Vanessa Amorosi - Start It Lyrics

Everybody wants to play the sport to win the goals
Or maybe just to rule the world

Other just wanna pull you in to cash the win
Or maybe just to pick up a girl

And while we're there just runnin around
And pullin eachother down
I call it love

And every time you get in my face
Oh what friends we make
And baby that's how it's done

If you're an outsider
Come and join our fire
And get it started

Let's get it Started

You're gonna
Love it
Love it

Everybody wants to entertain the money made
Singin on your own damn stage
Most of all, some really suck
But that is luck
Talk about the name of the game

When you think you're really in
But half way out
Running with your pants down

Headin on the road
And god only knows
What you're gonna do now

Am I an outsider?
Can I join your fire?
To get it started

Let's get it Started

You're gonna
Love it
Love it

Why are we waiting
Slowly dehydrating

I you're an outsider
Come and join the fire

Let's get it Started

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Vanessa Amorosi Start It Comments
  1. Piece of Schmit

    1:37 what even is that!? I've never heard anyone else sound like that, she's incredible!!

  2. The Blitz

    pretty sure its a flat c6 or a sharp b5 but definitely higher than normal b5

  3. Loy

    Since her belted notes always sound 1 octave higher, I thought that E6 moment she belts E5!

  4. Gillian Omotoso

    The vocal fries get down to G2!

  5. John Gialanella jr

    Her vocal range and power are beyond compare. And what singer can hold a note for 26 seconds (Heroes live forever). I hope their are some videos of her singing Gospel. The girl can sing any kind of music. That is why she is my Favorite singer on the planet.

  6. jocriss

    Her 3rd octaves sound so high already!

  7. Lambily Loft

    I think this song was created just for her because no one else would be able to sing it. lmao

    I Worship Gays And Satan

    Lambily Loft truly, B2-B5-E6 in one song is more than people have in their entire career, and the quality of the notes, big oof


    @I Worship Gays And Satan and it was clearly made to just show off range because lyrically, it is far from her best writing lmao. She wanted to prove something by singing it.

    Knight Enchanter

    Regardless of the intention behind the creation of this song, she's excellent here and I love this song tbh It's just my cup of tea (the genre I mean).

  8. Melvin Nixon


  9. dasMediaMedium

    Her head voice is incredible as well


    Her head voice is one of the best. It's the reason why she can belt on the higher 5th with such ease. Fully developed.

    Andreanata Noivan

    @jocriss eehh not really..


    @Andreanata Noivan
    She doesn't use her headvoice much but it is well-developed. What you smoking?

  10. chung2F5

    Her belts are so damn excellent. The power and resonance /dead

  11. Larissa Nascimento

    This song and voice is KILLER!!!

  12. D. Theo

    I'm just lying on the floor crying over this woman's voice. It is amazing. I wish she was more popular!

  13. Iva Evans

    Iam uper you.

  14. Patrick Farias

    Amazing video! And featuring the queen of upper belting Vanessa ^^

  15. TheMaleAvenger

    How is she...?

  16. Rômulo Rocha

    What's the name of the album of this song?

  17. James Kelly

    God her belts are insane. The vocal fry notes don't really count though.

  18. Jairo Barbosa

    Please make a vocal showcase this video /watchv=RKJ2mfvAXvc. Demi reaches very high notes. Grateful.

    Jairo Barbosa


  19. imsnowbored

    Damn that B5 at the end of the run at 2:31 is IMMENSE. Well hell, all of those belts were. Great video once again Kendra!

    Gillian Omotoso

    imsnowbored *2:11!

  20. kellyclarksonismygd

    Great video! I absolutely love Somewhere In The Real World. Very complete album. :)

  21. Ornery0798

    Her upper belts are amazing. ldfkndfljnfdvkjndkfejrwln! And how she sings them so effortlessly is also amazing. One thing I can't help but notice: her upper belts are so powerful and effortless that they sound nearly IDENTICAL to a guitar. Her voice is huge.

  22. Där B.

    Yaaasss Vanessa! Lawd, the insanity within that throat of hers! Yas lawd! Made me wanna throw my shoe at her! That run at 2:07 just....I can't even..I don't know how to describe something of that caliber. #Icant

    Devonta White

    Ikr it's a shame she's so underrated

  23. motr1990

    Amazing range and ease in the upper belts! What program do u use for making vocal ranges btw?

  24. 0AspiringStar0

    This woman had me waving my hand in the air at the computer screen, she needs to quit

    Där B.

    Yas! Haha she would be perfect singing one of those deep south shoe throwin' praise break doin' gospel songs. Mmmmmm I'd be dancing like a fire was shut up in my bones!

  25. Rômulo Rocha

    This is a pure vocal slayage! What a voice!


    Yas! I love it, that a section of notes is usually so neglected. Love it , love it. <333


    This is embarrassing.. sharing on facebook wasn't enough. I am now stealing your video to put on my desktop. Very ,very good job

  27. LaQuinton Lockett

    oh my fuckin God, this lady is beast, ik I didn't add an a in front of it, because she slayed so many A5's I cant bare to use an A again today, she is fuckin incredible, have u eva heard Break Me.?

    LaQuinton Lockett

    @Kendra Ghaffar ik he voice is just sick, this woman is seriously the beast of belting, and that C6 belt at the end of Break Me, is just....I don't even hav words to describe it 

  28. HEADLESSwebcam

    I was not prepared omg

  29. kevineyk

    Damn, those vocals are supernatural.

  30. agators212

    one of my all time favorite vocal runs EVER at 2:06 she is a vocal BEAST...i love it.  she is so great sometimes i can't stand how awesome she is


    I can't even. This woman is undoubtedly one of the best vocalists alive right now. 


    @0AspiringStar0 i know right? i love how fluid her mix is and the agility as well.  

  31. Me IAmSnatched

    Yay it's up :D
    Thank you so much for making this!
    Her voice is beyond OMG! haha And this song>>>>>>>>>>>
    Great Job :)