Vanessa Williams - Crazy 'Bout You Lyrics

Someone asked me, about you
Asked me if this was love, are we serious
I kindly replied that I loved you
Don't know if I should be falling again

There's a part of me, still in misery
Thought I know I got to move on
I'm scarred of commitment
I'm scarred of what could go wrong

'Cause if I love again, I could lose again,
There's a chance that my heart could break
Hate to be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you
If I hurt again and I cried again
That's the chance that I'm gonna take
I can't be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you

It's gonna take me just a moment
To take this all the way it feels kind of strange
So what could you do to assure me
That you won't go astray baby and hurt me some day

So no promises, don't want roses
I've already heard every lie
And I ain't in no hurry
And I hope you're not wasting my time


Starting over
Takes me under
I need your shoulder
When I can't bear this pain
I need your love now
To help me make it alright
I don't need no one babe
Runnin' in and out of my life


If I love again and I can lose again
That's a chance that I'm gonna take
I can't be wrong again
Baby, 'cause I'm crazy 'bout you

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Vanessa Williams Crazy 'Bout You Comments
  1. mt4ds

    Eddie Zondi...

  2. Nandi Shitaleni

    I've been searching for this song for so long .
    i got it

  3. Marcus Anthony

    Sounds like a Babyface joint, so I Googled and found out that one of his producers, Daryl Simmons, did this one. I immediately realized that Kevon Edmonds could have pulled this one off as well. Kinda similar to his "Girl Like You". Great song, but of course I would say that because I'm a HUGE Face fan.

  4. Reasibe Tloane


  5. Monika Wozniakova

    I love this song greetings from Czech Republic 😍😍

  6. mt4ds

    Seems like this song made an impression eMzansi...

  7. Senzile Zuma

    This song takes me a way back in high school... it's reminds me of my first love

  8. little bombshell diva

    She reason the why i went into music

  9. Patience Chama

    a song for all times

  10. Zandile Menzi

    Adele has nothing on those 90's/80's tracks that were about heart break and one's ex. This is soo beautiful. I took the chance.

  11. Melody Zondo

    This is such a beautiful song. From the arrangement to the lyrics. It's just perfect 👌👌

  12. siboniso ricky msomi

    Anyone in 2019?

    Nhleko Clement

    I'm just here right now

    Tshepo Mohohlo

    "folks..!it's being great the name is Eddie Makhosonke Zondi"!thanks again legend for the beautiful music you left us and the everlasting memories we celebrate you even though parted this world!!😢

  13. Thembani Ryan

    I focus more on the instrument and this song is insanely driving me insane....

  14. William Tsunku

    RE : ALBUM

    Crystal Lewis music videos

  15. Watercube Services

    Best track on Sunday played on Radio 2tao or Metro FM..

  16. Lando CalrisiaN

    I forgot about this song. Love it!! this cd is somewhere in my garage with a slew of other CDs

  17. William Tsunku

    RE : BRONX

    JOHNSON’S® Baby soft & shiny Haircare Range
    Oprah- Barack n Michelle


  18. Phindile Molatana

    Hi all
    Someone please help me find this song on iTunes?

    amanda radebe

    Phindile Molatana I’ve been looking for it as well, can’t find it 😭

  19. William Tsunku

    Randy Crawford - Shine
    Randy Crawford Who's Crying Now 1992
    Kenny G _ By the time this night is over (with Peabo Bryson)
    Randy Crawford- Rhythm of Romance
    Mary J blige - Real Love
    Vanessa Williams - Crazy Bout You

  20. charles mabena

    i love dis song

  21. Nelson Awili

    Gorgeous! One of my favorite artistes, takes me back in the day... 98/99 I had just finished high school. So unfortunate they don't make such music today.

  22. Anna Amantle

    my fav all time 😍😍😍❤

  23. William Tsunku

    We made a DIY Snow Ball Rocket Launcher.. (shoots lego snowballs)
    Save The Best For Last by Vanessa Williams (with lyrics)
    Vanessa Williams - Crazy Bout You

  24. raphael ejembi

    Damn, goose pimples

  25. Siphiwe Tumi

    I'm crazy about you Venessa Williams 😙😙😚😚.

    Xola Ngcelwane

    Want to download it to my app to play in the car but dololo. So frustrating. The app is Deezer

  26. Northdowns Office Park

    Ohh my god wow this song I just remember those days

  27. zama zamisto

    I love this song .....

  28. Albert Chikanya

    This song sends to Crazy indeed... Reminds me of my College days. .. Talking about KTC CLASS OF 1998... BA SOCIAL....

  29. Kgantsi Motsamai

    classic song from a quality singer with a unique voice

  30. nsimbi xaba

    This song reminds of the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I met her about 12 years ago, until now I have never seen a beauty close to hers. I was crazy about her

  31. zee Nzimande

    my bf asked me to look this song song up and I just fell inlove all over again.

