VanderWaal, Grace - Intro (Gucci Shoes) Lyrics

I just bought some new Gucci shoes
Wasted my college funds just to look cute
Forty minutes to look like I did it in two
Maybe I am vain, so are you

And I want it for free
Yeah, I wish that I was free
I wonder if anybody sees what I see
And na-na-na-na-lee

Why do I care? Why do I? Well, I don't know
Why do I care? Why do I care? Why do I?
Why do I care? Why do I? Well, I don't know
Why do I care? Why do I care? Why do I?
Why do I care? Why do I? Well, I don't know
Why do I care? Why do I care? Why do I?
Why do I care? Why do I? Well, I don't know

So I got a new wig, got some new clothes
Then made some new friends that I don't even know
And I got a new wig, got some new clothes
I learned a new dance, got a new nose

And I don't even care, I don't even care
No, I don't even
I don't even care, I don't even
No, no, no, no
And I don't even care
And I don't even care
And I don't even
I don't even

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VanderWaal, Grace Intro (Gucci Shoes) Comments
  1. Raiders gamer

    Nenhum brasileiro curtindoo essa bela voz ? Não acredito ! Ela é d+ ♥️♥️♥️

  2. Xx•potatoe.killer•xX ••

    Can you sing “I don’t know my name plz”

    Greg Cadman


  3. Danuta Jedrusik

    Jesteś aniołem artystycznym❤ Powodzenia!🍀

  4. Marcopolo

    My sisters love u tho

  5. Marcopolo


  6. Marcopolo

    Is trash music so far pls try to sing with someone good like juice wrld or Eminem


    Sing? With rappers? 🤔🙄😒🤭

    Greg Cadman

    Rappers rhyme they do not sing

    Ken Aldrich

    Oh god, we do live in different worlds, don't we...

  7. Kevin Plays

    Ive Made a Song About I Dont Know My Name But Just Diffrent I Loved That Song So Much

    Kevin Plays

    Thank You For The Likes Guys :)

  8. Misty Gomez

    She is amazing Grace! I love her she is so talented

  9. dana

    her style sounds the same as billie eilish!!

    Crimson God

    Not really.

    Crimson God

    I mean, two different singer and style, but I glad if you like it.

    thomas endicott

    I like billie but Grace is my fav. Both transcend genere

  10. Ivan Sanders

    Sadly over-produced i.e. too much of extremely annoying studio special effects which mask Grace's exquisite voice. Grace does not need such crap as her voice says it all. But clearly she lost (through ner voice breaking during puberty) her natural 'Bonnie Tyler-like' gravelling/ quirkiness. That is immensely sad, but life.

    Stephen Downs

    My opinion. Letters Vol 1 has too much backing sound drowning her vocals. Listening to the Japanese CD, Stray and Hideaway show how it should be done.
    This shows her voice has lost none of its magic, singing parts of I Don’t Like You unaccompanied:
    Grace VanderWaal "I Don't Like You" Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

    Ken Aldrich

    IMHO, Gucci Shoes is almost a perfect blend of electronics (not annoying at all) and Grace's exquisite voice. The use of electronic effects was brilliant, and their placement here and there was just right. They helped to connect the different sections of the songs, and without them, it would not have had near the impact that it had.

    I think team Grace is still learning, but the direction they are headed in is exciting to me. Offsetting her voice with electronic effects is a little different than using them to back it up as there is less risk that they will get in her way. Getting the right balance can be tricky. But what they did here with Gucci Shoes was awesome. No other word for it. I haven't heard anyone else complaining about annoying electronics.

    chmtop forever

    She has them still when she wants them

    chmtop forever

    Here's your playlist

    P A 55 paul

    This isn't over produced , don't confuse Studio Effects and instrumentation for over production , any instrument of sound is an instrument of music.

  11. Tubular_Tastic

    Grace: I love your music! It is inspiring. Lol, I don't know if you'll read this. I bet you get this a lot. I listen to your songs ALL THE TIME. Anybody excited for Stargirl??

  12. Andrew Chick

    That is what my daughter said

    Ross Winslow

    If your daughters choices are always this wise, you're a lucky father!

