Van Zandt, Townes - Song For Lyrics

Ribbons of love
Please keep me true sane
Until I reach home on the morrow
Never never to wander again
I'm weak and I'm weary of sorrow
London to Dublin
Australia to Perth
I gazed at your sky
I tasted your earth
Sung out my heart
For what it was worth
Never again shall I ramble

There's nowhere left
In this world where to go
My arms, my legs they're a-tremblin'
Thoughts both clouded and blue as the sky
Not even worth the rememberin'
Now as I stumble
And reel to my bed
All that I've done
All that I've said
Means nothin' to me
I'd soon as be dead
All of this world be forgotten

No words of comfort
No words of advice
Nothin' to offer a stranger
Gone the love, gone the spite
It just doesn't matter no longer
My sky's getting far
The ground's gettin' close
My self goin' crazy
The way that it does
I'll lie on my pillow
And sleep if I must
Too late to wish I'd been stronger
Too late to wish I'd been stronger

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Van Zandt, Townes Song For Comments
  1. Nina Elisabeth Jacobsen


  2. Nicky T

    Those words cut deep , long live the greatest song writer

  3. Stephen Wolf

    Apparently Townes told his last wife that this song was a suicide note


    No, Townes had written the lyrics down on a napkin and his wife thought it was a suicide note.

    Ryan A. Porter

    @Nobody I heard a TVZ interview from around 94-95 where he said Jeanene found the napkin & complimented him on the lyrics. TVZ's response: "Song my ass, that's a suicide note."


    @Ryan A. Porter Yes, I apologise, I was wrong.

    Tony Hebert

    @Ryan A. Porter hi, I would really love to see that interview, do you know where one could view that,thank you

    Ryan A. Porter

    Tony Hebert It’s out here somewhere in YouTube-land. Although with the recent influx of later (mostly Europe) TVZ shows, it may now be a needle in a haystack. And considering the amount of times TVZ had fun with interviewers, telling completely different, off-the-cuff, back-stories on how some of his songs were born, who knows what the actual truth is. Pretty sure he preferred it that way:)

  4. Joel valdez

    wish my dad would give this song a listen to,its easier to listen to explain

  5. Aunkohau Tsoodle


  6. Martin Sandford

    Did anyone else hear a glass smash at 00:17 ?

    Corey Clayson

    I heard it too, sometimes it's just too good a take to let go of despite a small thing like that


    Probably a live recording.

    Adam Nicholson

    It was guy Clark dropping a glass of orange juice and vodka

    l as M L u c L as M

    @Corey Clayson that's what makes it better you fool. Authenticity.

  7. morphinlounge101

    Jesus wept

    Jesus Christ

    morphinlounge101 😭

  8. Samuel Leake

    Townes most saddest song He couldnt believe it when he 'out wrote' 'Nothing',

    Paul Savage

    How do you know? If he lived no body would recognize his name. This culture just worships the dead.

    Tom Frascina

    He mentions it on the live album 'Down Home and Abroad'

    Tony Hebert

    @Paul Savage goof

  9. Ed Word & The Misinformation Superhighway

    Amazing stuff. Our group's lead singer is largely influenced by this stuff. Check it out if you get a chance. Peace!!

    Adam Nicholson

    Sure as hell doesn't sound like it.

    Nick H

    Hahaha my thoughts exactly

    agnar h

    fuck off

    l as M L u c L as M

    Pathetic, Townes would be rolling in his grave. Like Bill Hicks said Play with some fucking soul and stop sucking Satan's cock.

  10. tonyspoetry

    So  Beautiful.

    TheRoad Killer

    ''It's beautiful.... In a way''
    (Townes Van Zandt)

  11. srzent

    It's too late to wish I'd been stronger.

    randy poor

    Isn't that a great line?

    dex merquis

    Every time the alcohol withdrawals hit me hard, and I'm shaking and sweating in bed, and I just think how many things I could've done better... I wish I'd been stronger.

  12. linda theobald

    Mule sez--I will allwaze ramble--I"ll play -I"ll pray-I"ll scramble for true love -

  13. ravenouscolonelhart

    "I sung out my heart for what it was worth" - a devastating statement given the beauty, honesty and sincerity of his life's work. what's worth more, is the ability to project force, to mass indoctrinate, or waist-hip ratio, or to sell sex and advertising (online now, or all the precursors before). We are still evil chimps who value evil.

    Paul Savage

    He knew what he was doing. He would rather do that than work on his father's farm digging potatoes. He could have had the best education and gone to school and his parent's would have paid for it, too. But he got he bored and started hanging around taverns in Texas soaking up the music that was around. His parents were rich. His grandfather's name was "Houston' but Townes hated his family's hypocrisy and decided to rebel against their notions of good and evil. After this, Townes was homeless and had no where to go except the streets of Texas because he disobeyed his father and their hypocritical Protestant way of life.