VanderWaal, Grace - Hideaway Lyrics

Let's wrap a blanket around us
And go flyin' into outer space
We could be famous
Speak a different language
Make our great escape

I'll chase the stars inside your eyes
And follow you into the great unknown
We'll be alone

So let's just play pretend
And find a secret place
When the world around us says
That we should act our age
The day is gonna come
When there's no time left to waste
But we'll never grow up
I say we hide away

And build a city
Something out of nothing
Make this place our home
Our home
Stay in make-believe
And we'll go disappearing
Who would ever know?

We'll never be too far apart
Cause in the end you would never know
There's somewhere we can go

So let's just play pretend
And find a secret place
When the world around us says
That we should act our age
The day is gonna come
When there's no time left to waste
But we'll never grow up
I say we hide away

Just want to hide away
Hide away, hide away
Hide away, hide away
I'll never grow up
Just want to hide away
Hide away, hide away
Hide away, hide away

So let's just play pretend
And find a secret place
When the world around us says
That we should act our age
The day is gonna come
When there's no time left to waste
But we'll never grow up
I say we hide away

So let's just play pretend
And find a secret place
When the world around us says
That we should act our age
The day is gonna come
When there's no time left to waste
But we'll never grow up
I say we hide away
Don't make me grow up
I say we hide away

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VanderWaal, Grace Hideaway Comments
  1. Faze Navid

    i need your songs grece

  2. Gysel Najjar

    Good job grace you are so awesome with all the songs you make

  3. hlyrad

    I was happy to hear this playing in Walmart.

  4. Emily J

    Will jay and Grace VanderWaal did so great on this song!!!!!!!😆😆😆


    Who came here after wonder park

  6. stevent888

    Me and my kids loved Wonderpark. I looked up the song after the movie. Very nice song and beautiful voice

    Jairo Suarez

    Do yourself a favor and lookup her other songs. She has written or co-written 30+ songs. And now she is starring in the new Stargirl movie that will be released on March 13 at the Disney+ streaming service... and she just turned 16 last week!. Her songs and music videos can be found at her youtube channel:

    Listen to the lyrics and her voice in Darkness Keeps Chasing Me, You are a Beautiful Thing, I don't Like you.

  7. Solmary Segui


  8. Alexiana Boyce

    Dis my fav song after What am i

  9. ceng cee

    Today 1/15 Grace just turn sweet 16. Happy sweet 16, Grace. So much more to come.

  10. Lit Banana

    I heard this song on Wonder park and I cried. I love the movie, I love this song. I love you.

  11. Hwang JEONG

    every introverts' dream

  12. abang zayn

    Loves, caring, selfless, humble, mature, kindness, sincere love, respect, she is brighter than fireflies, humilty, cute, beautiful, marvelous, wise, funny, precious...

    Ross Winslow

    All of that ... and enormously talented!

  13. Nevaeh Holt

    Oof...... my other message i wrote down got to 202 likes.... lets see if this can get even higher....... bet 👀😆👍👌🤞😎

  14. la loca isa

    me encanta como cantas

  15. Ross Winslow

    Grace's amazing new album "Letters Vol 1" is in the top 10 on most streaming services. Listen and download here:

  16. PandaColada

    This is the most beautiful song I've ever heard. I'm in love❤

  17. Matrick Galius

    Beaufuckingtyful! Gorgeous lyrics!

  18. 10u12


  19. roberto riske almeida

    Hideaway, beautiful music and most surprising is the artist's level of adaptability to the various music segments, this diversity and ability to do good make her work amazing and desirable. a talent we have not seen for many generations, intelligence, charisma and a lot of personality, she is amazing, congratulations and "success always" !!!

  20. XxBlue PandaXx



    Ever this is why it’s in wonder park bc it the best movie!

  21. vien le huu

    amazing song ever


    Talk about a glow up

  23. Kara E

    Ever want to comment on commercials?

  24. いつき.T


  25. Reese Beshires

    I love the way you sing

  26. Stella Wang

    made sure to watch those ads💕

  27. Loretta

    Is there anyway to get permission to use this beautiful song as background music in a YouTube clip? I have a whole of 2 subscribers haha

    Ross Winslow

    Unfortunately I"m not the guy who knows the answer to your question but suggest you pick a more currently popular spot to pose your question. Try Grace's social media, Instagram or FB or one of her new videos getting a lot of views right now.

  28. Denicorn 22

    U have such a beautiful voice!

  29. Aesthetic Fantasy

    I listen to this every night to fall asleep 😅

  30. Axel Podskoc

    Para la edad que tiene
    Canta Realmente hermoso creo que me enamore

  31. Stella Wang

    ilysm grace

  32. Thao Richards

    This sing is on repeat in my mind

  33. Maria Rosilene Juvêncio

    Amazing song... So light and pleasant...This girl is unbelievably talented, I'm a Brazilian fan of this phenomenon.

  34. 飯塚美紀子

    I really like this song❣️

  35. 飯塚美紀子


  36. ไอ้จิ๋ว ตัวแสบ

    ผมหลงรักน้ำเสียงของเธอจัง ❤


    Does anyone know what it is written on❓



  37. David Bruce

    This song proves that she could be sitting on $20 million right now if she just wanted to pump out radio hits.

