Vanished, The - Kerosene Lyrics

I need a new skin, an enemy to call a friend
Just to lie one more time
To steal my heart away, everything will be okay
Nothing tastes quite like denial

And I've got nothing to lose, it's colored like a bruise
The way you left me
And I've got nothing to hide, it died inside
The way it should be

I'm sorry I didn't smile today, my house is on fire again
So bring to me kerosene, my house is on fire again

I fake one more smile, the plastic one I've worn for miles
Just to keep wearing the crown
And crack one more joke, laugh 'till I almost choked
'Till nothing tastes quite like denial

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus]

My house is on fire again
Kerosene, -sene..
My house is on fire again

[Chorus x2]

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Vanished, The Kerosene Comments
  1. Aaron Davis

    one of the all times, love em.

  2. jdmderick

    i saw breathe on a south african music station and i was hooked....... had a chance at a community radio station to play some of their songs......

  3. Karly Sinclair

    I love you my sweet brother Kevin!!!! yall get back together and perform one more show for your baby sister!!! pleaaseee!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?! <3<3<3

  4. MoonlightChey

    They were such an amazing band and such sweet guys. I miss them. - CC

  5. Kelsey Wray

    I had a chance to meet them backstage! They are amazing, especially live! They sang "Rebel Yell" - Billy Idol on stage. It was awesome! Got my jacket autographed, a photo, and their c.d.'s. lol Talk about having a weird ass smile on my face the whole time. haha

  6. reagan wilkins

    I saw them at Edgefest16 too!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!