Van Morrison - Angeliou Lyrics

Angeliou oh Angeliou
Oh oh Angeliou Angeliou
Oh Angeliou oh Angeliou oh my Angeliou

In the month of May
In the month of May
In the city of Paris
In the month of May
In the month of May
In the city of Paris
And I heard the bells ringing, and I heard the bells ringing
In the month of May
In the city of Paris and I called out your name

In the month of May
In the city of Paris
In the month of May
In the city of Paris
Oh oh Angeliou oh Angeliou oh oh Angeliou oh my Angeliou

Walkin' on a city street who would think you could ever be touched
By a total stranger, not me
But when you came up to me that day and I listened to your story
It reminded me so much of myself
It wasn't what you said but the way it felt to me
About a search and a journey just like mine

Will you be my baby
Will you be my baby now
Will you be my baby
Will you be my baby now
Angeliou oh Angeliou
Angeliou oh Angeliou
Yes I will yes I will yes I will
After she told all these things to me I said I got a story too
It goes something like this

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Van Morrison Angeliou Comments
  1. aliasdyln33

    A wonderful exhibition of artistry and music. And to borrow from Van himself: also a 'beautiful vision', I must add.



  3. Janet Figley

    It reminded me so much of myself...
    Yikes... didn"t mean to comment twice...
    The way Van the Man expresses himself.... Gobsmacked!!!

  4. Janet Figley

    In the month of May..
    If only all of us could be in love like that!

  5. Alessandro Albertelli

    Masterpiece, real music is not for everybody

  6. gatopazzo

    00:35 Yeh, yeeh... !!!!!!!!!!

  7. Ella Fiona Reid

    So beautiful

  8. budogden

    The artist's/painter's name is Leonid Afremov... He is one of my all-time favorite painters!

  9. Jeff Parker

    Van Morrison daily miracles. 1st time I heard this. The 8-track had just been released, I was driving a semi in the lower valley floors of northern Idaho. I was excited to have a new VM to explore amidst all the scenery. I was in the valley of the Nez Pierce, where Chief Joseph sent his people to Canada. The road has to execute a long 300° arc to get to the rim, so you constantly view the diminishing valley floor below as you climb 2500 feet out, takes 5 minutes by car, 10 minutes in the semi. Its cloudy and rainy, driving through clouds as you get higher, then this song comes on, and the clouds start receding back below me, the sky and the rain start to lighten, and Bam! the Sun cracks through on the "Angielou" with the spiritual backups. A half a mile below was where I used to be, cold, wet and rainy. Now with Angielou its all gonna be sunny and bright. It is 40 years later, and this song still gives chills like the first time I heard it. VM minor miracles.


    Jeff Parker thank you for the moment ;)


    Beautifully said..

    Susan Rennie

    angielou is a van perfect song ,singing about instant love walking in paris and looking a French beautifull woman

    Fintan Scully

    Yes what a song. It sends shivers up my spine every time I hear it. God gave this man such unique musical gifts. I love your story. It holds memories for me too but too sad to recount here.

  10. Arvio

    Amazing! Who made the paintings in this video?


    not sure most have names on them 

    Johnny Shamrock

    Leonid Afremov

  11. 219Dave

    This is one of my favorite VM tracks.  Check out some of the outstanding live versions on here, like the one from Montreux jazz fest, 1980.

  12. Kimberley Fay

    OMG! Thank you for sharing this so much! You have no idea how good it made me feel to be blessed with someone thinking of me like share something so divine! Gracious Amigo~