Vance, Foy - Only The Artist Lyrics

Montague and Capulet
Already sets the scene
I knew you were a foolish bet
But it was better to beg than bleed

From the very first night we met
You made me love you and I never should have left you
Romeo and Juliet
Nothing but a writer's dream

I remember the time when you told me baby
Love is a work of art
I saw you scanning the corners of the canvas
Just like you didn't know where to start
I can't imagine the portrait you were painting
When you saw me looking so alone, oh no
That's something only the artist could know

By the coast when I held your hand
Feels like a distant dream
I knew I was a foolish man
But I was caught up in a fantasy
You held my face and you gently kissed
But all it told me was how much you'd miss me
Romeo and Juliet
Always bound to call a scene

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Vance, Foy Only The Artist Comments
  1. Elin Axelsson


  2. Matis Pääslane

    Awesome song. Foy’s storytelling skills and vocals take me to the moment and inspire