Vanished, The - Favorite Scar Lyrics

Remember when we said we'd never part
No purple tears and break each other's heart
Now I'm the fool for trusting this far
'Cause now you are my favorite scar

So tick tock 'bout time for the pain come in
When you said we'd all be friends in the end
I hope you'll find what you need
'Cause I won't be those things in your magazine

Oh, oh, oh, you were my star now
Oh, oh, oh, you're my favorite scar

[Chorus x2]
So wake me when it's over
And tell me when the feeling's gone
I always knew that you'd be my favorite scar

Your burn is slow but it burns me to the bone
I'm comatose then I start to walk alone
I hope you'll find what you need
But can I have my heart back 'cause it's starting to bleed

[Pre-Chorus + Chorus (x2)]

I miss the way that you smiled
I hate it when you cried
When we said goodbye

Yeah, that's what you are, you are my favorite scar

[Chorus x2]

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Vanished, The Favorite Scar Comments
  1. Jae Dong

    Listening in 2019. Your music went halfway across the world 12 years ago, and this is one of the many songs I have burned unto a CD - no does that anymore.

  2. Boxing Moto

    How did these guys never make it big?

  3. Ryan Baggarly

    miss these guys, the guitar player made me wanna play gtar and Quinn from the Used

  4. Nicole Schroeder


  5. rearfangkeeper 1

    Man..I saw them at Trees a long time ago. They sound exactly the same live, great band
    Wonder what happen to them..

  6. Alejandra Olivas

    Maybe you should make one on blink 182

  7. Lindsey Jones

    Haven't thought of these guys in a decade. Thanx for posting!

  8. Amiee Dawn

    I love this song. I saw them live a few years back. I loved them. So sad they're not together anymore.