Vance, Foy - Fifteen Lyrics

When you're only fifteen
How can you know what hurt means?
When I saw that look in your eyes, ran out into the cold night
Stole a car just to sleep inside

I realize when you're fifteen
You surely know what love means
And when that gets taken aside and replaced with nothing but fighting
You'll know what hurt means alright

I did not know where to go
And then you showed up like a rainbow
But I got much more than a pot of gold
I got a mate for my soul, babe
A mate for my soul

We were only fifteen
Trying to work out what it means
To want someone by your side for the rest of your life
And yet not over butterflies

Before I met you at fifteen
Back in nineteen-sixty
I was always on the run, unsure of what to run from
Or where I'd be when morning would come

I did not know where to go
Then you showed up like a rainbow
But you brought me much more than a pot of gold
I got a mate for my soul
A mate for my soul
A mate for my soul
Baby, you were made for my soul

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Vance, Foy Fifteen Comments
  1. Mary V

    I thought this was Vance Joy? 😂 nice song though.

  2. sofia X cosmo

    Ty Chella and MaryV 💞💞💞

  3. Imani Price

    Chella and MaryV brought me here. I'm in love with this song 😍

  4. Debbie Balquisse

    this song is a blessing

  5. King shan

    Chella 😍

  6. jarin tasnim

    Thanks chella ❤

  7. raaa ch


  8. Gwynnie Garcia

    Thank you Chella

  9. patricia louise paulin

    this song is just wonderful. i first heard this on Chella and MaryV vlog

    North Woods Harmony

    what is Chella?

    patricia louise paulin

    his a person, a trans guy


    patricia louise paulin same😂😅

  10. PhooPhoo Htike Htar San

    it was released on my birthday, so beautiful

  11. Samantha K.

    so damn beautiful 💕

  12. marie


  13. E D

    Chella brought me here ❤️ thank you so much such lovely song.



    Two bros Chillin in a hot tub five feet part

    E D same and ayee army member ❣️

    Brue BPinel

    😂 same

  14. grated cheese

    Beautiful :)

    grated cheese

    Whoever commented here earlier , yes chella man made me found this song :)))