Vanessa Amorosi - Perfect Lyrics

Stay forever who you are
Don't change a thing
Because you're perfect

You sway gently in the breeze
In between my dreams
It kind of makes me nervous

You're storm, yeah, the lightning striking down
To only strike me once, would still be worth it

In my dreams you were perfect
When I woke you were perfect

Love, as scaring as it is
Tell me is it real,
If it ain't perfect?

I pray with the sounding of you faith
My colours bleed to one
Nothing grows when your love is gone

In my dreams you were perfect
When I woke you were perfect

Hmm, even when you run you're still worth it
Here and now, the moments perfect
You're perfect
So perfect
When you run
Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, baby
Oh run, yeah

Even when you're gone, even when you're here, even when you're not
You're still, you're still, you're still

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Vanessa Amorosi Perfect Comments
  1. The Australian Rationalist

    Vanessa has the best female voice in Australia ! ♥️♥️♥️👌🇦🇺

  2. Krystal Hayley


  3. justplaingavin

    I first heard this when she sang it on Rockwiz. Do yourselves a favour and look up that version. Its like she transcends to another plane of existence..and she is trying to take us all along. The house band makes it a bit more rock then the single and she just blows the roof off the sucker...

  4. Lyn

    For my ex LD no longer want me, but you are perfect. We could have been PERFECT xx I Love You xxx

  5. Unbalance Kevin

    This song is perfect to me ^^👍❤🤗🌹

  6. Racheal Mayers

    Love it

  7. Brianna Viney

    It was amazing seeing Vanessa live last weekend! X

  8. Johnny Davies

    common Venessa your fans want you back.....


    Johnny Davies she has a new track out right now! :)

  9. LeroyRifkin

    she needs a good dicking.

  10. Luis

    I have seen her live she is incredible and this is a Perfect song

  11. Anima e Cuore .GamingTM

    Vanessa is perfect

  12. Ivana Coledan

    So perfect

  13. Jackson Jack

    Are we sure this isnt Juliette Lewis?

  14. Cold Blaze

    She is amazing :)

  15. foreveverseptember2

    I wish I was, I wish I could help miss you LOVE YOU xXx

  16. Lyn

    For You my LD Lover.......You are always Perfect........I Love You xxxxxx

  17. George Boron


  18. Mitchy Babe

    I love this song is all about me:p

  19. Liornow

    It's too bad there isn't any new music from Vanessa...

    Ashley Williams

    Liornow shes back now

    Ashley Anderson

    Getting married and having a child, I guess she wanted a break

  20. ace aesthetics

    i hate your songs you dumb person👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️☠️😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  21. dirk pingel

    she is so perfect,its aboud time she is going to make a hit record for the EUROmarket.she is so grande…..

  22. bonnie


  23. Garfunkle

    This song can sung in many different languages.

  24. MissyB 75

    Filming your horrible face up close wasn’t a good idea now was it??😂

    tony meman

    Jealous are we?

    Thans K

    NickyB 75 get lost.

  25. super midget ninja rockturtles

    how is she not falling thru the sand in those heals

  26. The Black Sheep

    Her hair in the chorus reminds me of Katy Perry😇😇😇

  27. Troy Leven

    Vanessa Amorosi is one of the most under reated singers of all time, she always sings live writes her own songs and has a voice that makes chills down my spine..........

    Richard Kuklinski

    David Franj wrote this song "Perfect" he is the one that deserves the recognition. Not Amorosi. Get your facts write before you open your gob idiot. She doesn't always sing live. At 2000 Sydney Olympics her song "Absolutely Everybody" was half lip synced half her voice so she doesn't always sing "LIVE" as you say. Stop talking out of your arse.

  28. dudetterose

    Please when are you going to do more music? I've been waiting..... please you're awesome

    ALT - Autonomie Liberté Transition

    It's out now

  29. Ozzie Bloke

    One of the best wedding songs on the planet.

  30. Griffin Deontrance

    this song could have been a timeless piece of music if it was slowed down and took away the electric guitar and drum set

  31. Lyn

    For my LD are still PERFECT...I Love You xxxxx

    Madison Johnson

    Lyn scrolled to find all your comments... made me almost cry.. you are so sweet.

  32. Tonzo Wall

    i still love it in 2018. vanessa please do more, i miss your talent.

  33. marksmann007

    This song rocks! Has always been a favourite of mine, what a talent what a voice.
    Great clip. Uplifting. 💪

    Tonzo Wall

    marksmann007 i know, its so good and yet so sad. why doesnt she do more? I miss her.