  13. Andrew Chick

    I want to be just like you when grow up

  14. Joseph Stalin

    The beat at 1:45 is so good I wish people used a beat that’s sounds like that

  15. Isabella Johansen

    I wish I could meet you but I know
    It would never happen I never met anyone famous. I love you your amazing grace😥😪

  16. Scott Sampson

    Grace doesn't want to go mainstream....She wants mainstream to come to her! Keep up the good fight Grace!

    Ross Winslow

    Nailed it! And yes, believe she's in it for the long haul!

  17. Atanasi GP

    Please, come back to the original indie Grace... 🙏🙏🙏

  18. tom skatt

    I just bought Vol 1 I didn't waste my money it took 2 weeks I.. think.... I'm cute I love this I love this I love this I love this I love this I don't even care I don't even care I don't even care I don't even care I don't even care I didn't make any new friends I tried to dance but I did blow my nose I don't even care.

  19. Anand Varun Achari

    She is cool

  20. maynardmoleman

    this tune is awesome


    When i honestly first sall you I didn't know what you were going to do BUT I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU AND I STILL LOVE YOU AFTER 3 YEARS I have went through so many different relationship and I honestly think you are the right one I have honestly gave up on trying to get a girlfriend will you be my girlfriend


    My name is ZACHARY HALES MY INSTAGRAM IS Zachary.hales.13 and Zachary.hales.14


    Don’t put your info on the internet kid that’s a terrible idea!

  22. samuel liljeholm

    Here's some stuff I defend as The Truth(for the most part anyway). Plus some music lol, and some digital groups/social media stuff for whatever. May The Creator bless you 🌿

  23. Karuhberry 94

    Hey sweetie its sbout time for you to release the long ver of this masterpice.. i cant get enough of this 😍

    Ross Winslow

    Perhaps "Letters Vol ll" will open with an expanded version, with maybe even some changes to this part. Just a thought. Grace is so unpredictable (and guarded) in what she's planning, it's always surprising to me where her creative mind takes her. So so much fun following Grace!

  24. jasmine Brown

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRACE🍰🎁🎂🎈🎉🕯️🕯️🎉🎈🎂🎁🍰!!!!

  25. Wayne Fraser

    Grace, wishing and hoping all the best for you in achieving all your goals, dreams and challenges that lie ahead, but most importantly, the best wish and hope of all is that you enjoy the ride that takes you there.
    Happy 16th birthday.

  26. Maria Cielo Ramirez Lucana

    grace vanderwall

    Todd Baysinger


  27. Maria Cielo Ramirez Lucana

    happy berday

  28. Mia Stipanov

    happy birthday!😊👑

  29. YNSV :O

    I love the way your voice sounds I’ve been listening for a while

  30. Wayne Fraser

    HAPPY 16th Grace! Have a great day, Gucci shoes and all!

  31. Jeon_ Jimin

    Next billie?

    Crimson God

    Noooo!!! She is the first Grace VanderWaal, the one and only. 😀
    And in my opinion Grace is much better than Billie.


    No need to be the next anyone. She’s unparalleled. The one and only Grace VanderWaal.

  32. Crimson God

    Her fans/subscribers are forgot her or why she have only +100K views on her new songs? She deserve more.

    Cal 99ers

    It looks like a lot of people wanted her to just stand there with her ukulele and sing Folk Rock, most disappeared after the Moonlight song. Looks like 35 mil left but in a few years she should have 100 mil new ones

  33. Eman Ahmed


  34. { b l u e m o o n x }


  35. Ferret Lover

    Nice catchy song. # Grace Vanderwaal awesomeness.❤️

  36. Whatever Blah

    She looks like AURORA

    Crimson God

    Aurora looks like Hinata Hyuga

    Todd Baysinger

    She looks like GRACE!!!

    chmtop forever

    Who ? or do you mean she has the aura of a goddess ?

    Cal 99ers

    Did aurora steal it from the little girl from The Gritch Who Stole Christmas?

  37. roberto riske almeida

    She is a mix of style, elegance with musical aptitude and a lot of energy. Her work in such a short career had a wonderful effect with beautiful and very well selected songs, demonstrating all the intelligence and good taste of the artist and all her team, congratulations and "success always" !!!

