VanderWaal, Grace - The City Lyrics

Go through the day
But I'll be checking on my phone
To see if you called
You didn't call
One of the boys
I'll be chill, I'll keep my cool
But don't play me for the fool
Don't be so cruel
Cause I can fake it that I'm happy
But this time you can see
You try to make a good memory
Cause you like my jealousy
But you're

Out in the city
When you should be here with me
I know I might be boring
But I'm not one for pity
Have a ball
At the Whitney with your friends
All so pretty
I know I'm being dramatic
So I'll go and wish you

Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
(Ah, ah, ah)

Time passes slow
And I've called everyone I know
But the more that people come over
I realize I'm getting worse than I was alone
Close down my phone
I've been on it so much my eyes hurt
And the outside is getting darker
I'm tired and it's getting harder and harder to
Fake it that I'm truly happy
And all my friends can see
You try to make a good memory
But that's hard when it's not with me
Cause you're

Out in the city
When you should be here with me
I know I might be boring
But I'm not one for pity
So have a ball
At the Whitney with your friends
All so pretty
I know I'm being dramatic
So I'll go and wish you

Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
Have fun in the city oh, oh, oh
Have fun
Go and have fun
Have fu-u-un!
Oh, oh, oh
Have fun in the...
Have fun in the...
Have fu-u-un!

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VanderWaal, Grace The City Comments
  1. Dianne Adams

    100% natural and so genuine. She's inspiring and truly awesome!!!

  2. Ross Winslow

    Grace is the most enormously talented and original new artist to come along in generations! Let you friends in on it... something very special is happening here!!

  3. Johnny Trentham

    Still sucks

    Greg Cadman

    Yes you do ..I..

    james thomas

    It's ok to suck I'm sure someone will eventually love you if you love yourself then others will love you. Move out of your moms basement stop playing fortnite get a real job and maybe you wont suck so bad but the first step is admitting it and you did that already so congrats on the first step.

    Crimson God

    And you're still stupid

  4. David Taylor

    I think the views are increasing, over a thousand a day, currently.


    David Taylor yea I’ve noticed that also, it was stuck at like 275k or something like that for awhile and out of no where it started growing again.

    David Taylor

    @KING POTUS, Star Girl commercials, maybe

  5. Omar Ávila

    Suuuuuuuuperrrrrrr starrrrrrrrrr... Pretty, Beauty, godes, what More..... Only The Best....🎤🎹🎷🎺🎙️🎵🥁🎻🎸💔🌹♥️💜💙💚💛🧡💘💝✨💫💯🌷🌹💐🌷i love you

  6. Ron Giveans

    She is awesome. Lyrics, music, performance all absolutely fantastic. Her music is something we have needed for a long time.

  7. Maca Feregrino

    3:45 gave me 28478279174323342 chills

  8. John A Neufeld

    congrats Grace you have come a long way and have become a super performer hun

  9. Steve McMahan

    Love you Grace.

  10. Travelgirl0224

    I’m a 52 year old mom and I just ❤️ her to pieces!! You go girl- Keep being YOU 👍🏼

  11. cal too

    The boomers saw this talent right from the beginning


    Lol, not a boomer but i believe anybody who has taste in good music realizes how good she is. im a 25yr old sports fisherman out of NC . and i hang with some of the roughest of the rough and since I’ve shown them her, their sports fishing yachts have been known to blast her music from time to time haha.

    Greg Cadman

    as did GenX

    thomas black

    Just so much talent that my 62 year old brother (Huge Beatles and Music fan in general) cried when I showed her to him. He was so jealous about the natural talent she has. Truly gifted.

  12. Joe-Joe Hiker

    Can't understand her mumbles...She on drugs?

    james thomas

    Mumbles lol you better get your ears checked or get a better phone or whatever you are listening on

    Greg Cadman

    Comment from the moron brigade , your deaf and stupid , case in point your lame ass attempt at a comment

    Toad Sauce

    Joe-Joe Hiker what are you listening to her with, a flip phone 😭

    Caroline Wijaya

    Get your ear checked as soon as possible before it will be too late!!

