Vanessa Williams - And My Heart Goes On Lyrics

You make my heart go.....
Inside out you send me baby
Round and round your world
Upside down you make me crazy
For you love; it's out of control

Like an evening star
Shining brightly through me
When you look into my eyes
I know we have something
I'm following my heart
Trusting where love will lead
Surrendering my guard
I found security; oh in you
Darling you're the one for me
Tell me did you know

You make my heart go.....
Inside out you send me baby
Round and round your world
Upside down you make me crazy
For you love; it's out of control

Like a fairy tale
You kissed life into me
You cast my fears away
Finally I'm free
Anyone can see I'm crazy for you
You're everything I need
You're all I want to do
It's true loving you is magical
Tell me did you know


And my heart goes
Inside and out
And my heart feels
I'm losin control
Cause my heart knows
The only one for me,
Uh baby can't you see
And my heart goes
You turn me upside down
And my heart feels
You turn me round and round
Cause my heart knows
Baby don't you know


You make my heart go
Ooh baby, so in love
You make my heart go
You know, it's for your love

You turn it upside down
You turn it round and round
You make my heart go
And my heart feels
Cause my heart knows
You make my heart go

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Vanessa Williams And My Heart Goes On Comments
  1. Virgil Wyatt

    Okay. So 2 people have given this track a thumbs down. SMH....Just allow yourself to fall in love and you'll understand what this smooth groove is all about! Hell; I'll show you: where are my roller skates?!

  2. Geraldo Barbosa

    Super melody!

  3. Lando CalrisiaN

    One of my favorites from this album.

  4. Keith Dixon

    Lovely you and the

  5. Andrew Flood


  6. musicnerd 72

    mmmmmm... that bass line....

  7. davinci barnette

    I always thought THIS should have been a single. It's soooooo sexy !

    musicnerd 72

    YES! It should have!

    Virgil Wyatt

    Yeah, me too. I pulled this track and placed on on some of my homemade cassette tapes.

  8. Tamara Bitter

    haha I like this song

  9. Lynn N. Parker

    Vanessa has so many romantic songs and she sings this song "And My Heart Goes" so laid back and with love.  I can visualize her look of being deeply in love.  The beat of the music wants you to dance with your lover in your arms and your heart is beating so fast you never want to let go of that loving feeling.  This song is just one of many I love by Vanessa.

  10. Javier ED

    I WORE this joint out on my CD player (the days before MP3s/iPod/smartphones, LOL)

  11. Deborah Steele

    "NICE NEW SOUND" - DJS - 9/18/13

  12. davinci barnette

    Definitely should have been a release 1!! I played this track out when I got this CD. I said it over & over again. It's still on my playlist. Such a sexy track. It should have been a major hit!!

  13. queenyo61

    Bought this CD when it was released and this is one of my favorite songs.

    Virgil Wyatt

    Me too.

  14. Labeeb Hameed

    The musical talents of the multi-talented Vanessa Williams! Her style is smooth...

  15. AncestralGoddessWisdom

    My sister wrote this song. I was there!

    DJ SpinsAndNeedles

    AncestralGoddessWisdom Nice!!!!

  16. gforce6297

    Love this song from Lady V ! Bought this cd when it first released. I wear this cut
    out today. Another great one not released by Vanessa. Just like "Stranger's Eyes" off The Comfort Zone LP

  17. Rhonda Cartier

    When I bought this CD. This song and "Still In Love" instantly became two of my favorites!

  18. Rhonda Cartier

    This is one the GREATEST song's she have ever sung!

  19. amadah3

    OMG! This is my favorite off of this album. This should've been a single but this album didn't get much play at all.

  20. Dante Williams

    @MegaTyler98 All tracks in my playlist are songs that either weren't released at all as singles or never had a video. If you search for Vanessa Williams discography, you can get a list of all singles released from her albums and their chart placement. That's what I went off of when I created this playlist of unreleased album tracks.