  38. Junior Bruzaka

    Te amamos aqui no BRASIL...
    Vem logo pra cá!! PLEASEEEE

  39. Oh Never Mind It’s Just Me - STRANGERTHINGSFAN FAN

    I love you Grace you are sooooo amazing

  40. Ross Winslow

    Our incomparable Grace, bringing class, quality and originality to music! Others will follow her lead and the music industry will eventually come along because they will have no choice!

  41. FBI

    She kinda looks like Taylor swift..

    james thomas

    She really doesn't other then being female blonde and skinny


    Oh my, this pigeonhole thinking drives me nuts. Looks like Aurora, looks like Taylor, sounds like Sia, sounds like Melania Martinez, Billie (rofl) you name it. Why these attempts to put her in a box? To my ears and eyes she looks and sounds like Grace VanderWaal only She is unique, she sounds like no other and that’s how it should be.

  42. May

    And in her first song she said, " I don't play by the rules of the game".
    Yes, a new genre is emerging!

  43. Faraz Siddiqui

    Grace plz visit to india mumbai 1 day I really wanted to meet you

  44. Clamanti Cosmetics


  45. Porfle Popnecker

    I'm just going to have to knock one of the songs off my top ten favorite songs list to fit this one in.

  46. Kalina Vangelova

    Grace should do a cover of sub urban- cradles

    chmtop forever

    Grace originals Oh Never Mind It’s Just Me - Grace VanderWaal 3.28M subscribers

  47. roslen Akrawe

    Can you see my song BAT YOU MEK BROFL SONGS ILOVE YOU

  48. 862057

    I've seen her twice live. She is a sensational vocalist, amongst other things.

  49. Estiv Júnior

    Que vergonha dos brasileiros, cadê?
    Bem, amo sua voz, suas músicas...... e realmente espero que continue firme e não entre no fim de carreira que é às drogas.....
    Sabe o que seria mais que legal? Um dueto com a Amira Willighagen, tenho certeza que traria sucesso para as duas e faria qualquer coisa para isso acontecer!
    What a shame of Brazilians, where is it? I'm brazilian but I'm your fan! Well, I love your voice, your songs ...... and I really hope you stay strong and don't get into the end of your drug career ..... Do you know what would be more than cool? A duet with Amira Willighagen, I'm sure it would bring success to both of them and do anything to make it happen !!!

  50. lavendew

    Damn, it's insane how much this girl has improved since being on AGT..... next billie eilish??


    lavendew I’m thinking bigger than Billie 💪🏼

    Cal 99ers

    Billy is just a passing fad, Grace will be here for quite a while

  51. EmmaNicole


    james thomas

    The whole ep is fantastic have you listened to any other songs from it

  52. risy mondal

    i know that you don't gonna read my comment but then also i wanna wish for your upcomming birthday in advance .i'will not be on social media that time for 10th standerd exam but happy # 16 th birthday GRACE from RISY from india far away from you

  53. brunaahloopes

    Meu devaneio noturno. Amo.

  54. Cry baby

    Caralho, nunca ouvi nada assim, dessa vibe mermão!!

  55. Metallem laimonn

    Really? Just nothing? Wow! What a surprise...

  56. jaxsun72

    While half of your fan base shops at Target and Walmart? Losing touch.

    james thomas

    Way over your head buddy she is taking a jab at materialist people here try to keep up. You have trolled another video of hers guess you are the new troll on the block. Grace loves shopping at thrift stores If you see her in fashion clothes its because she is a model as well.

    Ken Aldrich

    @james thomas She doesn't shop at the thrifts to save money, but to find cool/kitschy retro stuff :) Just IMHO.....

    Ross Winslow

    @Ken Aldrich exactly! Grace is a nostalgia buff:)

    cal too

    She probably has the largest demographics of all the singers, half her fans can't stand Billie Eilish

    Cal 99ers

    and a lot shop everywhere, hard and soft

  57. Faraz Siddiqui

    Love you grace vanderwaal from india❤❤❤❤

  58. 1234romulo

    GRACEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE........ There is a Brazilian singer who sings songs that I believe fits very well in her voice. HER NAME IS "MARINA LIMA". Search YOUBUTE and listen. She has many songs that were very successful in Brazil. Beautiful songs. Songs that I think would look beautiful in your slightly hoarse voice. But it's in Portuguese right? I help you translate. lol
    Can someone help you translate. It must be someone who understands both languages well because she uses many Brazilian ways of saying things. They are lyrics with a lot of swing.
    Be sure to see. I think it would be cool. Be very careful with the translation because her songs say between the lines.
    Her songs have quality lyrics. They are not ordinary. my english is not very good and i asked google for help.