  13. roberto riske almeida

    The city among the new ones is one of the best. Grace always surprises, really the inner strength, this magical way of interpreting, bringing life to what she sings is fantastic, on the other hand, we realize that there is a very strong connection between the singer and her band and that is very cool and makes a difference . Full of talent, it causes smiles and applause from a super excited audience, it's incredible, congratulations and "success always" !!!

  14. KingShevy ಥ_ಥ

    She changed so much

  15. Anna K

    Sorry ,not my kind costium and voice 😝😝😨
    MORE like a cyrkus clown

    Bean Pot

    Anna K-- Every time you say things like that you will fall farther behind in the world, and you won't be able to catch up. In the end you will be a very lonely and very unhappy person. Don't do that to yourself. Be kind to others and yourself.

    Anna K

    @Bean Pot
    I am very happy ,TRAVEL AROUND the world and have so loving family and friends
    I am very ,very happy so ?
    What is your point ? 🤔🤗🤗🤗💖💖💖

    Bean Pot

    @Anna K Oh I think you know my point very well. Grow up child.

    Anna K

    @Bean Pot Bean ,I am ,,sorry,, mom with 3 children🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂and 2 Grandchildren Woops 🤣😂
    My grandchildren in College 👩‍🎓👨‍🎓💖

    Bean Pot

    @Anna K Not age, but mind.

  16. William Ole School Arendt

    This little girl is so dam talented! Kinda reminds me of a version of Cheryl Crow!!!! One of a kind voice and her writing skills are second to none!!!!

  17. Iain Frew

    Great stuff. I'm 61 and have been listening to her grow for years vocally. Burned and Stray and this song is the direction at least for me I hope she continues to follow. Even though we are old we are still young inside. For me I'm still 17! Go figure. Write a song about that! Keep up the studies and the great song writing. So happy to have seen the birth of a truly great vocalist in today's climate

    james thomas

    Love all of her songs letters vol I is just amazing

    cal too

    You got that right lain

  18. Roy Sheaks

    Grace is a natural musician, born to be one. Creative, calm and refreshing style.

  19. man dalay

    I love her music I enjoy her spirit I'm just curious if she would ever consider being more of a solo artist like, kawehi?
    I think if she could learn that style of artistry she would be even more amazing than she is now keep up the great work Grace your an inspiration to all of us

    chmtop forever

    Don't see many originals by kawehi ? I don't think Grace is going for that style. Haven't you seen Grace live and on tour ? Grace live Grace solo Grace 2019 USB tour Grace 2019 covers G [email protected] semi Concerts

    cal too

    I would love to see her do a concert with the Easy Street band the Santana

  20. zedlips

    Grace, are you still writing your own stuff, and how influenced are you by your producer(s)?? Just curious as you are a true talent that doesn't need much polishing...

    Greg Cadman

    Here is a song Grace wrote and produced it was leaked by her sis

    james thomas

    Most of her songs are her and her producer ido

    chmtop forever

    This cd shows Grace with full writing credit on this song. No matter what co- write credits are given Grace is driver of lyrics, music , and production from how she describes each song.

    cal too

    I think if this was with help from producers you'd hear more songs like it and you don't

    Toad Sauce

    zedlips She has sole credit for several songs. Not many artists can say that. Havana by Camila Cabello has nine people credited for writing it.

  21. zedlips

    Oh yes we do know your name, luv ya Grace!!

  22. Danny Timmons

    Great job, love the UCLA design.

  23. Oscar Hamtig

    Watching from the Phillipines my idol singer so so great performance

  24. Liam A

    I cried.

  25. Liam A

    I wanna hug em all. I love this 😭😭😭

  26. vannigio

    Incredibile. Bravissima! Vogliamo ascoltarti dal vivo qui in Italia.

  27. noel cristobal

    oh wowwwww

  28. noel cristobal

    billy ellies who ?

  29. Patty Taylor

    OMGOODNESS your singing now is amazing!! I've loved your voice from day 1!!