  38. andreas NELSON

    ohhh!!!! hey....!!!! its just me💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  39. Jewel Starr


  40. Thea Ratza

    Grace is like a red rose blooming in the middle of a field of daisys

    Toad Sauce

    Thea Ratza oooh, that’s really good😊

  41. Dave Thomas

    Grace's new EP "LETTERS: VOL 1" is number seven on Apple's Top 100 Pop Albums at the moment. Six songs equally great for a meager $5.99 USD. Please show your support and help move Grace up even further.

    James Griego

    My exact sentiments, the EP Letters Vol.1 is so damn good it will break my heart if you fans don't listen to the new age of music. Support this amazing song song writer. She work really hard to give us the best performance and heart felt lyrics that no other artist has. When I see Grace cry after a song, so do I.

  42. Hey It's Brey

    this song reminds me of Riptide and makes me wanna learn the ukulele chords for this song lol

  43. Abera Adnan

    Who wants a music video for this?


    chmtop forever

    Watch the movie

  44. Salsabil Bahry

    Please never give up !! You're so talented and believe me one day you will be a legend ♥️🥰

  45. Salsabil Bahry

    She deserves more !! I loved her since her first audition in American's got talent!! ♥️♥️

  46. Salsabil Bahry

    This is a masterpiece why is it only 1M views ???

    chmtop forever

    It's a nice song, I like it but , most fans focus on her own original work. She was asked to sing this for the movie wonderpark and give a version to release as a single. Funny how others who don't write their own songs don't experience this kind of thing.

    Stephen Downs

    @chmtop forever It is plain stupid. People seem to be worried that liking this masterpiece is somehow dissing her own writing. That doesn’t happen when she sings a cover. Very strange.

    chmtop forever

    @Stephen Downs I guess because there's no one for Grace to be better than, does that make sense ? I've seen comments say this is a cover and she doesn't sing it because, it's not hers. Funny cause she's selling it with her name on it, no one else can do that and I guarantee she gets a cut of the money . I bought Hideaway and still stream and listen to it.

    Connie & Ray S

    One reason is that there is no video. Hideaway finished 2019 with 6.8 million Spotify listens. Still, I think this song deserves more attention. But then I thought Wonder Park was terrific too. What do I know...

    Stephen Downs

    @Connie & Ray S I like the film. It moves along brilliantly.

  47. Elissa Ikeda

    Really cool

  48. Bruna Franquim

    Muito linda! S2

  49. john pedersen

    how i have not heard this song since its release 8 months ago...


    This is one of the few songs that Grace did not write. It was written for the movie Wonder Park. Grace did not do a lot of promotion for this song and did not play it on her tour.

  50. James Watson

    I really like this song !

  51. gcm747

    What an absolute gem this song is! I can’t believe how fast Grace’s voice is developing. It’s so unique and so easy to listen to. Well done Grace. I wish you so much future success. You deserve it.

  52. Miah Artiste

    I cry every time I hear your “gossip girl” because I feel like I can relate so much to the song

    Ross Winslow

    Grace has a brand new amazing video out today.... Here:

  53. Nicole Gutierrez

    its touching

  54. Faraz Siddiqui

    Love you love you love you gaceeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  55. Melyna Bournane

    OMG what a wonderful girl you are
    You have such an amazing voice keep going 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  56. TBE S

    You are strongest singer i've ever seen

  57. Xaije DeBerry

    She should collaborate with Melanie Martinez ‼️❤️❤️ Anyone else agree?

  58. Proboy234 6

    Your soo good this one is my favourite

  59. chris mcdonagh

    With just a still pic here on this post , I can concentrate on her voice & the words.she is improving with every yr & getting more experienced.

  60. Ennkhbaayr Энхбаяр

    When the world around us says that we should act our age
    The day is gonna come when there's no time left to waste
    But we'll never grow up, I say we hide away...

    -this song has very sweet lyrics I like that.

  61. Angelina

    This is the most peaceful full song I've ever heard...

  62. Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third

    This is beautiful 💕💕

  63. الاء الجمل

    Best song ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️ LOVE IT ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  64. Maram Najie


  65. Bharvadiya Haresh

    I love you grace.

  66. Aleex Martiinez

    I knew was Grace when i saw the movie, now i confirm!

  67. 030ด.ญ.ศศิพิมพ์ นันทะเสน

    I think this song is very PERFECT to me.ANYBODY FROM THAILND?

    Ross Winslow

    I was there for a week in 1967, beeuuutiful place, had a great time! I've seen comments from Thailand on Grace's vids. Grace goes to Japan for the release of her albums there and she has a new album coming out very soon. Check out other new songs on Grace's channel, they'll all be on the new album plus some she hasn't released yet!! Sub to her channel and click the notification bell!

  68. Kameipu Kamei

    I love this song❤❤❤..

