Vandals, The - 43210-1 Lyrics

Stop, pretending you're even having fun
You just stand there looking dumb
And bored with your thumb in your ass
You're better than that

For once in your life, before you retire
Be the leader of the choir, set your pubic hair on fire
Just because
You feel like it

Be that moron screaming in the crowd - hey!
This shit could never be too loud for me
So help us help you armpit fart, cause we're only getting started
(Dance and bleed, karate chop and pray good times will never stop)

Oh boy is this great! Don't hesitate
Rub your feces like an ape, and finally celebrate
Just because

Finally talk to a girl, throw your dream journal in the urinal
Cause with tap shoes and a girdle, dreams really can come true
You're living proof

Be that moron screaming in the crowd - hey!
This shit could never be too loud for me
So help us help you armpit fart, cause we're only getting started
Oh yeah, we're only getting started

Participate, it's the end of the wait
Show up late, masturbate, tell your date you're in shape though you're not

Take off your shirt, eat a fistful of dirt
Never learn get sunburn, cause it looks good on you.

Be that moron screaming in the crowd - hey!
This shit could never be too loud for me
So help us help you armpit fart, cause we're only getting started
Yeah, we're only getting started
Yeah, we're only getting started
(Dance and bleed, karate chop and pray good times will never stop)

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Vandals, The 43210-1 Comments
  1. Kenneth Fielding

    This song is about an elevator in Dublin Ireland that went 43210-1

  2. Game & Co

    Oh le générique de Mr Plouf

  3. Vile Marrow



  4. Sad Leankon

    Plouf !

  5. Ed Gaar

    Plouf ;3

  6. mathis anonymous

    plouf spotted

  7. Bucs - Rays - Bolts

    Nice hat Dave

  8. badbrains1969

    I love the sarcasm they spew at untalented money grubbing fake ass bitch rappers

  9. Pierre Merceur

    Merchi mr plouf !

  10. Latéo

    Plouf !

  11. kumofox123

    the vandals were really drunk when they made this song (random fun fact!) DERP!


    I figured most of their songs were alcohol inspired, anyway.


    @GOFLuvr true lol

  12. Jedi Lowps

    I love this video; it's hilarious! Lol.

  13. Aaron Freeze

    always loved this track.I still watch my Kung Fu Records DVD to scope it out from time to time

  14. Manuel Garcia

    this a great video..wish it was better quality 

  15. Kristina Suster

    hahahahaahahha I laugh everytime I watch this video haahahh!!!

  16. Matt Johnson

    Joe Escalante aka Thurston Howell the Third.

  17. Hamzah Marsch

    omg!stone cold steve austin on guitar?

  18. Fisto

    And about 100 other bands xd

  19. Pi Whole

    why does the audio suck so much ass?

  20. gulfcore

    Where the fuck is the "love" button?! Lolololol....

  21. Ihsan K. Lazuardi


  22. John Hancock

    Josh Freese is an amazing drummer. One of my favorites, he also drums for A Perfect Circle, which I think showcases his diversity extremely well


    Played on Static-X's third album when they were looking for a new drummer, plus on Head's solo album after he left Korn.

  23. Fatty McFart

    In case anyone is wondering the video in the background is TWDY "Players Holiday"

    Thotty Thotterton

    Thank you!

  24. Justin Thompson

    this video is the best... hahaha

  25. Jiemusu89

    Someone knight that bassist, now!

  26. johnny Bgood


  27. Electroskill

    These guys are great dancers - now STOP

  28. SaTeve

    There's a sony ad on MY screen. Hope they don't pull this video like FUCKING WARNERMUSICGROUP POLICE!!!!! FUCK YOU WMG! FUCK YOU MR.PRESIDENT, STOP WRECKING MY STANDARD OF LIVING!

  29. SaTeve

    @seeohtwo12 Oh, it's punk! Variety magazine is trying to shut them down, their so punk. ANARCHY BURGER!!!!

  30. notacat9

    this redeems humanity as an intelligent life form.