  30. Lillith

    This Is a great more grown up look for Grace ,she should stick with it ,I think her music is maturing and she has great talent and is already writing great songs.I think she needs to put the less mature image behind her and move forward...peace out

    Greg Cadman

    From what we have seen and heard from her she agrees with you about her image

    Todd Baysinger

    I think she needs to do exactly what she has been doing all along and just be herself. She was 12 years old when she started and wrote Darkness when she was 13. How much more mature you want her to get for God's sake? Just let her do her thing her way and enjoy the ride. You can't make Grace better.

    Bean Pot

    I wouldn’t give myself advice—I’m so happy with every mistake I make. (Grace Vanderwaal)

  31. Carmen C

    Beautiful. Love it.

  32. Thomas Austin

    Grace , this i s nuts , your voice is stupid good.

  33. Joan Dale Elise Cabugo

    RIP Replay Button. Really love this song. Thanks Grace! You're such an amazing artist!

  34. SynctifyBtw

    Can't believe she doesn't need autotune dude she's good

    jim bob

    The concert versions really good too.

  35. barbara jones

    Mind blowing talent!

  36. Shtz & Giggles

    Please be safe Grace⁉️🙏😥

  37. cheyanne benoit

    your voice is so satisfying

  38. noel cristobal

    what an extreme talent......

  39. peder david smidt

    The best voice in the world it`s go strait to the heart / your is unique

  40. Ff 22

    I can imagine a Kaleo - Way Down We Go cover with her voice.

  41. Asumi Maki Chan

    Lol she is wearing a UCLA hoodie my sis gos there


    lol it's a bit more than a hoodie. It's a hoodie/dress hybrid that costs $700+

  42. bingo67lum

    Her maturity and uniqueness really set her apart from other young performers. Really a gem.

  43. Caleb Weiss

    What... she was like 5 4 years ago

    Crimson God

    She was 12 during AGT and now she is 16, but 15 in this video.

  44. Ava 1929

    It’s literally better than the one on the ep

    james thomas

    I love both this is great to see her emotions while singing the ep version is great because of the instruments

    Greg Cadman

    Yes Grace live always is

    Crimson God

    Agree. Umm... I don't want to be rude or something, but I think the studio version is a little bit over produced. Too much effect, etc.


    @Crimson God Yeah, I personally feel that not many of her studio recordings have captured anything near the quality she brings to live performance. Looking back, "Beautiful Thing" was well done, and "Darkness Keeps Chasing Me", but they're few and far between. It's no insult to the producers, it just seems to be hard to capture.

  45. Ava 1929


  46. Tony

    we should flood McCartney with her stuff so he knows there is another Beatle among us, AND IT'S A LITTLE GIRL!!!! Who would a thought.

    cal too

    I asked him a few questions on his Twitter and he didn't answer

    Todd Baysinger

    I like the idea, but I personally think Grace is bigger than any Beatle. Grace is the best thing to happen to music that I've ever heard. Hands down.

  47. Crimson God

    Bob Dylan, John Lennon and the Beatles must be very proud of this 15(16) yo girl for make this style of song in this modern crap pop and rap world. I think, she is the only one who can bring back the real music to the life again, she just needs more recognition.

    cal too

    I think Bob thinks she's cool, they probably reminds John why he hit women

    Todd Baysinger

    Her day is coming. Actually, her decades are coming. She will rule the industry if she wants it.

  48. Jeff Knutson

    Haunting, mesmerizing and graceful. What an amazingly talented young woman. She is simply amazing.

  49. Shelter

    Stay true to yourself, don't let them change you if you don't want it. Too many have sold their souls for fame. When I saw you on AGT, I knew you were a winner! Good luck and stay unique!

    cal too

    And never wear yellow

    Todd Baysinger

    @cal too I worry about you sometimes.

    cal too

    @Todd Baysinger sad joke, yellow is the clothing color psychologist relate to depression or suicidal tendency. Funny thing is, especially yellow under garments

    Todd Baysinger

    @cal too I did not get that vibe from Grace's banana pants, lol.

    cal too

    @Todd Baysinger had a feeling you were going to mention them

  50. James Woods

    How can you not Love Her!

  51. 오덕윤

    These days it's stimulating and weird music and video. Grace is pure melody, lyrics and mature voice. Her music is artistic. Why not top ranking?