  34. foreveverseptember2

    I wish I were darling - I will love you for always xXx

  35. Lyn

    For my LD Lover, the years have passed but You are still Perfect...Love You always and Forever xxxxxx

  36. i am so sad

    Stay, forever who you are
    Don't change a thing
    Because you are perfect
    You sway, gently in the breeze
    In between my dreams
    It kinda makes me nervous
    You're storm, is lightning striking down
    To only strike me once
    Would still be worth it

    In my dreams, you were perfect
    When I woke up, you were perfect
    Love, as scaring as it is
    Tell me, is it real?
    If it ain't hurting
    I break, when sounding of you fades
    My colours bleed to one
    Nothing grows when your love is gone

    In my dreams, you were perfect
    When I woke up, you were perfect
    Even when you run, you're still worth it
    Mmm... Here and now, the moment's perfect

    Your barriers have now fallen down
    But your love's still a part of me
    The way you end should be the way you were found
    Lost in spirit
    In a river or a stream
    Happily you float
    While I'm clearly drowning
    I don't have not one
    I'd do it all again
    For you, I'd do anything

    In my dreams, you were perfect
    When I woke up, you were perfect
    Mmm... even when you run, you're still worth it
    Here and now, the moment's perfect
    So perfect
    When you run
    Run, Yeah yeah yeah yeah run
    Even in my dreams
    When I wake up, perfect
    You're perfect
    Baby baby baby baby baby run
    Run run
    I broke, trying to keep up with you
    Because you're perfect

  37. leo vendramini

    The backing music is not worthy of the song.Sorry.

  38. Bah Humbug

    Adam Gilchrist.

  39. Frenshe Fren

    Es posible la transformación física a los ojos de los demás, lo que jamás transformaría en mi, serían mis ideales, mis metas, mis sueños, mi toda yo, yo me aceptó con mis virtudes y defectos, siempre seré YO. Muy bello tema 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  40. foreveverseptember2

    Thank you darling - you are perfect for me ....LOVE YOU xXx

  41. Lyn

    For my LD are still PERFECT
    Love you Forever

  42. Gloria Small

    yes it's perfect I love you vap

  43. steven whyte


  44. Grant Marsden

    love your music vanessa if you see this ,

  45. Kerrie Arnaud

    The "perfect" Vanessa Amorosi... we need to see/hear more from her!!

  46. sera fuel

    the queen of A5 note not even Patti Labelle can belt it like Vanessa

  47. Beano

    Vanessa is perfect

  48. Crimson9724

    Why the hell is next to none of her shit available in the US, ugh


    use the link to download it


    What link?


    +Beano this is the link for this song

    Now us this link to convert it to an MP3 so you can have it on your ipod/phone forever

  49. Ace Ace


  50. Joel Pemberton

    Vanessa your perfect. thanks for visiting. from Croydon boy.

  51. kangaroo432

    This woman is an inspiration.

  52. Ben Smith


  53. KT Hrwd

    I'm so glad I found this song again. The first time I heard this was in 2008, I was thirteen and I was in a really low place, I was being bullied at school for how I looked so I began starving myself, only eating one meal a day and hating myself every step of the way, I was weighing myself each morning to see how much I had lost and being proud of what I have done to myself, one night I was going through Youtube and came across Gin - These Roses, it was uploaded on to this account so I decided to see what else this account had, which then led me to this song. Just hearing this song for the first time gave me goosebumps, and I cried because this really hit home. The day after I sought help from my family and friends and got myself back to being me again. Every time I am low I just think of this song and sing it to myself. I know it sounds so stupid that something so small like a song made such a large impact on me, but it did. and I am so grateful for Vanessa for making such an amazing song that changed my life, and now I can love myself.


    It isn't stupid at all. Sometimes you (and glad you did) find something that pushes you in the right direction.
    A bit of positive motivation goes a long way, doesn't matter where it comes from.
    You are not alone in the world, and there is always someone there to support you in any way they can.
    Chin up, there is always a solution :)

    Jaeda Waihape


    Jade Bryan

    It doesn't sound stupid at all. Music means a lot to a lot of people. Certain songs have stopped me doing myself in. Music can be a great cure for a lot of things.


    I'm so happy for you. And it's not stupid at all, in fact Vanessa and any songwriter or person involved in the making of songs like these would be so touched that they could have an impact in any way. Tbh I felt silly that I had a lot of feeling for this simple song and that it could move me so much. So I'm so pleased that it also had a more remarkable positive effect on another person. To me, I believe when art moves someone like this, it must've sincerely come from a good place. The artists really must've meant it when they wrote "stay forever who you are, don't change a thing, because you're perfect". I'm glad you believe that about yourself too.

    Barry Karey

    The power of music is a great thing. I am glad you are in a better state and all the best.

  54. Birdy Wirdy

    Can sing, oh yeh,

  55. Nick Whittall

    I love you sexy hot from nick

  56. Chanel Coco

    I freaking love this song - this is my go to song on those days I feel like complete and utter total shit x

  57. sliat1981

    Her earlier stuff was way better

  58. Don Rossco Joe

    man she smashes that note at the end AAAEAAAEA😲 hehe, worst place to finish a song though.

