Vandals, The - Choosing Your Masters Lyrics

I think my TV's busted
If not this country's dusted

'Cause I think I saw 7 Mary 3
And they were on the MTV
They were telling the people to rock the what?

Talentless hippies, Hootie wannabees
Southern fried kings of mediocrity
Now let me get this straight, you want MTV viewers
The worlds biggest losers, to vote?

The idea's wrong
In fact there ought to be a law
If you can sit through a Silverchair video
You shouldn't be allowed to vote at all

They call it a revolution, I call it a curse
Tabitha sucks and Kennedy's worse
It's like I got Clockwork Orange things on my eyelids
As I watch the fans of Stone Temple Pilots seize power

A layer of shit spreads across the land
It's a PSA from the Rollins Band
Now the sellout of all time
Who can't sing or write a rhyme
Is telling his Genius club they have a voice?

Well the voice of his fans, like those of Blind Melons
Should be lumped together with convicted felons
Just a segment of society
Not encouraged to engage in public policy

This idea's wrong
In fact there ought to be a law
Anyone who bought the last Hole record
Should be thoroughly deprogrammed for the safety of us all

This idea's wrong
Don't choose your masters

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Vandals, The Choosing Your Masters Comments
  1. GOFLuvr

    Brilliant song. It's fun like every other Vandals song, and great with the way they took shots at some of the worst bands of the 1990's. (Although I'm debatable about Henry Rollins; he was a legend before then.)

  2. weirdhorrordude

    fuck you joe stole a young mans dream of making the young girls stevo true founder of the vandals!

  3. dylanew5

    HELLO KITTY GUITAR! So sick, song to!

  4. Educate an Idiot!

    MTV has been the death of music. Now it's far more important to look good or have a good video than it is to make good music.

  5. Mohammets

    @maxiagogo Nah, once you start going down that road it all turns into elitism. Next thing you know you wouldn't be able to vote yourself because you'd be 3 IQ points short. Really though, it's just terrible how the media turns politics into WWF wrestling and the politicians play right along. I have never voted on anything since I was of age. I lost faith in the whole system and the common man's solutions by the time I was 15. It's all just so fucked up.

  6. TxRED

    I this that they may show the wrong album, i remember it being on the Quickening.

  7. robert smith

    I agree , you should have to pass a test before you get to vote.

  8. willmill43

    that Henry Rollins pic is great

  9. tehsleeper

    Public Service Announcement

  10. 2K the Producer

    Wow dude, its just an acronym..You really need to chill.

  11. Sean Tirello

    thank you