    오덕윤 soon

  52. Crimson God

    Idk why Google say this song is pop, I think it's more like jazz, rock or alternative, or just simple Grace. Idk what genre is this song, but 100% not pop.


    Soul Indie Rock and Jazz. 🤔 SIRJ. Not the best acronym.

    Crimson God

    @hlyrad Hmm, yeah something like that. #SIRJ

    cal too

    @Crimson God I'm totally confused by the terms up today, I never thought pop was a style I always thought it was whatever is popular. 80% of the voices of the 60s and 70s I would say would be considered indie today. Memories by Streisand and A Little Help From My Friends were on Pop radio together so does that mean Joe Cocker had a Pop voice?


    @cal too Pop music is overly repetitive, simple beats, over-produced and pretty unoriginal in lyric, melody or structure. Non of Grace's music falls under Pop in my opinion.

  53. 오덕윤

    Her songs are different from the music so far. The next generation of songs.

  54. Tejas Sabnis

    Guys, it's up to us now. It's up to us, the Fanderwaals, to promote her. To make her music reach places. She is a genuine artist. And genuine artists don't get fame in this fake industry of today. Think about it, if we do it, if we promote her, if we do it, she will get so much bigger. She will get the recognition she deserves, which is far more than some of the top "artists" of today. She may just change the music industry for the better. It's up to us guys, the fans. We have to do it. We have to make her famous.

    Greg Cadman

    share her music with your friends , I have

    Tejas Sabnis

    @Greg Cadman i have too

    cal too

    Tic Tok has promoted her more than her people in the last 3 months than they have in 3 years

    Tejas Sabnis

    @cal too well, that's bad because tik tok is one of the worst social media apps ever made

  55. Tejas Sabnis

    Looks like the Grammy is not that far away.


    Rigged and money driven event. She´s better than that.

    Tejas Sabnis

    @JRicke yeah you're right

    Crimson God

    Grammy is being a joke in these days. It's about business instead of talent.


    Don’t worry people she’s only 16, 15 when she did this, she’ll be just fine and I’m sure Grammies are In her future 👍🏻

  56. Ross Winslow

    Such a beautiful ballad! But sometimes hard to listen to. When I'm happy, I enjoy the music and the passion... but when I'm sad, I understand the lyrics and the emotion!

  57. KimFL529

    Waaaaaayyyyy better vocals than Taylor Swift.

    Lori Brown

    KimFL529 such a waste to compare artists!

    Delilah Rainelle

    KimFL529 .... Taylor’s parents were wealthy and they bought her career. That’s a fact!

    When she was 11 her parents had spent thousands on a CD and then drove her to Nashville to pitch it. Out of all of them, one company wrote her to wish her luck.

    A few years later they packed up and moved to Nashville, because she wanted to. Now, I know very talented young people... way more talented than Taylor, but their families couldn’t just pack up and move. They couldn’t afford it financially, but a family doesn’t usually cater to one child. You just don’t do that. However, her parents already knew she would be singing, because they were assuming the risks.

    It happens quite often. That’s why they have auto tune.


    Delilah Rainelle how does having the means to move to nashville equate to buying a career? taylor may have been lucky to have parents who were doing well enough to be able to invest in her dreams, but overall it was her talent in songwriting that got her where she is today.

    Todd Baysinger

    Yes, way better. I have nothing but love for Taylor but no one comes close to Grace's vocals.

  58. Ferret Lover

    Very mature and very talented young lady with a very mature and lovely singing voice. Grace at 16 is a superstar.😊

  59. Jazzy _cutie

    Can u come to the New England area of America for me to meet u please

    james thomas

    She is from new York

  60. Brenda Holleman

    Wow this is just amazingly awesome 😎 a I love this 😍 Great job you have a voice of an angel for sure.

  61. chris whitten

    she is friggin amazing!!!!soooooo over looked and underrated! i love her!!!!buying this song ,,,NOW!

  62. Crimson God

    Who think her live version of this song is MUCH better than the studio version?


    Her live performances are most always better than the studio.

