Vanish - dontwaitforme Lyrics

I watch for hours as the clock ticks by
And focus on the patterns of the TV light
And I'm drunk waiting for time to pass me by

She said that "I can't stand another night
Goddamn, would you please just look me in the eyes?"
But I've been fixated on ruining my life

I'll purge myself of any happiness
Pack my bags and put 'em on a sinking ship
And it's lost somewhere under the waves
(Somewhere somewhere under the waves)

Well, I've been lost on this vessel, seasick
I just can't find my way home
Well, please let me go

Don't wait, don't wait forever (don't wait)
Don't wait for me, don't wait for me (don't wait for me)
Don't wait, don't wait forever (don't wait)
Don't wait for me, don't wait for me (don't wait for me)
Don't wait, don't wait forever (don't wait)
Don't wait for me, don't wait for me (don't wait for me)
Don't wait, don't wait forever (don't wait)
Don't wait for me, it's too late for me

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Vanish dontwaitforme Comments
  1. P Can stan

    The DONT WAIT in the background is so funny lmao

  2. Icynox46

    Obligatory "come to Portland" post 😁

  3. J Hawk

    OMG!! AMAZING!!❤❤❤ Those screams in the background 💥💥💥

  4. Angga Maulidistiawan

    Cinsera grow up

  5. Lorenzo Tonolli

    his voice remind me Halifax' voice, didn't it?

  6. David M

    emo has returned

  7. Häq Dzirr

    "maybe later can be famous"

    Let's we see..

  8. Bellavia Campbell

    honestly crying to this song

  9. RavenOne

    Favorite song so far. Really excited for this album!

  10. Yeet Yeeterson

    Ninja started a band?

  11. Rachel Crowe

    dope afff yaall really remind me of Lydia :"") supper excites to hear more ! glad I stumbled across you !

    Jody Hill

    Omg yes!! They really do

  12. D.J.A.

    Thumbnail looks like he's Ninja

  13. punk slug

    Lmao what is this fake sadboy shit

  14. GlitchKen

    I'm quite shocked at the vocalist's resemblance with the vocals of I See Stars

    Matt The Man

    Or like a blonde version of denis (formerly aa)

    Alex Wheeler

    I also get a bit of sleeping with sirens vibes from this band


    Nothing.nowhere vibe and video

  16. Kimber Bear

    I love this !!! 🎶🎸🎧🎷🎤🖤

  17. Nhf1185

    Feeling "I'm all out of Swipes" much more than this

  18. TheGhost IsNear

    Everyone is trying to be nothing, nowhere now.





  21. chookcallan

    Soooo shit, cringe.

  22. Blob Blobkins

    Oh look, its another emotional boys singing about their emotions

    Zach Barton

    Blob Blobkins and the problem with men singing about their emotions is...?

    Blob Blobkins

    @Zach Barton there is no problem if you are a pussy


    @Blob Blobkins you are what you eat, dick

    mark hall

    Toxic masculinity at its finest. Screw off Blob Blobkins. You're a piece of shit.

  23. Nate Nowacki

    Anyone else get Nothing, Nowhere vibes?

  24. Angie Crows

    Love your new songs guys!!!!!

  25. MattsCreative

    lazy stoners a sad waste of talent

  26. Pablo Abarca

    gritando a un encendedor vol 1

  27. Nick R

    ... is this Emo Revival music? ... I kinda dig it.

  28. José Augusto dos Santos


  29. a t i n y

    i love his voice

  30. Crisjune Delmonte


  31. Uniivrse

    I love this so much love this sound

  32. Larry Strums

    Why you no play on tour?!?!

  33. kelsey mainwaring

    voice is beautiful, love this ❤️


    I wonder if they like nothing, nowhere... -_-

  35. Hugo Rosales

    Wow this is such a good song

  36. Parker Fries

    I can't wait til your super famous with millions of listeners

    Ocean Sleeper

    Its much harder than you expect


    Sadly rock music doesn't gain the ground it used to so I don't imagine them becoming famous famous but they're extremely good so I'm gonna enjoy this ride where ever it goes

    Ocean Sleeper

    I think they're making money 12 thousand views surely they making some sales


    Dude called it rock music,lmao


    Mummylips well their other stuff is


    Vanish rlzz

  38. M. A.

    Welp, time to throw away my Carhartt gear.

    Ocean Sleeper

    @PattyMayonnaise I totally disagree but whatever lol

  39. Calum Scobie

    Hopeless finally fucking with emo rap? I'm happy about this

  40. fbn fbn

    this song is bad, the best song is try to listen now!

  41. Josh Dean

    I Love These Guys!!

  42. bayrbaysgalan lhagvasuren


  43. Akkinory

    good video

  44. AshMzry

    ❤️i cant wait for march 15th

  45. Cody Tache

    this is nice

  46. Jaythealien

    We stan depressing shit 😭 🖤

  47. Frenkie

    its very awesome👍👍👍👍👍

  48. Read My Profile Picture To Cure Your Blindness

    The thumbnail looks like he just stubbed his toe.

    The Kim In The North

    Or somebody crushed his balls

  49. George K.



    if anything, i miss the songs being called something 'random'.. Lemon iced tea by ADTR for example..

    Nick R

    @Omaha I miss it when the edge wasn't even subtle, @MCR literally calling a song "I'm Not Okay"

  50. ceejlol

    why is pop punk merging with this stupid soundcloud rapper trash??? I cant believe this is on hopeless lmao


    @Phillip McLeod I'm butthurt because this sucks?? Ok boss. It's called criticism and it is well deserved here lmao.

    Phillip McLeod

    @ceejlol well here's my well deserved criticism of your butthurt elitist comment. Your butthurt isn't ever going to stop this kind of music.


    @Phillip McLeod just my opinion,wouldn't be something I'd listen to,but probably loads really like it,maybe I'm.getting old,I guess comes down to preferences,started listening to a band called the chats a few weeks ago,they be more my style,but other pple,may say there crap,I try to listen much new music as I can,I'll check.our a few of there other tunes,can't judge a band over 1song,


    @Phillip McLeod nothing you said changes how shitty this song is lol

    Nick R

    It's not pop punk, it's more emo music considering the screamo. Honestly, I'm all for it. The 00s punk/emo movement has died, and this is part of what I believe is known as the "Emo Revival" movement which is essentially the modernization of the emo genre. Sure, It's not perfect and I personally would rather listen to early Paramore and MCR, but it's something new and it carries the whole emo movement into the next decade.

    It's not perfect, but it's something.

  51. Lyna Bkr

    Good song and lyrics are sooooo deep good job 💪🏻💪🏻