Van Halen - The Dream Is Over Lyrics

Psst, hey, come on man, wake up.
Oh, yeah, yeah!
I see the power,
Changin hands
Risin from the streets
A self made businessman,
Knows how the system can be beat.
Oh, we're the lost generation,
Have no place to go,
The road to destruction,
Is all we need to know,
Cause it's a rip off,
We're stripped, drawn, and cheated,
We're flat stone cold lied to
But we're not defeated, Nooo, sir
Easy money,
It's your way out,
Join the Family
No middleman,
No I.R.S.
Your ticket out of poverty
Oh, we're the lost generation,
I hold fate from a string
Lookin for direction
Reachin' out for anything, so
Dream another dream
This dream is over, (oooh oooh oh)
Dream another dream
This dream is over, (dream another dream)
Dream another dream
This dream is over, (oooh) over yeah, (dream another dream)
So dream another dream


Ah, Yeow!!!!
Oh, it's a rip off,
We're stepped on an' cheated,
Flat stone cold lied to,
We're not defeated, noooo,
Dream another dream, this dream is over, (oooh oooh oh)
Dream another dream, this dream is over, (dream another dream)
Dream another dream, this dream is over, (oooh oooh oh) oh
Dream another dream, this dream is over, over yeah, (dream another dream)
Dream another dream, (ooh ooh ooh)
Dream another dream, (dream another dream, oooh ooh ooh)
Dream another dream, oh, this dream's all over (dream another dream)
Dream another dream, (dream another dream)
Dream another dream...

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Van Halen The Dream Is Over Comments
  1. joan jett

    It will never get any better than this song....always one of my ALL time favorites...and it's not a rip off.....

  2. andy peters

    Van Halen with Sammy Hagar. This song does rockin hard. Love the guitar work.. Just straight great music off F.U.C.K.

  3. Fernando Rizzatti

    Na minha opinião é o melhor álbum do van halen

  4. Brooks Woodward

    Lyrics please.

  5. Josh

    Bad ass tune

  6. Andrew Paolucci

    I don't care what anyone says, just listen to the F#CK album from beginning to end and the "ear- gasm" will happen! 🎶

  7. Chad Shepherd

    Love Ed's tone on this album.....

  8. Twobarpsi

    Heard it on cassette, for the first time, back in the day...

  9. brotherskeeper5

    The best guitar intro I have ever heard!

  10. R bere

    what a guitar maestro...

  11. Luis B74

    Coach red pill

    Mike Tiwaz

    Coach greg adams

  12. Joe Snow

    Really works as a weight lifting song for some reason. Just an all around awesome tune!

  13. Draco Vitae

    timeless music

  14. Ronald Mueller

    Awesome rockband and song

  15. Only by gods grace

    I gotta move on .. I waited so long and now your with someone else ...
    I just ready for something new babe.. going to start dating .. I got to

  16. Greg Mottola

    Build is a bit boring, but the hook is pure poundcake.



  18. southern hot mess

    One of my favorite songs by Van Halen....never will grow tired of this band or song....

  19. Mark Stoneman

    Brilliant album







  23. Don Thompson

    Judgement Day is the best Song Very Good Album.Love this Song too.

  24. Robert Proctor

    Fucking Brilliant!!

  25. John Sticher

    And it really would be in about five years....por siempre.

  26. Mark O'Malley

    Loved VH Once! Candy Asses Now! Eddie is a big Fucking Joke! I have my Stones tickets for The Philly Linc this summer. Eddie VH is a SHIT!!!!

    Draco Vitae

    Mark O'Malley Eddie’s crushed.

  27. zauhar arif

    dahsyaaat !!!!

  28. Mark Mueller

    Lol it's my alarm clock too

  29. Robert Ray

    F.U.C.K. 01/28/19 😉

  30. swainson southern hot mess

    My second personal favorite song by Van Halen ......

  31. Eric Hauser Sr.

    " hey... wake up...!! "
    it's 2019....
    the dream aint over...

  32. Brad Ellis

    It’s 2018 and sadly this song is still completely on the money

  33. TheMikeDiggy

    Thank you Columbia house

  34. svogender

    Damn !!!!!!!!!!!! They sound so great on this album !!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Revertino Tse

    This Song lacked Air play back in 91. Fortunately got to hear the rest of the Album


    WNEW in New York tried to promote this song and "Man On A Mission" but I didn't hear this at all in the Hudson Valley where I grew up.