    Toad Sauce

    Crimson God If we got a studio recording with the actual video it would be amazing. Video shows her passion for the song and that’s one of the reasons the lives are better.

    Stephen Downs

    @Toad Sauce I think you are right. The Slipper Room version of Stray gets all the plaudits, but for me, listening to the audios alone, there is nothing to choose between it, the studio version and the Billboard version. Each a little different, but equally good.

    chmtop forever

    I was at the premiere of the City at the Cannery Ballroom , that performance will always be my fav. for that reason , however , I think this version , the studio version of this and Poser , along with every other time she sings these 2 songs are beautiful and not worth comparing to being better. I personally only have a little trouble with one studio version of her songs , that's because I also saw her sing IDLY live first and loved it so much , she could never match it . It's hard to imagine anyone liking Grace live better than I do , I have the ticket stubs to prove it , but I respect the fact that Grace is proud of her studio work and releases and wouldn't say one is better than the other , just different to each of our preferences .

  63. Li Ho

    Do you! Be true! 💞You r a gift to the present. 😊

  64. Mark Sandal

    If the pain you emote during this song isn't real then you are THE best actress I've ever seen in my 63 years on this Earth. I have not been able to listen to The City without tearing up. We FanderWaals often say that most of your songs deserve a Grammy. But this one truly does. Great job!

  65. Subs Holmes

    💝💯💯💯💯 her voice is so rich, the sound brightens my day 🌋🤯

  66. Joseph Stalin

    She honestly just needs one good collaboration with some one and she break into mainstream music

    ceng cee

    @saki888 that I will agree with you. I know Grace will get to the top when the time is right.


    @ceng cee i hope .... Waiting too long allows fans to peel off .. The break after the ID has really done a number .. it's recently rebounded

    ceng cee

    @saki888 did you watch the Grammy award tonight. I watch the last 2/3. Nothing on the Grammy come close to Grace's music. And yet Grace's music is not nominated. It is what it is. Noise pollution still rules in this time. But I believe Grace's music will bring this people back. It still will take time.

    Todd Baysinger

    @saki888 It is true that the slow build is Grace's idea. I'm not sure we should go against her own wishes. I think it has to do with how important school still is to her.

    Todd Baysinger

    I don't think Grace needs to collab with anyone. Why is that even a thought? You want her fame to be based on her interaction with someone else. Hell no. Let her get there on her own like she wants to. Grace is in no hurry like some of her rabid fans seem to be. Some people seem to want it for themselves instead of what is best for Grace.
    She is deliberately taking the slow road. She wants to finish school as much as she can before her bubble gets too big.
    I promise Grace will get there on her own , doing it her own way, when it is time.

  67. silly & serious

    where is her outfit from? it's incredible!


    It's usually around $1000. Currently sold out though.

    J Yee

    @Jeff_W Just looked at some of Watanabe's offerings...Yikes...that UCLA sweatshirt is $600+...looks just like a regular sweatshirt. I'll admit I'm designer fashion challenged, but really....

  68. Paula Sinclair

    She can sing 'oh, oh, oh" and make you feel it.

  69. 님이 잘생긴건 인정하는데

    this song is amazingly beautiful

  70. Angelika Hahn

    Love your music.Thanks

  71. Subs Holmes

    I just can't get enough of this song whenever I'm having a bad day this is what I play because I know no matter what this song will get me through

  72. Fernando de Oliveira


    Toad Sauce

    Fernando de Oliveira If it wasn’t for a Brazilian we wouldn’t have Grace in our lives. Good job Brazil! 👍

  73. Ralf Recknagel

    Grace is truely an amazing beautiful mirical ! To keep this balance in her notes between Major and Minor, between beauty easy-going tunes, Blues and tragedy is outstanding.

  74. Aaron Gosling

    Beautiful, Grace VanderWaal.

  75. Sâmili Queiroz

    This song is so good and the way you perform it is so toutching.
    I cried

  76. 레브GVW

    Um..Is here anyone who know where I can watch stargirl on March 13th??

    chmtop forever

    Get Disney + , it's only $6.99/month


    Free week if you get the trial.


    chmtop forever Thanks 😄


    hlyrad Thank you!