  69. Pietro Rocha

    Awesome 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  70. Åšhêr thę dēvîł

    This is how many people want her to do a concert about it


  71. Harun Pac

    I have been a fan since she first came on agt and sang “I Don’t Know My Name “

  72. Mohammad nur Datucan

    Her voice sound like a angel voice an why my voice is a ctack voice lololololol

  73. Luna Quil

    One of my favorites, along with I don't like you, burned, florets... okay all her songs are my favorites lol

  74. Kylemay Lumboy

    i heard this on radio while i am in a car. i am in awe when i first listened to it — grace's voice takes you to another world and the song itself is perfectly beautiful. my little brother loves this song too, we would sit and listen to this as we sing along to the lyrics.

  75. Leonardo Flore

    Listening in 2021?

  76. shira shalom

    How come I see it only now ???

    chmtop forever

    Sub to her channel and turn notifications on.

  77. Marthe De Vliegher

    why do I have the feeling that a lot of people forgot about her...
    or is it just me

    she such an amazing singer

    Ross Winslow

    Marthe you're on her channel, take what will be a very exciting trip around and feast on some of her brilliant creations in the past few months. "Stray", Ur So Beautiful" and "Waste My Time" all come with fabulous videos and she'll be out with another new one "I Don't Like You". These 4 amazing songs will form the nucleus of her all new album/EP that will be out next month. Grace premiered most of these new songs on her recently completed headliner "Ur So Beautiful Tour" and great video is available of many of her Tour performances on YT - just do a YT search for "grace vanderwaal ur so beautiful Tour" and have a great ride! Grace will be wowing us for many decades..... stay close to her, it just gets better!

    Marthe De Vliegher

    Ross Winslow I KNOW!! I’m a fan of her since agt. her songs are getting better and better.

  78. SamanthaWritesStories

    I found this song on the radio when I was getting my hair cut. I really like this song and I’m glad I found it :)

    chmtop forever

    Grace originals

  79. coco_ bean

    Anyone else here from wonder park?
    Edit: wow I got 1 like! :3

    chmtop forever

    Grace Vanderwaal original songs

  80. Natalia Tamayo

    Sigue así, hermosa espero con ansias tus siguientes álbumes 😍😍😍

  81. Aizy & Athena

    Pinoy Gang where ya'll at?❤


  82. roberto riske almeida

    Besides the music is beautiful, the voice fits perfectly, the photograph was very well presented, showed well its beauty, perfect work, congratulations and "success always" !!!

  83. Just_Claire_Ok?

    This is sooooo beautifull song

  84. mildnd_35799

    I have been listening to this since march and i just realized she was holding a shirt not a piece of cloth....

  85. Rani Wulandari

    I still remember when ur clothes had butterflies perched on your shirt

    Ross Winslow

    I still remember when she wore doughnut ears:)

    Stephen Downs

    Here is a link:

  86. Norman Mjomba

    In movie is on slow version its the best

    Cal 99ers

    they are both good, this one I can put on loop and listen to it all day

  87. lowell williams

    My bet is. Grace's and alien sent to earth by a secret group of extra intelligent beings that broke away from their leaders that was planning the elimination of the human race because of its decent into the depths of evil...they decided to make a last ditch effort to send a person to assist us humans to enter unto ourselves .Her songs ,music,make you go within ..........

    Cal 99ers

    Or God sent us a special gift but you could still send the idea into Heavy Metal magazine

    Toad Sauce

    lowell williams Plausible.

  88. Zosia Brożyna

    🇵🇱 👏👍🙂

  89. Walter Guido

    i love you

  90. Les Rose

    OMIGOSH i dont know how i stumbled into her but woW THIS IS REALLY GOOD !!! HEr VOIce has me :O

    Les Rose

    Oh right, I was looking up Van Der Waals bond for my bio class but I lovE THIS XD

    Ross Winslow

    @Les Rose Make sure you look around Grace's channel (you're on it now). Grace has been very busy creating fabulous music. Check out her new "Waste My Time" video, it's brilliantly clever, a terrific song and that V O I C E..... is even more beautiful than ever. She just came in off of her own headliner National "Ur So Beautiful Tour" and there's lots of great video of her tour performances available on YT, so make sure you search YT for "grace vanderwaal ur so beautiful tour" and enjoy some of her magical Tour performances as well! Grace has a new album coming out very soon... like this month. She premiered several of the new songs on her Tour the past 2 months.

  91. Lara Life


  92. Md Latif

    I’m a fan of hers since America’s Got Talent

  93. Stephany Yuliana cristancho salas

    *amo las canciones en inglés aunque a pesar que no hablo inglés me encanta como compones y expresas la música*

  94. Lissa Kee

    Check this out

  95. Katie 2366

    You should really do rock songs if you like them, you have a perfect pitch voice and you would be perfect at any genre of music!

    Prati Moksha

    Well, how about this one? (Not yet released, but will be on an upcoming EP of hers. Approximate lyrics here: )

    Cal 99ers

    @Prati Moksha could you imagine Grace singing Roll Over Beethoven

    Katie 2366

    Prati Moksha I like that one but I meant more so like 50's 70's and 80's. She has a natural growl in her voice and she would be great at anything she tried to achieve


    Beautiful voice, pls turn down the drums, more voice and other instruments pls

  97. Hsin I Wang

    This makes me so happy. Master piece.