  31. franciscano89

    hahahaha the vandals playing at a hip hop party on a boat!! xDDD

  32. stefan ivanovic

    its more punk than anything

  33. Mohammets

    @seeohtwo12 Actually, it's not rare for comedy music. Weird Al's band is tight, Flight Of The Conchords are tight, Tenacious D, Dethklok, etc... And let's not forget the master of them all, Frank Zappa and the Mothers Of Invention.

  34. 5150zombie

    I love the vandals, thats cool cause the only opinion that matters is mine, so, the vandals are cool but, I'm cooler.

  35. bloodystain

    Fuck labeling. Seriously. Fuck labeling. Maybe they're Pop Punk maybe they're Pop Whatever. I don't give a fuck. They play like hell, make awesome and funny songs. They're fucking great, Punk or not.

  36. theloganrocks

    I've never felt so much cooler and so not cool, compared to people, at the same time, ever....

    Well done, Vandals.

    Fuckin' band is just awesome fun!

  37. Angela Santaguida

    Punk, not punk, who cares? Call it what you want, but it's just good, funny music that doesn't take itself too seriously. And they actually have some really good musicians, which is rare for a humorous band like this.

  38. jesus christ

    Yeah lest get drunk ,and stupid :p

  39. MrRustychop

    boats n hoes

  40. Nookie .Cartonio

    this video is epic

  41. Nigel

    Cali punk at its best

  42. RJN88420

    its just nofx or the vandals for some people are some of those "can do no wrong" kinda bands that people grew up with and people get all sensitive if someone makes a cheap comment like "ohh he's not even singing in key"
    when that might be one of the reasons why people would liek the band

  43. ibit eightbit

    u know what....i coudnt agree more

  44. ShitAbysss

    yeah, at the fact the original wasn't as good as the Vandals-edited version!

  45. ibit eightbit

    who cares, lol but i bet they would be pissed

  46. Angela Santaguida

    I have heard it, and it's ok. I actually used to listen to them a lot, and I just don't really like them anymore.

    Eklon Tusk

    Angela Santaguida what about now?

  47. Nicola Gabriel

    best music video ever made. ever.

  48. Angela Santaguida really don't see how that works. It's just personal preference, didn't mean to offend you, but I don't see why I have to like both.

  49. Ecomm Star

    And we hate you seeohtwo12 for hating NOFX. See how that works poser?

  50. Angela Santaguida

    True. But I hate NOFX.

  51. Angela Santaguida

    Man, I don't care how old these guys are, they are still amazing. I sat through 4 hours of shit at warped tour just to see them. There were some other bands with guys their age, and they all were completely drained of life. They, however, made my day.

  52. J Bravenboer


  53. Scaredofpoo

    I'm sure its the Big Pimpin video from Jay Z

  54. jmps8

    by the way, ¿does anybodoy knows where do the film in the back belong to?

  55. jmps8

    amazing vid!
    those guys in the back are really funny

  56. Timothy Mama

    Hahaha... I now use those lyrics to annoy friends when the mood suits...

    To Gsxr400: It seems they ran out of funding and advertising monies well before the could continue broadcasting so they pulled the plug. Shame as it was certainly a better channel than kerrang at the time and introduced me to so many bands *Mad Capsules amongst others*


  57. Freerider Dave

    what ever happend to p-rock? i used to have it about two years ago

  58. Timothy Mama

    P-Rock *The Channel* Forever!

  59. Alex Banman

    i think everyone needs a chill pill....

  60. ibit eightbit

    it its a a bit of sarcasm, snipe1000 you moron, how old are you ? like fucking 10?

  61. David Weeks

    Jesus christ... the term dee dee dee is used more than i though... lame.

  62. Bone Smoker

    i mean punk lol

  63. Bone Smoker

    its not hip hop you fucking idiots its pink

  64. ibit eightbit

    i didnt know hip hop was this cool

  65. stalwart101

    awesome band wen r dey releasin new album saw dem ive few yeaars ago brilliant