Van Halen - Secrets Lyrics

She aint waiting til she gets older,
Her feet are making tracks in teh winter snow,
She got a rainbow that touches her shoulder,
She be headed where the thunder rolls,
She got rhythm,
Got that rhythm,of the road
She get crazy,
Woman get crazy if she cant go
Ah but ah,she just looking good.
She comes like the secret wind
Shes as strong as the mountains,walks tall as a tree.
She been there before,she'll never give in,
She'll be gone tomorrow like the silent breeze.
She got rhythm,
Got that rhythm,of the road
She get crazy,
She get crazy if she cant go
Ah but ah,she just looking good.
You know how sometimes,you got to rush,
You're running blind,but she jumps the gun.
Question is,not does love exist,but when,she leaves,where she goes.
I got a feeling she dont know either,
Wait like the wind,watch where she blows.
Oh,oh, got that rhythm,
That sweet rhythm,of the road
Oh,oh,oh she get crazy,
Woman get crazy,if she cant go
Oh,oh a looking good
Ah yes!

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Van Halen Secrets Comments
  1. Mark Stephens

    The thing about Roth is not so much that he had a better voice than Hagar, which I absolute believe he did and it was not close, but that he could make you feel what he was singing about. He had soul. He had energy, charisma, a freshness, creativity, aura, that was pure entertainment and blended so with the rest it the band that it was magical. That type of collective genius and ensemble of synergistic giftedness at the same time and place comes around maybe once in a lifetime. They could never duplicate it as hard as they tried with Hagar.

  2. Deborah Hewitt

    In their time there was nobody better than van Halen. They were kings and the best. No one can take that away from them. They just simply ROCKED.

  3. Purple Daze

    And to all a good night...

  4. Paul McGehee

    Van Halen i shmack thee! Get back in tha Zone, bitches. NOW!

  5. Ms. Blaileen

    One of my favorite VH songs. These guys could do chill as well as light things on fire...

  6. JayZoop

    They kept rock n roll alive in the 80’s

  7. ross rondinelli

    What a great grooving song.alex got that swing, shuffle, down to a tee.( those paiste 's are quite spendid)

  8. John Burns

    was this one of the originals or a cover? i can never remember

  9. William Godfrey

    Man this takes me back... when life was so sweet, my teen years, discovering girls , life, all set to this kind of music

  10. Randy Irvan

    DLR at his best!

  11. Renia Der

    It's so lame. Sammy Hagar >>> DLR

  12. Sean C

    This and "Push Comes to Shove" are my two favorite chill out songs from VH!

  13. Glenn Hertel

    Some people don't know or may have forgotten how much we have been thru, P J playing with toy Jet Planes in front of the camera, Low flying Aircraft over the Bank Bld/Neighborhood. Ect.

  14. Glenn Hertel

    Yea if we don't kill him, well you know. Got to wonder Exactly what his involvement in 911 was. Seems like it was key in Destroying Evidence, Communication something about twins. Also kinda ?Funny Rambo In Afghanistan, when the USA got Played ( in my opinion ) Our involvement just seemed to Shift the Power to further the Heroin Trade.

  15. Aftersun 20XD6

    This is my 'chill' song. I use to have a house boat a few years ago. Me and my girlfriend was just lounging on it's deck one late Saturday morning in the summer just kicking back with a beer and soaking up the sun... and listening to this song. I loved this song as a kid back in the 80's but now when I hear it, I can just think of that morning when life for me was so damn good.

  16. J.D. Bradley

    The first time I heard this was in the early 1980s and I thought it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever heard. I still feel that way.

  17. Draco Vitae

    That rhythm section is delightful.

  18. Gary Leveroni

    Diamond dave ....the best

  19. Randy Irvan

    My favorite song on this record! Long live Van Halen!

  20. Beam Out

    Van Halen playing a mellow shuffle, Grateful Dead-style.

  21. AllSkinner

    I love Van Halen to death. When i first heard this song on Diver Down, it really stood out. Laid back rock. Reminds me of Cant Get This Stuff No More. Great Song!