  36. 6stringer72

    That Soldano amp Tone!

    CG Eucare

    6stringer72 It’s a prototype CAE preamp by John Suhr. It was plugged into the back of a Marshall for the power amp.

  37. astralplainer

    Anybody still dreaming another dream?

  38. Danny Anderson

    Best Van Halen Song ever.

  39. Chest Rockwell

    Hagar is singing ...everyone stop and listen 😃😃

  40. Calvin Austin

    Actually, Satch is not the alien. EVH is the alien!

  41. drby0788

    Probably VHs most underrated tune

  42. Carlo Santin

    This should be the new American national anthem.


    yea if your a commie lovin liberal

  43. quit293

    My god what a awesome solo by EVH.

  44. Daniel Newhouse

    Dream another dream, this dream is over.

    Psst, hey, come on man, wake up
    I see the power changin' hands
    Risin' from the streets
    A self-made businessman
    Knows how the system can be beat
    Oh, we're the lost generation
    Have no place to go
    The road to destruction
    Is all we need to know
    'Cause it's a rip-off
    We're stepped on and cheated
    We're flat stone cold lied to
    We're not defeated, no
    It's ah, easy money
    It's a way out
    Join the family
    No middleman, no IRS
    Your ticket out of poverty
    Oh, we're the lost generation
    I hold fate from a string
    Lookin' for a direction
    Reachin' out for anything
    So, dream another dream
    This dream is over
    Dream another dream
    This dream is over
    Dream another dream
    This dream is over
    Over, yeah
    So dream another dream
    Ow, it's a rip-off
    Stepped on and cheated
    Flat stone cold lied to

  45. Ronald Blest

    stone cold lied too!!!!

  46. David Bear

    Badass song!

  47. zorro456

    Been listening to this all day. IT IS GOOD!

  48. Truth Warrior

    The lyrics are kinda hard to track . Hes talking about how people can now ( circa 91 ) beat the system and be self made millionaires...then says " we are a lost generation " . The way a take it and took it back then is that there was a cultural shift coming...and there was . Rap artists were making millions on small labels , the rise of alternative music, things were going back to a street level . Maybe even financially. Things did change for the worse. I call it generation cynic . It was fucked up. The 90s sucked ass . This album was bloated pop metal, but this songs lyrics always stuck out to me.

  49. Tiga1820

    Dream another dream
    This dream is over.

  50. Sue H

    Cause it's a Rip Off!!, Dream another Dream cause this Dream is OVER!!!!! Dream another Dream.

  51. Jean-Paul Marat

    the best song

  52. MetalmaT

    I've always really really liked this song, it's certainly a deep cut. I prefer Roth over Haggar but this track has always just resonated with me. Great lyrics, excellent guitar work, rhythm is fantastic, Anthony sounds great on the backup vocals.. It's defiantly in my top 5 VH songs. The album as whole is great, easily the best Haggar VH album.

    Jon Mynny

    Yuck the Saints😂

  53. Fianchetto 84

    Rush has longer songs therefore they are better

    Go-go Akins

    Fianchetto 84 love rush👍

  54. Marcio Banfi

    van halen VOCÊZS $$$ ser show iii nóis tudo petralhas eusei iii tâ BOM BEM trampÔ U$A iii

  55. Nick Intro

    Great great song! Vastly underplayed VH song!

  56. Ms. Felony Strutter

    My fave song on this album. This album sold more than most Roth albums, correct?

    Rnrf 5150

    Vh debut and 1984 both went diamond platinum :)

    Bob Wolenski

    It sold more than fair warning, equal to women and children first, and less than the other 4 Roth albums.

  57. Curtis E

    One of the best albums of all time. . .

  58. Dis Count

    pssst ...............WAKE UP !!!!

  59. Robert Lackaye

    I am a huge van halen fan but the thing I don't get is why do people want new music? Van halen was fucking amazing in the old days but now people are interested in music that I think is horrible. They show zero respect for the spirit of rock. And the days where van halen would realease a new album every 2 years are over. Stop asking for new music. Enjoy the music that will still remain on the shelves.

  60. Don Thompson

    best band in my eyes.

  61. Andre Morris

    They should have played this after Hillary's concession speech

    Jean-Luc René V. Soto-Pintor

    @Steve Haller Trump is not doing any better, asshole. Trump is the worse president in history.

