Van Zandt, Townes - Nine Pound Hammer Lyrics

This nine pound hammer, it's a little too heavy
For my size, honey, for my size
I'm goin on the mountain, gonna see my baby
But I ain't comin' back, no, I ain't comin' back

Roll on buddy, don't you roll too slow
How can I roll, when the wheels won't go
Roll on buddy, pull a load of coal
How can I pull, when the wheels won't roll

Well, it's a long way to harlan, it's a long way to hazard
Just to get a little brew, just to get a little brew
Well, when I'm long gone you can make my tombstone
Outta number nine coal, outta number nine coal



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Van Zandt, Townes Nine Pound Hammer Comments
  1. tnimbus


  2. Willyblues Senkiwsky

    When you are a Nine Pound Hammer the world looks like a bunch of nails! 😘😈😛👍

  3. Jen Muncy

    live between Harlan and hazard hope I get to see the inside of a mine again

  4. MrKneller

    I love this record so much. TVZ has this hot, cramped crowd that was prone to rowdiness awed into silence. He was too good. I hate country music, but I adore Townes.

  5. Mark8395217

    Townes simply gets better as the years roll on....

    Willyblues Senkiwsky

    I think he was always great it, just, took us time and maturity to realize that!👆👍😛😈

  6. Brandulph Christophersen

    Thanks for sharing, buddy! As time goes by I find Townes greater and greater, and it seems to me that I'm not alone in my steady upgrading of this genius. Again, thanks for sharing!

  7. Mr Here All Week

    Townes is my drug, and weed and whiskey and Waylon

  8. James

    Sam Ray sent me here

    Zeke Bourgeois

    James a friend of mine always tells me my music reminds them of sam ray's. never been too big a fan myself but that's badass that he's into townes

  9. Jeffro Bodeen

    thanks pauly. didnt do any looking to find out, but is this your own personal driving footage? great idea to put that there. i also wonder where it is im looking at in the footage. its hard to explain but theres something really great about joyriding, if youre into that. with your best friend or girl, driving around watching the world outside pass by. feels great.

    "just to get a little brew, just to get a little brew"

    deep respect to all the others who have done this song, but this versions my favorite

  10. Tony2581

    Brilliant! Appalachian coal miners still have to fight daily for a safe workplace.To hear how miners who make safety complaints today are treated by non-union coal operators, check out Raymond Crooke's song "Big Coal Don't Like This Man At All" on YouTube. It tells the true story of Kentucky coal miner Charles Scott Howard, who stood up for safety at a mine operated by Arch Coal and was fired as a result. He filed a whistleblower case, won his job back, and is working in the mines again!

  11. ralfdog3

    I like this version by Townes. Wish I could-a seen him live. I am more familiar with John Prine's take, which is way up tempo on the Sweet Revenge LP. I have to agree with bth2458: "Townes' take allows the mind to conjure hearing this on a jukebox at a roadhouse bar, off of some secondary highway in New Mexico." And I would add to that: "While tasting some fine Tequila"...

  12. Pauly McPaulson

    @JohnMais i agree!

  13. Pauly McPaulson

    @diddywahdaddy thanks, call me Pauly.

  14. diddywahdaddy

    Nice way of presenting a great audio recording, FahQposeurfag ! Many thanks!

  15. Pauly McPaulson

    @bth2458 i'm gonna have to agree with ya on that.

  16. Brian Houlehan

    Doc Watson and the Monroe Brothers did beautiful versions of this one too, but Townes' take allows the mind to conjure hearing this on a jukebox at a roadhouse bar, off of some secondary highway in New Mexico.