Vandals, The - Disproportioned Head Lyrics

If my body was twice the size it was
Then I might look alright but I don't because
I've got a disproportioned head

And the people they point and laugh at me
And they tell me it's huge cause honestly
I've got a disproportioned head

Don't try and be nice and say, "It's really not that big"
Cause I am well aware that you are lying - about my head

It blocks out the sun like a parasol
And I'm walking around like a Dodger doll
Cause I've got a disproportioned head

And I can't make it better with surgery
So I'm stuck with this skull and the world can see
I've got a disproportioned head

Don't try and be nice to me because you think I'm near
I'm across the street and I can't hear you
Don't offer advice to me, of hats - it's all been tried
They don't really make them in my size

I can only fit in convertible cars
And my Mom has a 3-foot cesarean scar
Cause of my disoproportioned head

And I'd go ahead and end it now
If I could find a noose that would fit around
My huge, disproportioned head

I've got a disproportioned head
I've got a disproportioned head

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Vandals, The Disproportioned Head Comments
  1. mamawouldbeproud

    i know its not necessarily true but to me this song is a veiled meditation on depression or mental instability. my actual head is relatively normal sized and yet I relate somehow.

  2. Mike Mixer

    Dara O'Braian

  3. stalwart101

    was written about mark hoppus from blink 182 for those who don't know. they wanted to make a video with him in it...but he refused

  4. mike jones

    its funny and sad

  5. Finnly Stoner

    find a dib fan, scream this song at them, run away yelling zim is better!

  6. bug dum

    barely 2000 views? wtf?! the vandals are fucking awesome!

  7. Invader DIBBEH

    I love this song :D
    So many people think I have a big head >_o

  8. Dibsgirl4ever

    DIBS THEME SONG!!!!!!!

  9. thewackyretard

    Don't let'em (Youtube), take this one away from you....great song!

  10. snakework

    This song cracks me up.

  11. billy nomates

    I've got a huge head :(