    Jean-Luc René V. Soto-Pintor

    Your dream is still going on...being Trump's little bitch.

    Jean-Luc René V. Soto-Pintor

    @Steve Haller Trump is not doing any better, racist asshole. You, conservative motherfuckers, are so believe Trump telling YOU that your own turd can give you a pot of gold.


    @Jean-Luc René V. Soto-Pintor Calm down dude. Nobody praised Trump here.


    @Jean-Luc René V. Soto-Pintor It's a fucked up world we live in.

  62. Lorrie Kasudluak

    I so love this song!

  63. Mark Huse

    trump 2016

    Mark Huse

    trump the nightmare


    GOD EMPEROR TRUMP, remember that!

    Go-go Akins

    Tough cookie get your head out of your arse👎

    ryan blaney

    Trump I'll vote for him again!!! And Hager being in van halen the dream is over!!! Lol! Thank god! It's over!!!

  64. Joe S

    Election 2016

  65. Michael Lee

    Jams !!!

  66. ss0238

    very fitting song, especially for today's climate.

  67. Gabe xoxox

    "Stepped on and cheated"-- ain't that the truth middle class America ???

  68. the artist

    Such a great song!!!!

  69. Trace zach daniels

    much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO !

  70. Paulo 78

    Uplifting song.

  71. Alicia Chea

    I just love the album title, because the first four letters in each word spell "fuck".

    Dodge King

    Hey wow I never noticed that

    Jordan Aguilar

    Alicia Chea Fun Fact, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge does mean fuck, But this word has gone back since the pilgrim days, that is what they use to say to people who committed adultery

    Scoop Johnson

    That was the cop try when they typed out the ticket for Fing in the park.

  72. Angelo Luna

    VERY underrated Van Halen Tune.


    Absolutely one of my favorites.  Great performance by Sam, and modernized "Fair Warning" Guitar licks...

    james williams of my VH favs !!

    Bill Corley

    but its not a VH tune according to the writing credits

  73. Kevin Ruffilli

    Sammy u got it kidd!

  74. Max

    I used to set this song as alarm clock... Every morning I was awaken by Sammy itself lol


    Haha, and I thought i was the only one!

    Bill Alden

    An underrated voice.

    Manikandan Vijayaraghavan

    What a voice for hard rock. The red rocker is awesome. Oh and Mr Edward Van Halen - phew! That solo 🔥🤘

  75. Jim Brimhall Jr.

    No doubt Good Stuff

  76. David Wicks

    Hey, come on, man, wake up..


    @David Wicks you forgot the "psst"

    David Wicks

    @TheDxlgames haha so true

    S Hurd

    +TheDxlgames That makes it better IMO

  77. adicu4243

    Those fuckers were cool in concert.

  78. NOel COsta

    my favorite van halen song...

  79. marcelotigre79

    "Sólo queda recordarla
    y como un rockero cantó
    Sueña con otro sueño,
    éste sueño terminó"

  80. Kev Ruff

    All time favorite :-)!!

    Jeffrey Miller

    Great tune, Eddie's Guitar is almost singing along with Sammy..............



  82. TheEarlymtv

    this song is very prophetic. today. Sammy was the man lyric wise

  83. james williams

    ..1991.. my high school years!...this VH album rocks !


    Screen 5


    I seen them in concert in St. Louis, Mo during this album tour. It was f'n great!

  84. sickphil71

    Wow, how prophetic was this song?

    Joe S

    Bush 1991...Trump 2016


    Apparently you were in favor of Obama crapping on the constitution for 8 years.

    Joe S

    Are you insane? Where did he do that?

    Sequential Treasures

    Keep thinking that, Jean-Luc. It's people like you who will ensure that he gets another four years. Not his supporters. And the funniest part is, you don't even see that and will be shocked when it happens. But the rest of us will be laughing at you for your blind stupidity.


    Jean-Luc you have NO clue to what you are talking was Obama's base that is racist (BLM for starters) and as for "Mueller" it was Hillary & the DNC that gave Russia $6,000,000 by their own admission...

  85. RobertYoungMusic

    Fair Warning had heavy bass

  86. Jalyn Duffield

    assume rock n roll brings back a lot o memories

  87. LT9856

    The riff that starts at 0:30 is like "Aint Talking Bout Love's" little brother.

  88. iownallnoobs

    @SDfreakazoid Fair warning had heavy bass