Vanessa Paradis - La La La Song Lyrics

There is no substitution
For the way I feel
Didn't know this could be real
Don't want not explanation
For what is on my mind
Cause I'm doing fine
If it's a dream then let me sleep
Only wake me when
You're in my arms again

I've been waiting for a while
Now you gave me the reason why
I was holding on singing lalala
If it's an illusion let it flow
Right or wrong I don't want to know
Keep it coming baby lalala

Don't need no complications
You can not conseal
What the heart reveals
How ever long it's gonna last
And where it goes
If a fortune teller says
I don't even need to know


The principle of love is that
When you get enough
Then you can give it back

If it's a dream then let me sleep
Only wake me when
You're in my arms again


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Vanessa Paradis La La La Song Comments
  1. Persephanie

    Thank you for this beautiful video. ❤️

  2. mikkaela LMLAIMELE

    un couple mythique que j'aimais beaucoup, dommage qu'ils se soient plus ensemble...

  3. Johnny Dragon

    Bonjour Hi Vanessa Paradis and Johnny depp are a amazing movie star and rock star and guitar player and singersI am your biggest fan ever I love you both Vanessa paradis and Johnny depp too I am French too ♪♫♩🎤🎸

  4. Ирина Шевелёва

    Дурак, предал такую женщину

  5. nath saucy

    Beau destin pour une nana du 94😉 bravo comme quoi tout est possible...

  6. Johnny Dragon

    Bonjour Hi Vanessa paradise you are a amazing singer I am your biggest fan I am English and French Cherokee Indian Native American 🇫🇷♬♫♩🎤🎸

  7. Princesse Mononoké

    Une de mes chansons préférées, elle mérite tellement plus de reconnaissance 😍

  8. Philippe Jourdan

    mais que vous a donc fait la vie!!
    à vous deux!!!bon dieu!!

  9. Sonja Peters

    Johnny and Vanessa , this is sooo beautiful !

  10. Christian Rose

    je vous aime/beau couple,bravos.

  11. Jackelina Sparrow

    Beautiful couple <3