Vanish - Under Water // On Fire Lyrics

Oh I swim right through your reflection never catch you
You're holding the torch
Lighting my way back to the surface, again

You look just like an angel, just like a fable
The way that you love me is so unreal
You look just like an angel
Just like an angel

Pathetically, I will stand waiting for you...

I'm under water, somehow on fire burning up for you
I hear the thunder, the sound of my heart orchestrates a tone

It's saying please just come back home
I've been here for months and I can't get up
So would you come save me

You look just like an angel, just like a fable
The way that you love me is so unreal
You look just like an angel
Just like an angel just like an angel

I'm under water somehow on fire burning up for you
I hear the thunder the sound of my heart orchestrates a tone
It's saying please just come back please just come back
I'm under water somehow on fire
I'm under water somehow on fire

If you let me in
I swear I'd hold you forever
I'd break bones and limbs
Till my skeleton looks like the ashes from your cigarette

I'm under water somehow on fire burning up for you
I hear the thunder the sound of my heart orchestrates a tone

It's saying please just come back please just come back
I'm under water somehow on fire
I'm under water somehow on fire

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Vanish Under Water // On Fire Comments
  1. Jennapurr

    Came here bc Vanish.. I seem to be the only one that didn't come here bc of Eva lol

  2. William Cook

    Who the fuck is Eva?

  3. Senhorita Manteiga

    Who is Eva

  4. Senhorita Manteiga

    Who is Eva

  5. Dakota Gissler

    These guys remind me of Get Scared

  6. Luz Moreira

    best youtube recommendation.

  7. McKenna Dunham

    That was amazing! The song was awesome, Eva was a QUEEN, and you guys are so talented! <3

  8. Norman Tantuas

    The vocalist kinda souns like vic fuentes tho

  9. Rosa Egaña


  10. Constance Hilson

    What a voice. I love this song. Lots of power😊😊😊😊😊😊

  11. Goldie The Warrior

    Here from Eva...This guy has an awesome voice

  12. chemicapsule

    Damn, Sam fonally left colby?

  13. Lily Robbins

    Hey, you guys contacted me on insta! This song is super cool

  14. Melia Quigley

    Mom looks so prettyyyy!!!

  15. StonedSniper96

    Came here bc they followed me on Instagram. Definitely a good band, gonna have to check out more

  16. shadexs shadows

    Bro I feel this vibe omg I love it good song and vocals bro

  17. Kim Park

    I just came because I love this band, I don’t even know who Eva is xD

  18. Ally

    I love this!

  19. Pasek Parikesit

    King Joffrey reincarnation

  20. Jasey Rae

    Came for eva found a new band in the process. Thanks emo mum

  21. Amber B.B.

    I can't tell you guys enough: I'm so proud of VANISH signing to Hopeless Records! <3

  22. h e a v y d i r t y s o u l

    Nobody gives a shit where you came from.

  23. mario bros

    This band DMD me and they sent me the link to this (I love when people do this and I encourage more bands to do it) and then I saw Eva and I like died??? Because I really really wasn't expecting her

  24. v i o l e t

    Whos here bc eva

  25. Jhunly Cabaylo

    Search their song called Ouija Cult on spotify. It's so goooooooood.

  26. Jeff S

    Came here for my boy Jack. Good shit guys. Haven't really checked a lot of this out until now, but it's badass. So glad to see you guys are doing well.

  27. BoiMan the 9th

    Just like Thanos in endgame am I right?

    BoiMan the 9th

    Get it vanish

  28. iknowyouarebutwhatami

    This is trash. If you try to sing like Anthony Green or Craig Owens, rule #1 dont use autotune.

  29. PattyMayonnaise

    Who the fuck is Eva and why can't people think for themselves?

  30. M S

    Is the auto-tune really necessary? T-Pain approves.

  31. lmNotSoSane

    Saw Eva was in this ❤
    And y'all just ganged a New Fan ✌

  32. Leo


  33. ash ,

    Can someone comment the lyrics plss

  34. David Dangerfield

    The first song I heard from them was "dontwaitforme" and when that bridge hit I was like 🤔💭"There's something different, something special about these guys"
    Then I immediately listened to 1:27 of this video and my hunch was correct, there is something special about these guys.
    While not saying in anyway that I "dislike" these guys, on one hand, they are just not something I would see myself playing constantly like I do the music that I am obsessed with.
    HOWEVER, on the other hand, I can tell you right now, if they have the right management and marketing team behind them, they will, WITHOUT A DOUBT, become a household name amongst our, collective, "scene" joining names like "A Day To Remember, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Mayday Parade" and if they continue with their innovative style and press on to discover and create even more original "out of the box" genre-bending compositions, then I would go as far as saying: If they continue with this innovation and have an amazing marketing staff and strong online presence, it wouldn't shock me to see them as big as "Panic! At The Disco💃🏻🕺🏽Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons(not saying they would sound as awful, just that they could become as well known) Bring Me The Horizon, etc....

    I really enjoy what I've heard so far and I can see myself enjoying a few of their songs here and there, but from an "IT factor" standpoint; they have got "IT"

    But then again I contemplated "similar," not as strong, thoughts about the band, WaterParks💦 after watching the music video for their song, where they're all in dog costumes 🐶 at a dog show, and then I heard that chorus hit! And I was DAMN SON! They KILLED IT! But sadly after that ONE song, I have yet to hear anything even close to the originality and innovation of that one song from them.
    But I've listened to two of this bands and both have given me this feeling.
    This comment has gone on way to long but I really hope they see this and know that their potential is truly limitless and that's coming from some who isn't obsessed with their sound/music.


