Vandross, Luther - Take You Out Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Here it is

She caught me by surprised I must say
Cause I never have seen such a pretty face
With such a warm and beautiful smile
It wasn't hard for me to notice her style
I was fascinated, surely
She took my heart and held it for me
I wouldn't let her get away
Not until she heard me say

[1] - Excuse me miss
But what's your name
Where are you from and can I come
And possibly, can I take you out tonight

To a movie, to the park
I'll have you home before it's dark
So let me know, can I take you out tonight

Don't care if I get rejected
At least then I won't regret it
Regret the fact I missed the chance for romance
At least I'll walk away knowing
I tried my best and I'm going
I'm going on with my day
Cause at least she heard me say

[Repeat 1 (2x)]

That's why I had to come over
And introduce myself to you
Cause you're never gonna know
Where you'll find love, oh yeah
And hopefully I found it in you, yeah

[Repeat 1 till end]

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Vandross, Luther Take You Out Comments
  1. Kabungwe Namukombo

    This song took me through some of the best days of my life. Luther was simply magical.

  2. Mature Minded Millennials

    First of all... We not gone act like Luther wasn't timeless

  3. Sherquetta Ingram

    I love this song

  4. Online Clientone

    luthor before jamie foxx?😮

  5. Kareen Nunnally

    Im 13 years old and my parents introduced me to this kind of music and now I love this music compared to this new music these are golden

  6. gaming with losky

    Don't care if I get rejected
    At least then I won't regret it
    Regret the fact I missed the chance 
    For romance at least
    I walk away knowing I tried my best 
    And I'm going, I'm going on with my day
    Cause at least she heard me say

    Excuse me miss

  7. ttop wop

    This why us early 90s baby aint know he was gay smh lol

    John Shaft

    Watch the video closely, there is always a space between their bodies. He's just acting. Pretty song tho.

    ttop wop

    @John Shaft never knew it was a video thanks n yea i love the song

  8. DMitri Elbert

    This never gets old!


    He was a blessing soul a real legend

  10. alfonso johnson

    This is the good stuff, Luther the soul ballot tier

  11. Desarae Green

    Lol this my shit

  12. Ashley Johnson

    He did his thang with this song and music video! Now that’s a queen! 😍

  13. Wavy Guyzer

    Who knows what the beginning part of the note says @1:28? Thanks in advance!

  14. Moses odey omang

    There’s something about this song that i can’t just figure out for myself.

  15. RCB

    Anyone else don’t believe he was gay?

  16. shonta ford

    Man damn 😞 R.I.P King LUTHER V 💋

  17. Demetrius Dion

    The lyricist Lurher VanDross at his best, he hits every note in this song perfectly.

  18. Garry Edmonds, Jr.

    Who’s singing background vocals?/ hook?

  19. Kaianna G

    Fancyyyyy 😍😍😍😍

  20. chris williams

    Say bruh. I love this song!! RIH

  21. Oya Reincarnate

    Luffa (Luther) was one cold and smoooooth man! ❤😎

  22. Michael Vaughn

    Truly amazing love. Luther at his best so sensual. Excellent video with Garcelle and John Sally encouraging him to ask her her out. That's how you get a woman. A true gentleman.

  23. Palesa Ngwenya

    I enjoyed listening to grown people music as a child

  24. Godfather Creed

    He's so politeb


    fancy was a cold thang in her day

  26. Carol Brown

    He could have come and got me instead.

  27. Carol Brown

    Garcelle had a bit part on Power. It seems Ghost wanted him a little quinquagenarian. LMAO

  28. LiL' D-Low

    12+12=24 got 29 dollars leave it on the table how long you been single my dad told me .

  29. Shawn Richardson

    This song makes my heart melt every time I heard it, I don't know if it's for Mr. Vandross or if it's for myself, ever finding Love ..

  30. Ames TV

    you had to pause to read this. such good stuff. 2019

  31. Calvin Soafo

    i would love that

  32. Terry E. Rucks

    When you feel like datin!

  33. Jay Chandler

    If you here in 19 then you know your music 💯

  34. TL Johnson

    Here still in 2019

  35. Omarr Koroma


  36. Gianna Jaramillo

    I love this song and my dad love it to him and his music friends plays this song at gigs

  37. Bry Odhiambo


  38. Justin Tarrance

    Fat or skinny he was a straight pimp rip luther

  39. Ms. Smith

    Yess! A grown folks video, smooth lyrics, real man with an age-appropriate woman 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  40. Wykeisha Craft

    He's a true gentleman with that amazing voice and great voice that will keep you smiling. RIP

  41. Otis Beck

    One of the dopest date songs ever made! RIP Luther!

