyBoomer

    I'm saying this to all you BLACK males who created life.. you have SONS out there...and they need your love and guidance. I beg you, please connect with them. It's too late for me...that's why I keep putting myself in harm's way! 1,2,3 what are we fighting for? Don't ask me I don't give a damn, the next stop is Viet Nam!...wish someone had told me they loved me back then...oh well, I guess it.s goodbye.

    John Thijm Thijm

    Leo55BabyBoomer it’s been 7 years. You ok?

  13. midex1

    Btw, great clip too! +1

  14. midex1

    One of the greatest songs ever!!!

  15. Gary Abshire

    Outstanding song! Great slideshow. Thank you!

  16. Kent Farbach

    Not sure what it is about this wonderful ballad, but it gets me every time. Finding it here after not listening to it for 30 years, it's even more of a 'kleenex' moment than ever. Is it the inflected harmony or the fact that I have 2 sons?...I don;t really care. I'm just loving the fact that I found it after so long:) Thankyou for posting

    John Thijm Thijm

    Kent Farbach You have 2 children right?

  17. Joe hagan

    I love you dad &I love you Sean .

  18. mary71257

    OMG, "Father and Son" from "Storm At Sunup", you are on a roll Xpectron !!!! Love to you from Ohio....;)