    David Dangerfield Wow. We genuinely appreciate you and your kind words. We hope to live up to that same vision. Thank you very very much. 😊

  35. i said once i said twice

    Its really hard to be in pop punk band if you have attracted looks

  36. Panic! At The Chemical Fall Out Horizon

    DAMN! i am eternally grateful to you guys for following me!!! KEEP IT UP! this is awesome!!!❤❤

  37. angelica montileaux

    Literally everybody's here from Eva

  38. spooky emma

    eva is beautiful and this song is amazing yeet

  39. Reckless And Stupid

    Not here because of Eva. Stumbled on u guys by accident, but this song is pretty! 😄

  40. Ethan Grett

    I can say 100% I'm the only person who doesn't even know who eva is

  41. Justin R

    Can I have a hug?

  42. Gerard Way Is A Frog Dad


  43. Dani Reichert

    Love Eva! would love the song too if it wasn't for the autotune

  44. Luna

    Im sorry but who the hell is eva

  45. Denisha Luevano

    Sounded like sws 😂

  46. Hannah ortiz

    am I the only one who came here just because the song was recommended? and then was surprised to see Eva?

  47. Caitlyn was here

    The lead singer sounds like a Kellin Quinn and Vic Fuentes child
    (Yes, I'm new here)


    Virgil Trash same and i agree

  48. Ant games

    Came here browsing through hopeless records. What a band!

  49. Elena

    Came here for Eva, but omg they kinda sound like waterparks, I like it

  50. Amelia Kennedy

    Holy shit. Got here because of instagram and you guys are sick. Keep it up!

  51. Kémy Nolet

    Am I the only one geting Picturesque vibes from this?

  52. Klaus is A GOD


  53. Daddy

    Am I the only one who came here just because I love the band?
    I mean. Eva is here yes but like.

    Who wouldn't just come here this shit is awesome.

  54. The Sporks of Destiny

    who tf is eva

    Dr. Death

    A goth YouTuber. She's CrankThatFrank's girlfriend

  55. Lucky Mwinzani

    very nice band

  56. Caitlan Brewer

    You are amazing and I’m so glad that Eva made that video bc I most likely wouldn’t be here

  57. Андрейка_03 Калугин

    It sounds like old Abandon all ships and, fuck, it's great!!!

  58. Андрейка_03 Калугин

    Wow, this one is really good!!!

  59. Carlo Ratto

    Wait, this isn’t Vic Fuentes?

  60. strangestdreamm

    Who’s Eva?

  61. beebonumber 1fan616

    Came cause I followed on insta I didn't even know eva was in the vid until I looked at the comments nice song😍

  62. Nicholas Barracato

    Cinsera <3

  63. Diva Queen

    Now that's what I call trench

  64. Addzkie

    Sounds like I See Stars!

  65. Ofer Ovadia

    anyone else came here because they were subscribed to the channel and has no idea who Eva is?

  66. Alwetend

    Who the hell is Eva?

  67. Lauren Doll

    I think the majority of us came from Eva, and I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm glad we did

  68. Area 52


  69. Emily Nelson


  70. EmoQuartetHydra

    I first heard of these guys because they covered I'm Not Okay for Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge: An Encore, and now I find out they're friends with one my favourite YouTubers

    It's a small world XD

  71. Mandy Marie

    came here from eva, good song and good music video :)

  72. Dad Monster

    Has potential 🤔

  73. Harry Palmer

    I have no idea who Eva is.

  74. Rebel Girl

    Came for Eva, left loving the band 💜

  75. Yeemø Katherine

    Came for eva stayed for the music

  76. J Hawk

    These guys r so AWSUM!! So glad I found them!!

  77. nothingnowhere.x

    i love this💖

  78. Passion Panda

    Y’all came from Eva? I came from @crankthefrank 😉 y’all are soo good ☹️🥰

  79. Emo Bean song Covers

    You guys are really good (good choice going with my goth mom eva)

  80. Woe, Is Me [&]

    The sound, the theatrical feel to it, the lyrics, The magical Synth/Electronics.


    EDIT: Yup, one of the best Post Hardcore bands.Period.

  81. Chancelor Collins

    Shitty ass auto tune

    Dr. Death

    Like you could do better

  82. Some girl obsessed with Bands

    Came here for Eva but staying for the music

  83. Sweet Sanity

    Was anyone here before Evas video? Cuz I've been listening to them for alittle bit now..

  84. Feline

    who is eva?? I came here bc the thumbnail seemed interesting

  85. 모아

    호프레스 레코드는 맨날 똑같은 밴드만 찾아다가 쓰냐 어떻게 올타임로우 얘들이랑 다를게없냐,,,, ㅡ 결론 = 개별로

  86. awstenslobotomy

    came here after Eva's video but I'm gonna stick around because y'all are so fucking good ahh !!

  87. ashelly yeet

    Eva helped me find you guys, so glad she did

  88. Dwayne Jensen

    Who's Eva?

  89. George

    Everyone's talking about Eva, but can we just take a minute to talk about how incredible this band is tho?!?! 😍😍

  90. Belly the Axolotl

    Came here from eva!

  91. Michal Hašto

    didnt know autotune is still around

  92. Band Trash

    Here from Eva's channel❤


    I came here for Eva, this is so good though!

  94. insultedbyproxy

    came here for eva but you guys are amazing!! def gonna listen to some more of your stuff ♥️

  95. Slightly Emo

    Eva omggg

  96. anything goes with cats

    yes I'm here cause of Eva too
    Also great music I love this!!

  97. Ray Slavenburg

    3:14 don't leave your belongings unattended in a forest like that!