Vanish - Heaven Sent // Hellbound Lyrics

The wolves in the street they start to retreat
As sunshine awakes me from my darkest dream
But you're still at the top of my lungs
Collecting every breath I take
You'll surely be the death of me

Heaven sent you are
(I'll hold my tongue as you start to open your mouth)
Hell bound, nothing left but pieces
I've been putting back together again

Welcome to the end the swans will sing
And the dead will walk the streets

And well dance until the sun lights its way passed the gallows
I'll drink until the idea of giving up is hallowed
My fairy tale turned into a horror story
The funeral precession in my head is bearing your name

Now I can see the truth what's behind your disguise
And you promised that you'd keep me around but you fucking bailed
And I promise that I'm filled with passion
Make it or break it or save it I can make it happen
Take it or leave it or crush it
Dream it believe it or fuck it
Wake up and tell me you love this hell

Heaven sent you are
(I'll hold my tongue as you start to open your mouth)
Hell bound, nothing left but pieces
I've been putting back together again

We all can change reality
It's all inside of your mind
Take a breath these last few steps
Are gonna push you overboard

I can't let go
Just sit back
Watch me die

You just don't understand
Our love wasn't secondhand (smoke)
Coming out our lungs
Our silhouettes they screamed
In the shadows as we dream
Fighting wars that vanish just as fast as they began to surface

What a joke
What a fucking joke

I see you everywhere I fucking go
I need to be the one to make you see that you are more
And this world is pointless without you

Heaven sent you are

Heaven sent you are
(I'll hold my tongue as you start to open your mouth)
Hell bound, nothing left but pieces
I've been putting back together again

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Vanish Heaven Sent // Hellbound Comments
  1. Andris Nikodém

    yea yea all those bands you mentioned but also Set It Off, The Illustrator and Famous Last Words

  2. Jack Hinson

    Hello everyone! If you like this song, make sure to check out our BRAND NEW ALBUM ‘Familiar Faces’ ! Thank you for listening :)

  3. Anime Climax

    1:48 - 2:03 that part of the song is soooooo good.

  4. Aljhon Tarce

    PTV x SycAmour

  5. Maddelynn Finchum

    This givee Pierce the veil vibes and early sleeping with sirens but mainly ptv so it's pretty chill and some one from the band naqmed Patrick gave me a friend request on insta so I gave them a listen and I'm satisfied


    Legit same exact thing happened to me. I'm glad he followed me, otherwise I would have never found out about them. Patrick is the vocalist's name.

    Maddelynn Finchum

    @Zach1120 thanks for the insight ma dude and for agreeing with me

  6. Aiden Pilot

    What tuning is this song in?


    Aiden Pilot d

    Aiden Pilot

    VANISH US Thank you! Hope you guys make a music video for this song 🔥

  7. Conrad Watson

    Just hearing of this band, FUCK that vocalist has talent, how does he keep the beat with those REALLY fast parts lol it threw me off in the best way possible

  8. cerys jones

    Damn you guys are good

  9. George

    Holy fucking shit.... This is amazing.

  10. Torres Torres

    Wow l love you beautiful 😱

  11. Majestic Sir

    Who the hell dislike this song

  12. aviel kaei

    I kinda miss Cinsera but this is amazing! I dig it

  13. Travis DeValois pst

    Whether i clean vocalist?

    Dhabitah Kamarudin

    No, but it's the singer from Cinsera.

  14. Howard Elric

    Pierce the sirens 😬

  15. CaLiB3r

    pierce the veil + sleeping with sirens = VANISH

    T Swift13

    CaLiB3r I also hear a little bit of early Crown the Empire in there

    Myly Cruz

    no de echo se parece mas a get scared

    Ray Slavenburg

    you're forgetting chiodos

    Channel Favorite

    Seems the only thing missing from this equation is creative twists and turns, piano, orchestral interludes, and Patrick's viscously beautiful vocal abilities. 2 pieces of bubble gum does not equal a geormet meal with dessert.

  16. Killer Rabbit

    wtf tht voice reminded me of kellin

  17. Dristan Yap

    Chiodos sounding, Kellin and Devin Oliver vocals in a Juno Gold-ish singing style, Get Scared theme.

  18. Link

    Ptv vibe is strong. Awesome song tho!

  19. Max Velasquez

    The only bad thing is the melodic voice.

  20. Sohum

    I straight up got goosebumps

  21. Eros Strange-Park

    Holy mcdonals

  22. uteroot

    I thought they are signed by Revival

  23. Shazboy

    hearing a little Ice Nine Kills in there

    Dhabitah Kamarudin

    One of the songs on this EP will have Spencer from Ice Nine Kills. :)

    Earth3 Raven

    Paper house has Spencer

  24. Youth Music TV

    mmmm Those Chiodos vibes <3 Love you guys!

  25. Maxwell Anderson

    Pierce the Chiodos

  26. Stig's Italian Cousin

    I lost my virginity to this song.

    Fallen_ Angel

    XD ok then

  27. Abraham Oliva

    Muy buenos, tienen similitud con Chiodos.

  28. JN Perez

    Vanish is a band with so much potential. Can't wait to hear their whole album!

  29. Angie Garcia

    Sweet been waiting for these guys to release new music


    thanks for keeping up with us Angie!!

  30. Kayto GF

    wou, c.c me encanto

  31. bethany violet

    kellics secret love children

  32. 『ZER0』

    No... Just no. The voice is way too high, it had me at the start but by 1:10 i had to stop.

    Eyker Cruz

    Basement Entertainment guess you dont dig female vocalists either, cause it makes no difference


    +Eyker Cruz. I don't Dig female vocalists :D


    +Eyker Cruz. Also there is a difference.... A pretty big difference between a female vocalist and what this bands vocalist is doing.


    Eyker Cruz Shout out to Angela from Arch Enemy. Not all female vocalists sound prepubescent. Dig the song tho

    Eyker Cruz

    Same with PVRIS, my point just was, grouping any singer who can sing and was born with a higher voice as shitty or winey has always annoyed me. I mean some singers really do sing winey, but just because they have higher pitched voices doesn't necessarily make them "winey" or shitty.

  33. Luis Zamora-Tokosh

    sounds like metalcore vers of Sleeping With Sirens

    Luis Zamora-Tokosh

    never new the guy, ill take your word for it


    The info wasn't super specific, but it had something to do with underage girls if I recall correctly.

    Luis Zamora-Tokosh

    oh, then yeah. thats fucked up


    Please check out their old band Cinsera :) Its exactly like this!


    This ain't metalcore

  34. trandicosta92

    Crown the Empire and Youth in Revolt had a baby?