    Cal 99ers

    There are famous songs that go back to the 60s that her fans would love to hear her sing but Grace has an agenda, her own songs

    chmtop forever

    Don't think she needs any help lol .Grace originals

  59. Todd Baysinger

    Haunting and creative. Wish it was longer.

  60. Michele

    I would like a longer version of this song, so I don't have to play it as many times

  61. A. s

    wow she is so talented it is amazing your so grown up
    greetings from germany

  62. Diego Tavares

    Uma merda

  63. Strong Aingel

    Some nice ideas going on there.

  64. Nathaniel Duggan

    Grace Vanderwall = Genius at work.

  65. Sophia Anderson


  66. Ross Winslow

    Something about incomparable genius on display that triggers the childish, envious and vindictive people who sadly can find nothing worthwhile of their own to contribute to life.

    Nathaniel Duggan

    Here is a study which confirms internet trolls are horrible people. Basically they are Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Sadists
    who will lie, exaggerate, and offend to get a response.

    Ross Winslow

    @Nathaniel Duggan Great stuff Nathaniel, nice find! Would be great if this was linked immediately on all troll posts on her vids.

    The late Larry Kulp - who will be sorely missed was one of Grace's biggest fans and left a truly wonderful contribution to Grace's legacy on his channel (a must see for all Grace fans!) actually nailed this analysis himself based on a couple of friends of his. You can see his insightful comment on this vid: Look for it on his reply under the comment by VanderVault: The Grace VanderWaal Digital Archive (about the 2nd comment) It's worth a look, mind blowing how he nailed it!

    Cal 99ers

    @Nathaniel Duggan I wish more of our guys would read this and stop giving these trolls a reason to keep the conversation going

    Nathaniel Duggan

    @Ross Winslow Thanks for comment and info. Both are very much appreciated.

    Scott Sampson

    @Cal 99ers Yep I agree. Don't understand why some fanderwaals keep feeding these trolls especially after seeing the above link

  67. Ployer6

    Ugh she's so overrated. love the songs... Hate grace!!!

    James Thomas u know what I'm talking about...

    She was better when she was 10

    chmtop forever

    I know who you are , let it go and go on with your life, or is this the only way you can support Grace with the warped conflict in your own mind. Your afraid to expose your true reasons like a coward , because you know you'll be dismissed once everyone knows what this spite is about. You're on a self destructive path, hope you can find your way out .

    Greg Cadman

    @chmtop forever do tell

    Dave Thomas

    Taylor Hudson: You are acting out. Definition: To behave badly or in a socially unacceptable often self-defeating manner especially as a means of venting painful emotions (such as fear or frustration.) Trolling here will only keep you in a downward spiral. Please talk to your parents, a teacher, counselor or other trusted adult about what is going on with you. Your life can be better than this.

    David Sharp

    You claim you love Grace's song "So Much More Than This." Then you show your appreciation by trolling and hating on Grace at every song that is not "So Much More Than This." Clearly you have deep issues but it is not Grace's job to solve all of your problems or fix you. I am sorry that you have been hurt and are now bitter and angry. But, Grace Vanderwall did not hurt you. The sooner you accept that the sooner you will have a chance to deal with what's really your core issue. Otherwise, you have a long troubled road ahead.

    Cal 99ers

    @Greg Cadman See the garbage she listens too plus Imagine Dragons fan

  68. Cal 99ers

    hi Terry

    Teresa L

    Cal 99ers Terri*

    Cal 99ers

    @Teresa L lol

  69. Noah Josh

    One of these days im going to meet her and I'ma get all nervous XD

  70. vern hall

    Love her harmony vocals. She could kill some Ricky Lee Jones.