  42. Anthony Vaughan


  43. William Lewis

    🗣Vandross my guy dope your spirit was pure 🎧🎤🎶🎶💯 2019

  44. Ashanie Layne

    2k19 !!!!!!!

  45. Henry Biggs

    Sonically Luther's best song...💯💯💯

  46. Andrew Blake

    Fancy. So beautiful

  47. arys vlogz

    Everytime me and my family go on vacation we listen to this song lmao

  48. Anonymous Beauty

    Wow I used to love when this video came on BET when I was younger. My dad is a huge Luther Vandross fan. His voice was outstanding. RIP
    PS: Jacquees you still think you're the new King of R&B??

  49. jameskerry41

    gay or not, if Luther sings "can I take you out tonight" the chick is giving up the panties

  50. India Miller

    Love This ! 🙏🏾😘🙌🏾😍💃🏾👏🏾

  51. diana obiyo

    2019 who is here

  52. ThePltsweet

    Oh Lord, took me way back. RIP Luther.

  53. Delvin Bivins

    Jb smoove

  54. Kôz_Efekt

    My guy at 0:42 looks like John Sally on the low.


    That is John Salley.

  55. Kenneth J.

    “cannnnnnn I take you out toniiiiiiiiiiite ohhhh ohhhh..”

  56. Jason Elias

    That line, "Let's me make your house a home, baby..." gets me every time. So well delivered.

  57. Divine Bassaa

    merci music feeliing =)

  58. Eryca Powell

    Man this video always make me smile even best it is the song puts me in a good vibe as well!!

  59. Manuella princesse

    Ohlala Musicfeeling vous a rendu grace. Merci a vous

  60. The Boss Life Online

    Love this song ! RIP Luther Luv you!

  61. Edward Kwiatkowski

    Luther vandross was one of the best . I miss him so much. Saw him on Oprah for the first time. R.i.p . Eddies wife cheryl


    Who is singing the hook. His voice and amooth and complementary to Luther's voice.

  63. Cindy Johnson

    Miss him soooo. Much!!!! Oooo miss this MAN😭

  64. Shantella Mitchell

    Still a jam August 2019!!

  65. Malik Jones

    This kinda music really helped Ppl become better lovers in life! 😂😂😂

  66. Danni Love

    Respectful see this is what we need nowadays let's rewind time

  67. Mercedes Wilkins

    A hit that should won a grammy if it didnt. Luther a smooth guy, I would go out with him.

  68. Franciaca Oduwa

    Beautiful song. Rest In Peace. You are definitely going to missed

  69. Josh Myers

    Here in 2019 rip to a legend

  70. Tonya Richellé

    My favorite song of Luther's but it should've been a man staring as his interest.
    It's sad when you can't live your truth!!
    RIP 👑

  71. Kiara Norris

    This Was One Of My Grandma’s Favorite Songs Before She Passed. R.I.P Monica Faye, I Love You 😘

  72. Abigail Adonis

    Who still watching in 2019?✋🏾

  73. Eboni Sturdivant

    The greatest of ALL TIME. 🎶Rest In Peace to my Big Cousin Luther♥️♥️ (Yes he really my real cousin)

  74. precious jones

    Favorite song by him.

  75. Omarr Koroma

    Take em back to santley

  76. Omarr Koroma

    Here it is!

  77. Patrick Senat

    This right here is a classic!

  78. Merdice Howell


  79. real ghost

    She only went cause she saw you at the crib on beach, then you paid for every body food that night.

  80. •P o t a t o_C h a n• UwU

    You'll always wonder if you don't ask.


    GARCELLE @ 2:10,WOW

  82. Nodia Daley

    2019 who's here

  83. Annette B

    Can I take you out tonight?🥂🍾🎵💃🏽🎵💃🏽🎵💃🏽🎵💋

  84. Shea Thompson

    In this video, you can tell that he was happy

  85. Robert Chege

    Still listening 2019

  86. CamBrozé

    Yo Luther has way too many hits it’s incredible!! Legend period!!💯

  87. theresa webb

    Like t h is good song still luther d id good he wants to take a lady out.

  88. Yvonne Harris

    Luther their will never be another you

  89. Coryx kenshin

    Can here from coryxkenshin

  90. Demetrius Williams

    Men this was good music back in the day please take me back to the early 2000s start all over r.i.p to one of the greatest rnb Kings

  91. Micaiah Turner

    I’m 11 and I LOVE this song

  92. Renon Smith

    Missed this song

  93. YoungDecent1

    Still a hit!

  94. Savita Ram

    Luther could sing the damn phone book.

  95. Michelle Cooper

    This was and still is my jammmmm

  96. Calvin Hayes

    This song make me wanna put my mack game on a pretty lady in the club