Vanished, The - Wake Up Lyrics

I took a slip on a Gemini head trip too far
With all your tears and all my fears, my battle scars
I ran in circles for you right into the ground
I can't help but feel that I let you down
When I walked away from you

[Chorus x2]
I'm falling apart without you here
But it's the same way when you are near
'Till I wake up, wake up and walk away
Wake up, oh...

Tiny images of you still course through my veins
Pumps to my heart and that's where they remain
Well I'd pay the ransom for you if you'd stay around
I can't help but feel that I let you down, when
When I walked away from you

[Chorus x2]

Well it burns my lungs when I took a breath to say good-bye
'Cause I don't mind the pain sometimes
When I was yours and you were mine
Until I had to walk away from you

[Chorus x2]

And when you and I burn
When I walk away
(wake up, wake up and walk away)
And I walk away
(wake up)
Forever you and I burn
When I walk away
(wake up, wake up and walk away)
And I walk away oh...
(wake up)

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Vanished, The Wake Up Comments
  1. Comresp com

    What a tragedy! I was in Auroville in 2007 - there was a beautiful spacious beach that has disappeared now!

  2. Wild World Around Us

    Great video!! Thanks alot for making it!!!

  3. Ajay Vemuri

    Really a very thoughtful and proper educational video for citizens of India. We are thinking of only cleaning our urban and rurals. But no one ever did talk about ocean mess which is destroying our coast. Videos like this should get viral in web to notify netizens. Definitely I will do my part to bring awareness. Most respects to you sir. This Video should be premiered in parliament.

  4. anumon antony

    We are also facing the same situation in our village in Kerala 😒

  5. ८૦ɱԲ૦Ր੮คცՆע ძυɱც

    Sad that such a thing is happening... Particularly to Pondicherry coast line.

  6. Ricky Kej

    quite an eye opener.. for everyone who feel 'Nothing will happen'!!

  7. Tony Tomcat

    Sad. It's all because of human greed and we gonna pay for the damage that's been done to mother Earth.

  8. Thennaarassan N

    informative one..

  9. Mahatub Khan Badhon

    Thanks Mr. Dattatri. A comprehensive video on how human constructions along the natural beaches have triggered erosion, hampered the life of coastal communities both socially and economically, and disrupted the ecosystem services of sea beaches.

  10. Joseph Fernandez

    An amazing wake up call for our coasts, Shekhar, I am sharing this!

  11. Tim Cole

    Wow, an American from Oklahoma here, very touched and now enlightened by your work. Keep up the good fight!

  12. Rajesh waran

    Great video  sir. Very informative. Please do more of these videos.I also thank narendhran sir from shankar academy who suggested us your page.Don't worry Shekar sir we youngster will take care of these things in the future but keep doing this great work. Thank you :)

  13. pyxxel

    An eye-opener, not just for India.

  14. Goodthoughts

    Something I've wondered at as well - but did nothing about. I guess every little counts..Thank for this wonderful effort. Will definitely be sharing with my groups..

  15. Barath Raj

    Thanks for the video, an eye opener for me. Will try to spread consciousness in all possible way.

  16. gopal tallamraju

    VIZAG should wake up BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE

  17. Satyanarayana Bolisetty

    We all join together and protect the beaches .. knowingly we cannot ignore and allow the treasures to disappear due to man made disasters in the name of Tourism and Ports etc.. All must follow the norms of CRZ without any deviations.

  18. Nilmoni Sikdar

    Eye opener video. The destruction of beaches are worldwide caused by men's thoughtless acts against ecology causing global warming and rise in sea level. The rich countries of Europe and America have built sea defences but that is not a long term measure.

  19. Ashok Bhatia

    Well presented, with lucid commentary. More power to your creative faculties!

  20. Kolliyil Sunil Mohamed

    Wonderful educative documentary... must view for all of India's development gurus and politicians... WAKE UP please

  21. Snake Charmer

    Great job!

  22. usastare

    very good documentary

  23. Nalin Patel

    Thanks for this great informative video. We need to continue pushing the government to change their policies and make Indian industry more aware to do sustainable development for our future.

  24. Benimadhav Mohanty

    great work , filio and team...your work of last 20yrs and campaigning to save this from Port, and other vested interested parties..

  25. Bonnie Rashid

    This is a well thought production, Shekar.

  26. Sou Su Be

    Great Video, Thanks for this Informative piece of resource.

    arya rajam

    This is  really informative and well-made documentary Mr.Dattatri. I hope you can start a petition to send to the Environment Ministers that will have some impact.