  71. Danny Concepts

    this was so dopee the hip hop element with the drums is so amazing wow

  72. Ashley Danielle

    I need this to be longer.

  73. Wayne Fraser

    Grace, I hope you are enjoying some well deserved "down time" spending the holiday season with Family and friends. Wishing you and your Family all the best for the coming holiday season and the coming new year. 2020 should be an exiting year for you with Stargirl, Letters Vol 2, touring and surely many other surprises awaiting you and your fans. Oh yes, and we must not forget you're becoming sweet sixteen! It should be quite a ride. Take care.

  74. Bart Deadman

    Grace's new songs are so good I rubbed cheesecake all over my face to celebrate!

    Ken Aldrich

    Boston Creme pie would do it for me (don't mean to criticize you or Grace, but I hate cheesecake)

    ceng cee

    Hahaha, wait till Grace finish her next video and you can celebrate with her. Lol.

    Cal 99ers

    @Ken Aldrich I hate cheescake too

  75. Aidan McNeely

    I love this artist

  76. vern hall

    I love this direction, i prayed for this direction. miracles do happen.

  77. Iori Yagami


  78. J Kalinna

    Wow, you sound like Bennee from N.Zealand

    Cal 99ers

    and Larry from Bali

    J vW

    And Kosie Klaassen from Putzonderwater

    Nathaniel Duggan

    I thought Grace sounds like Clive from Rodeo Drive.

  79. The Girl

    This is amazing, Grace we love you ❤️😭

  80. garth riley


  81. Copelana

    sounds very willow but I like it

    Cal 99ers

    so they both sound like Pink Floyd?

  82. roberto riske almeida

    The beauty that comes from within.
    A beautifully crafted musical side, combined with a strong personality and unrivaled talent, she can muster three great skills, sing, compose and play, her songs are excellent and diverse, she is amazing, congratulations and "success always". !!!

  83. Darla Rubottom

    Just started listening to this amazing young lady. Wow!!! I love her sound. I'm hooked. Gonna introduce her to my family.

    james thomas

    Welcome to the wonderful world of grace vanderwaal have fun

    Ken Aldrich

    Yes, every night before bedtime. Call it Grace hour. You gotta get those young ears conditioned to real music.

  84. The Lone Wolf

    I Saw she there :

  85. The Lone Wolf

  86. Mike Drinan

    What a remarkable EP! It’s awesome to watch Grace grow, evolve and stretch her artistic wings. It’s so exciting to share in her journey, as usual awe has struck me again 👊

  87. Maraya NN

    Did anybody saw that last line on album cover.. Is there gonna be another song..or..??

    Robert Tausworthe

    @Prati Moksha has anybody seen the English translation of the two bonus song's names?

    Robert Tausworthe

    Never mind. Did it myself. Stray and Hideaway.

    Cal 99ers

    @Prati Moksha let us know when you find out when we can order from Japan

    Prati Moksha

    @Cal 99ers I think you can now, via Amazon. It came up in a discussion via the Vault forum a few weeks ago. I can't order a physical copy myself as Amazon will not ship to the country I live in.

    Cal 99ers

    @Prati Moksha yes but I was talking about shipping straight from that Japanese company

  88. jim bob

    How she transitions to each different sound is sweet and I love 1:39 -1:50 that is so freaking cool

    Ken Aldrich

    It needs a song of its own.

  89. Maria 77

    Wist niet dat ze half Nederlands is😊

  90. scott meyers

    Still 15 still AMAZING!

  91. royeh

    "Maybe I am vane, But so are YOU" ☝️🎼🎼

    Ken Aldrich

    ..and I bet you think this song is about you.....(Carly Simon song).:)

    Cal 99ers

    I don't think you stand out there in front of people if you don't have that ego

  92. Douglas Graham

    Post-rock, she did it - put lyrics on a genre that rarely has lyrics. Post-rock ranges from atmospheric and ambient to metal.

    Joy Wants Eternity ('from embrace to embrace' is a masterpiece)
    This Will Destroy You ('communal blood' goes trough transitions, gloomy and dreadful for us to embrace with last two minutes of triumph played by what it is only a young man drummer can do)
    Sigur Ros (Iclantic, dreamy)
    pg.lost (Sweden, instrumental rock)
    The American Dollar
    If These Trees Could Talk
    Hammock (ambient)

    So many bands, too many to list - this is world wide.