  32. R Gray

    I need Your love now

  33. DJ V-MAN

    Baby I'm crazy about you 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘🇿🇦🇺🇸✊2018-04-17 20:57

  34. Wolfsky9

    I am just so in love with this woman & her honey-voice. Flawless Mezzo- to full Soprano. ---------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o

    Lebo Lebogang

    I love this song, it brings lots of memories

  35. Joel Kabelo Mohajane

    Damn dis song reminds me of sum1 hu was really really close 2 my heart

  36. R Gray

    Things were so different in 1997


    Man this song takes me back to my high school days(98/99) when the late EDDIE ZONDI and T-BOSE(then with METRO FM) would play this song either late at night or on SUNDAY mid day...One of the most underrated R&B songs of my generation...VANESSA WILLIAMS used to serve heat but was never given the stature she deserved as a TRUE R&B Songstress...this song has all the correct ingredients of a classic joint...I used to wait eagerly for both DJ's to play it without fail every Sunday.
    Much respect to the person who posted this song.✌🏿👊🏾

    Siba Jumba

    same here :-) makes me think about my first love

    Kabelo Marumong

    Feel you bro currently we roll with Wilson B Nkosi, Msizi Shembe, Sentle and Mo'G

    Tshepo Mohohlo

    "folks..!its being great the name is Eddie Makhosonke Zondi"! You'll never be forgotten legend thanks for the beautiful music you played!!😢

    Joey Kale

    You're Absolutely CORRECT! Sad.

    Joey Kale

    Tough & Original Tune


    Is it my imagination playing tricks on me but it looks like the comments here are largely from my SOUTH AFRICAN peeps🙌🏿 SAN'BONANI/DUMELANG NONKE/KAOFELA 😉...It's quiet evident that SOUTH AFRICANS AND R&B/SOUL MUSIC are inseparable✌🏿👊🏾

    Siphiwe Tumi

    @Ntombentle Mateza Ewe ndiyiqonda kakuhle ungothuki mhlobo wami. Nami andenzanga mpazamo phofu lulonwabo qha😂😂😂

    Ntombentle Mateza

    +Siphiwe Tumi 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤if i love💖💗💟 again n i lOoOoSe again I hate to be wrong again...💪💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃so yeah worry not I understand😊😊😊✌


    @Khuthadzo Matamela 😂😂😂 isithumele lana isignal 😂

    bossk bossof

    Count me in.

  39. Mokoka Magoete

    1999.. someone so special

  40. Shunshunz1975 Jackson

    I'm still in love with her !

    Watercube Services

    Shunshunz1975 Jackson yeah

  41. Ramusetse Moatshe

    my old time favorite

  42. J T

    I love Vanessa William.  She has a great voice and is an excellent actress.  She can do anything.  I wish she would make more music.  I miss her voice.

  43. gershom lwipa

    This song really rocks, but can someone please upload the song "start again" done by this woman.

  44. Lee V W

    Her ballad songs make me float to a soothing place.

  45. simlindile kati

    reminds me my EX....I m scared of thinking about her coz im crazy about her.....

  46. Eric Githua

    This brings back memories

  47. R Gray

    Someone asked me about You :)

  48. Shun Jackson

    I see you have some college. Good

  49. Dshan1 Williams


  50. Lungile Nhleko

    Somehow, if u don't get moved by this, something is wrong.

    Joel Kabelo Mohajane

    I fully agree lungile

    TEG Knox

    and u possibly spend your internet time ridiculously down-voting exceptional music.

    siboniso ricky msomi

    Couldn't agree more 👌

  51. william Motlhaping

    D*mn since 2001 I don't hear this song I didn't even know that Vanessa Williams.I love  song

  52. Tumelo Jobe

    I love this woman, the voice takes me somewhere.

    Atl Walton

    is she better actress that jasmine guy??

  53. R Gray

    Snuggle song ...mmm

  54. zikona ngele

    damn this song.

    Tumelo Jobe

    @zikona ngele ;say that again !!!Damn I lov it

    S Digelo

    i  damn it again, this song shuttered my bones and build the love within me,

    Tumelo Jobe

    same here Molokomme

  55. R Gray

    Something about the loving texture...this is so amazing and  " new "  after all these years

  56. Rster462

    I have always been one of Vanessa's biggest fans, and have been there from the very beginning. I even have some rare tracks of hers that were only released in Japan. I wish she had made a legitimate video for, "Crazy About You". One of my favorites from "Next".

    wara waras

    Rster462 reminds me of a crush way back then

  57. Mayambala Kizito

    Please Vanessa Williams make us a good video of "Crazy Bout You" and make it available.

  58. R Gray

    :) again

  59. R Gray

    Such a well mixed song with such an excellent message...pure Love and Smiles

  60. R Gray

    she is a fox

  61. R Gray

    Love this precious drama

  62. R Gray

    Love this song

  63. R Gray

    She could stare a hole into your soul

  64. R Gray

    Someone asked me about You

  65. R Gray

    I need your Love

  66. R Gray

    It's gonna take me just a moment................

  67. R Gray

    I kindly replied that " I Love You "

  68. JusLiveMylyfe

    I use to play this CD everyday when it came out :)

  69. Eric Githua

    this is good,love it

  70. Robert Shongwe

    u deserved the miss America title!!

  71. Robert Shongwe

    she is one of the most beautiful women who ever lived, such breathtaking face and eyes that make u melt and i love the song.

  72. MissLindo Sindane

    I love this song...especially on a Sunday

  73. Adams Bello

    Thanks for this, i have been searching for this song since 2000.

  74. wasitalki

    omg so true....


    Can you post the song "Start again" from this album?


  76. Eric Githua

    wao at last i have this ,

  77. Dante Williams

    @Camyy99 Unreleased as a single.

  78. Camyy99

    Wait.. this was unreleased? It's one of the few songs I know (and love) by her...

    Steve Adams

    It was released on her 3rd album. The whole album is beautiful!