    Marty Dawson

    My God, that last note brings tears to my eyes! It is beautiful!

    Marty Dawson

    Don Rossco Joe imIr is AWESOME how she does that note!

  59. Charlottes Web

    I love the lyrics to her music- they encourage us to love ourselves 💛

  60. Nic Sim

    who is watching this in 2016

    Nic Sim

    its such a good song

    Chanel Coco

    2017 but I watched it in 2016 too ;)

    eve bolsón

    me too...I´m argentinian. I´ve got this song going from Cannon in D in piano y violín... 4 best performances in piano...natalie trayling...natalie bassingthwaighte...finally...Vanessa Amorosi...I like this song, I like the video...and, of course, her voice and her presence.

    Michael Stergos

    2017, but I've known this song ever since I was a little kid.

    D Fam

    Nic Sim 2018

  61. foreveverseptember2

    MMMMmmmm you/me US......... as it should be.LOVE YOU Millions xXx

  62. Lyn

    For my Perfect Lover.........countdown till our perfect time, I Love You Forever xxxxxxxxxx

  63. Chelsey Roberts

    blade is perfect

  64. Will Scobell

    This is a nice gay club song

    Ryan Miles

    True lol

    Ashleigh Culliver

    eaglerising82 keep your opinion to yourself you narrow minded homophobe, its people like you who are brave behind a key board but in the real world I'm sure you be the type to run home to mommy if put into a situation where there was the slightest bit of conflict. I would like to cross path's with you one day and see if you can put your money where your mouth is. you talk the talk but can you walk the walk?

    mike Durry

    eaglerising82 You would be too much of a pussy to say that to someones face

  65. Jennifer Franco

    She looks abit like Juliet Lewis here ;)

    Martin W

    Sorry but she's much much prettier than Juliet.

  66. Lyn

    For my Perfect LD Lover...and another year, another Christmas without you...
    I Love You xxxxxx

  67. Daniel Trochei

    what a voice! so talented

  68. Iva Evans


  69. Iva Evans


  70. Shannon McLean


  71. Marco Polo

    Damn, in your day you used to be flawless, but you getting some country miles girl!

  72. Iva Evans

    its worth darling.How about that new song.

  73. Iva Evans

    you have no rights do what i say.

  74. emma l

    Vanessa is PERFECT!

  75. jose claudio da silva

    Vanessa Amorosi-Perfect ( Realmente é mesmo super Perfect ,gostei de mais da Perfeição ) 

  76. Iva Evans

    Can you.

    Didier Fleury

    bravo   Vanessa tu est tres belle 

  77. foreveverseptember2

    I wish I were - LOVE YOU so very much, so very scattered......Miss you xXx

  78. Lyn

    Still here still loving you my PERFECT Lover xxxxx

  79. foreveverseptember2

    LOVE YOU Always and ever............ same planet.......... different world sad emotional miss you so much at this special time of year..... Hold me Wish xXx

  80. Lyn

    For my Perfect LD Lover, Christmas wishes for another life...if only
    xxLove you Forever

  81. matt smith

    She's perfect to me. ;-)

  82. Nicole Pony gal

    She looks a lot like Juliette Lewis here

  83. aus Blue

    thanks KennyG☺

  84. aus Blue

    * tis perfect *

    kenny G

    Nice one Aus:)

  85. Lyn

    For my Perfect  Forever Lover who walks on other sands so faraway...should be us...our footsteps xx
    Love You xxx

  86. foreveverseptember2

    What can I say - YOU make US perfect, Beautiful, sexxy girl from 'down the road' - if only....... I DO and I WILL love you FOREVER. xXx 

  87. foreveverseptember2

    What can I say - YOU make US perfect, Beautiful, sexxy girl from 'down the road' - if only....... I DO and I WILL love you FOREVER. xXx  

  88. Lyn

    For my Lover again, You are still Perfect xxx You are still in my dreamsxxx
    You are still worth it xx
    Forever yours

  89. TheUsefulChannelGaming

    from the start  to half way  look at her go from that  to  gorguse

  90. Greg Frost

    miss you here in Brissy

  91. CatherineH95

    love this song, so jealous of her eyes they're amazing

  92. Joe Pecaro

    talk about perfect. gorgeous with a voice to match

  93. foreveverseptember2

    Beautiful Lady .. YOU are perfect .. my dream - my first love.  Love you for ever xXx 

  94. Lyn

    For my Lover...You are Perfect xx You are in my dreams xx You are worth it xxx
     Love You Forever

  95. David Pearson

    The perfect women ,rides motor cycles and is hot hot hot,marry me please ?


    Yeah the song is commercial and the lyrics are ordinary but her voice is AWESOME. Learn to LISTEN properly.