    I knew Grace and her band mates would follow trough and touch this genre.

    Ross Winslow

    Interesting take Douglas. Perhaps you've hit on something here, my own personal analysis is that Grace literally never considers genre or anything like that, she write lyrics based on her life experiences and is an absolute genius at creating the perfect music to complement the lyrics, and she feels her music very deeply. We've seen her write live on insta and she absolutely KNOWS exactly what a song needs and exactly when she hits on it. Because her songs cover a wide variety of her experiences and feelings, they require a wide variety of music and moods, as a result her songs hit genre like a scatter gun! Love it:)

    jim bob

    @Ross Winslow Well said , you're exactly right.

    Cal 99ers

    @Ross Winslow It's like a little child doing math and doesn't know there are only a few people in the world who are doing it

    Todd Baysinger

    Grace is not defining a genre. She is creating one.

  93. nick nijman

    I'm a bit confused now because I thought Grace didn't care about brands, or is that what she means by this song?
    Enniewees, I like the song, don't know why but it made me smile.

    Dave Thomas

    My take is that Grace is cleverly delivering a message about how social media and advertising impacts our society. But, maybe she goes even deeper than that. It's not always easy to spot what a magician does with both hands. 😁

    nick nijman

    @Dave Thomas I think you're right, I wouldn't have doubted if she hadn't shown this with her one hand: "Maybe I am vain, but so are you". However, a little later she shows this with her other hand: "Learned a new dance, got a new nose". So it's actually clear but I also don't quite understand why she use Gucci and not just 'expensive shoes'. Anyway, she's the magician (good description) and I'm just a spectator watching open-mouthed having no clue :-p

    Ken Aldrich

    Yeah, it seems to be about social media and how you have to take control of its messages and not let them dictate your life. If Grace wants to buy Gucci Shoes - fine. She deserves them after all she has done for us. And I certainly would not expect her to show up at Galas, awards ceremonies, etc in her old age wearing sneakers. Would you? I would personally pitch in and write her a check if it ever came to that. There is often a bit of veiled satire and social commentary with Grace's songs, and I feel here that she just sees some hypocrisy in the politics regarding social status and money - i.e those that don't have it would be buying Gucci shoes in a heartbeat if they suddenly won the lottery. (this is the "I am vain and so are you").

    chmtop forever

    This is more than just the material part of being free , it's also about being free of the preasure to wear what ever you choose , expensive or not. The most overwhelming thing I see is the mixture of music and vocal styles used , separate yet meshed together at the same time. The song as awhole, with the lyrical and music sound is more important than the lyrics meeting itself.

    Cal 99ers

    @Ken Aldrich dangerous game, gets Fender honors then pushes the Uke aside, does modeling then does a cynical Gucci shoes song

  94. Mirte Arnouts

    Love it

  95. Menino Real

    November 2019?😍😍

  96. thomas endicott

    The dream team Ido and Grace. Architects of trance induction

    Oso Wallman

    maybe an Eno/Vanderwaal collab

    Ken Aldrich

    @Oso Wallman we're getting there. Hope Eno hangs on a bit longer :)

  97. Nats Pangolino

    Young modern beatles

  98. Kasimier Buchcik

    I love this because it reminds me of my own lost unfinished fragments of songs. The last two song fragments would make good songs. I hope she picks them up. I really hope she realizes that her voice is in itself a unique instrument that can create lots of different good stuff in different scenarios. But I'm just the guy who also hopes that "Hope For Change" and "Lungs" will make it into a greatest hits of Grace someday :-)

    Ken Aldrich

    As a song to perform live Gucci Shoes is so heavily dependent on electronics and effects, it might not work too well. But there IS a song there (towards the end) and if they took the time to develop it fully it would be perfect to sing live.

    Greg Cadman

    Sigh we can only hope , maybe one day plz

    Cal 99ers

    I'm in awe of Hope For A Change

  99. Katrina Burns

    Whoa.....Legend! I really hope you get to meet VINX one day!!!