Vance, Foy - Shed A Little Light Lyrics

They say that love is hard to find
Sure found it hard to find mine
Although love walked right up to my face
She said you can only love what you'd die for, babe

Well shed a little light so I can find you
And don't let darkness hide you from my face
Baby, shed a little light so I can find you
Well I'd surely die for your embrace

And the second love reveals
Trouble is hard on its heels
And love walked right up, stood by my side
And said if it's love or death, baby, no need to decide

Well shed a little light so I can find you
Don't let darkness hide you from my face
Baby, shed a little light so I can find you
Well I'd surely die for your embrace

Babe, shed a little light so I can find you
Don't let darkness hide you from my face
Baby, I've got a light, let it show me how to find you
But it might just blind you before that, baby
Well it might just blind you before that, baby
It might just blind you before that, babe

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Vance, Foy Shed A Little Light Comments
  1. Stephanie Lentz Morrison

    Damn it! Watching this dude hide his face when the performance, so intense. I may die before it's over.... I hate when something comes alongside me and rips me apart.... by the way, the song is not complete without the look on his face. I may be a long, long way from home and I've never found something to offer the world but I do know you have....

  2. Rachael Dean

    Fucking incredible

  3. Cheryel Mckinney

    I love 💕 it sooo much when that gospel sound comes out it beautiful and groundbreaking

  4. CateCateCate

    why does the harmony of the crowd sound a little bit off the key?


    Because they are not! absolute fuckin pro's

  5. Edward Monroe

    Foy draws his vocal powers from his mustache.

  6. Ciaran Logue

    Back to this vid for a pick me up and have listened about 6 times on repeat at this stage.
    Love it- Foy is music. 💚

  7. Leah B

    I'm a sucker for a good hand clap👏👏 Fantastic

  8. Caroline groenewoud

    When i feel a little down, this brings a smile, every time i watch him 🙂

  9. Amoura Hall

    What is this sorcery though?

  10. Shannon Allen

    MmmmmmHH!!!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! --Can't get enuf of this Foy's souful stuff, WOW.

  11. Steve Goffe

    This is epic! Been singing it all day

  12. Retro Frank


  13. Sean Hannigan

    Beautiful! it's healing.

  14. Jim Morrison

    Vance and Cornell- two of the best voices to grace my ears. You know it’s powerful if it makes you cry.

  15. Relações InternacionaisISCSP

    Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing

  16. Iain Graham

    His voice at 3:30 is spine tingling! Absolutely amazing!


    Iain Graham he dug extra deep there, amazing performance.

  17. Mike Brown

    WOW!! Amazing....

  18. J Carl

    That was great

  19. Cinder Willow

    Loving the accent 😍 that is a bonus to an amazing voice !!!

  20. unclesing22

    Listen to this voice is something magical!!
    Thanks for sharing this!!

  21. Bea Frances

    you didn't cut out the beginning bit to show they were pros ;)




    Ciaran Logue

    Makes the video better.

  22. Opolot Noah


  23. Robert O'Connor

    Still love coming back to listen to this legend. I must have watched this video a thousand times at this stage. Hope more people start to appreciate the level of talent Foy has with the new album.

  24. Ryan .Gordon

    have his album but this song isn't on it, but the movie ''just before i go'' has it, and man this is good, such a talented guy

    Mikee Loves Indie

    +ryan .george It is on his first album. :)

    Ryan .Gordon

    +Mikee Loves Indie that would explain it


    +ryan .george I found this song through the film too. I wanted a studio version but there doesn't seem to be one on youtube.

    Justin Beauchamp

    this song is on his album called hope

  25. D G

    So much soul.

    Carly Wilford

    @Derald G He blew us away!!! You should check out Josh Barry too...

  26. Colin James

    A vocal master !

  27. Micky Cubberley

    His voice went down well with rudimental!!!

    Carly Wilford

    @Micky Cubberley So good!!!!!! :-)

    Micky Cubberley

    @IAmMusic.TV BLESSED!!!

  28. mrsbluesky777

    Amazing ! So glad I found this video on here it just made my night , I had the honor of listing to Foy Vance in Birmingham Al, & he was Awesome can't wait to see him agin .

    Carly Wilford

    He's amazing! Thanks for watching. :-) 


    I envy you a bit!! +mrsbluesky777 :))

  29. Zak Angel

    his voice is amazing love it :)

    Carly Wilford

    @Zak Angel So do we :-) x

  30. Tim Frankiw

    always brilliant

    Carly Wilford

    @Tim Frankiw Yes he is x

  31. Enezeussa Favalier boulanger


    Carly Wilford

    @Enez Eussas X

  32. Carly Wilford

    This is amazing! #FoyVance performing 'Shed A Little Light' live at our @Sofar Sounds x #IAmMusicTV night in London 

    John Patterson

    Carly Wilford you looking a doing?