  77. Tim Scott

    Love the hair little bit. Amazing as usual.

    Todd Baysinger

    Little bit is a song.

  78. Jairo Suarez

    Happy Sweet Sixteen Grace. Wish you the best.

  79. Dean Morrow

    I love this new song.❤️

  80. EL Burke

    I can feel you in this song. I like that.

  81. thomas endicott

    That last note just ejects the tears.

  82. HE- A

    You should do a duet with imagine dragons. That would be extraordinary. Both natural talents. True voices, it would be a blast for everyone.

    Grace all the way.

    HE- A

    @KING POTUS Whatt??? When did that happen? I was just giving a suggestion cause it would be amazing for natural talents to combine.


    HE- A yea they liked her so much they invited her on in there tour as a opener during their tour last summer!

    chmtop forever

    @HE- A Grace VanderWaal - Clearly - Tampa, August 10th 2018

    William Moore

    Only reason Imagine dragons want her to tour is because they absolutely suck, and need her to sell tickets. Doing a duet with them would show her talent and pathetic they are. History will show her greatness, and Imagine Dragons will just be another forgotten no talent bubblegum pop band

    chmtop forever

    @William Moore I still stayed after Grace's show and watched them , they're good live.

  83. Feisal Ajaj

    Who came here from that random comment ,which attached the link to this song?

    james thomas

    Probably one of my comments I link this video alot did you enjoy it

    Feisal Ajaj

    @james thomas
    I did,thank you❤

    james thomas

    @Feisal Ajaj if you haven't listened to her new ep letters vol I you should its amazing this is on it subscribe to her channel her two eps and her lp is on there

  84. zdenek stembera

    Grace, .. thanks for being, .. thanks

  85. Guitar Hooman

    She's not the second Taylor Swift or Sia but....
    She's the one and only Grace Vanderwaal

    chmtop forever

    Grace Vanderwaal"The City" Park West | Chicago, IL

  86. Ross Winslow

    Grace is the most enormously talented new artist to come along in generations! Let your friends in on it... something very special is happening here!

  87. Guitar Hooman


  88. kwkstar

    My style of music!👍👍👍

  89. Robert Oreilly

    Grace...I'm a poet... don't run is the rhythm of the pause that makes us universal....the rain drop makes a is what happens in between...

    P A 55 paul


    P A 55 paul

    Robert Oreilly

    @P A 55 paul wow...I write. ...perhaps...

  90. Barbara Castille

    Love her big gurl singing voice on this one

  91. drummerguyron

    How am I just finding this artist? Wow.


    Funny thing is I found her because I watched a Treemasters video where the host helped make her a treehouse. Then after that video was over YT suggested this video. Sometimes YT gets it right lol.

    Todd Baysinger

    @drummerguyron If you want to get caught up check out the

    Thawk 67


    cal too

    Nothing new drummerguyron radio hasn't discovered her yet

    Coolbreeze Productions

    Honestly the most fun way to enjoy Grace as a new fan, is to start with her audition for America's Got Talent (2016, I think?). Then her songs- Beautiful Thing,
    -Light The Sky
    It's like watching a movie. You enjoy watching this little girl change her life forever. And it's all because she was just courageous enough to go for it at 12years old. It's a very dramatic story. Oh btw she writes her own music and lyrics.

  92. Casual Gamer

    Holy shit. More people need to hear this.

    james thomas

    Your so right

    chmtop forever

    Grace Vanderwaal"The City" Cannery Ballroom in Nashville Park West | Chicago, IL

  93. Washington Silva

    you are the best singer ever

  94. Hal Crump

    Your so amazing and you are so gorgeous 😍

  95. DJ_Dell

    흑..이 라이브버젼 너무 좋아 ㅠㅠ

  96. William Shelton

    You have grown since that awesome audition with your ukalalie. That is your signature song. Never forget where you came from it will kerp you grounded. Rising Stars will never fall as long as they stay grounded. Use that in a song. You have my permission.

    Cal 99ers

    try this

    chmtop forever

    Grace intro to IDKMN