  22. BigDad biker

    They came out around 79,the year i graduated high school,never stopped listening to them.

  23. John Alexander

    anyone here from jojos? bizarre adventure

  24. scotty p

    van halen is,,,,,, diamond dave,, eddie v,, micheal anthoy,, and alex v,,, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Kennedy Crevoiserat

    Yo can you guys make your kids listen to good music for fuck sake it is going to be so hard to save the fucking world

  26. Angelica C


  27. Purple Daze

    Missin my brother Paul Dean everyday..keepin on keepin on in his glory...KOOKOOKACHOO HEARTBROKEN BITCHES.

  28. Purple Daze

    I love you cybersheanan nothing I wouldn't do for you guys..KOOKOOKACHOO FOREVER PURPLE.

  29. Draco Vitae

    Haters must have shitty speakers or too much wax above their lobes.

  30. Julian Mulley

    When van Halen first did eruption people thought it was a keyboard cause nobody heard that type of guitar playing and they never knew that you could play guitar like that

  31. Moe Romo

    She comes like the secret wind
    She’s as strong as the mountain
    Walks tall as the trees

  32. Aaron H

    If VH ever had a quintessential underrated song this is it hands down, period!

  33. cfx5000

    Love this fucking song.

  34. RadioRoswellTV

    Incredible tone !

  35. Sweetpotato Johnson

    Underrated album. Yes, ALBUM. LP 33 1/3. The good old days!

  36. mark ruiz

    She get crazy, she just....lookin good

  37. Daniel Rifenburgh

    My favorite VH song! 😎

  38. Nick Godfrey

    Brilliant and lyrics “her feet are making tracks in the winter snow” and we can thank Dave for that. One of those songs that just grabs you and makes you tap to the beat.

  39. Randy Irvan

    one of diamond Dave's best!

  40. pink snapper

    My song! ❤

  41. Gary Leveroni

    Damn diamond dave where have all the good times gone

  42. c warner

    Another one I've forgotten about...damn so good ! Takes me back ....

  43. Fuphyter

    My sister and I used to go to a bar in the 70s. We always requested this song to dance to during live music breaks. One time we started walking towards the DJ and he "yeah, I know, I know" lol

  44. billy sheppard

    great tune, van halen rocks, lots of great stuff

  45. Chris Paneesh

    I like this track the best on Diver Down. Such an underrated song.

  46. Sailor

    Agreed Van Halen is undoubtably one of the best if not the best.

  47. AJ Leponiemi

    For all the new VH fans, check out Fair Warning and Women & Children First. They are some of the best rock albums ever and Dave's vocals are perfect. Every guitar god that ever played with Roth says he was the best entertainer. This era of VH and rock in general was golden.

  48. Sven Figueroa

    Are the backing vocals sweeeeet or what?!

  49. Seth Seiden

    Why does everyone hate on Dave's voice! So it was not American Idol back then, when was the last time you Sammy trolls listened to him without Backup sing live. All the greats sang different live back then and when they are 60,plus!
    Listen to Paul Stanley,Steve Perry, wait you can't anymore. Even Springsteen can't sing but he is great!

    Nick Brevitz

    Last year... And it was miles better than Dave has been this entire millennium. Sammy has aged in the vocal department much better than Roth, and in terms of ability Sammy always had him anyway. Roth struggled initially during the recording of VH1 and Ted Templeman encouraged the brothers to find another singer.

    Not to say I don’t love every album this band did with the first two singers... But Dave’s voice is pretty much gone and his vaudeville thing comes off weird now that he’s old. He did a good job 10 years ago when he approached the songs straight up.

  50. Randy Irvan


  51. Gunnar Ross

    Which movie was this used in?

  52. Carl Weaver

    I'll Wait and Secrets are Van Halen's two best songs.

  53. patrick kiraly

    Got skeletons in the closet also, as i was in line at the checkout , a lady cut in front of me as i was talking to the clerk ,secretly I knew that this woman had to run for the BR I laughed it off and kept Shh. van Halen is an awesome band !

  54. Buckflow

    The chord progressions in this song make me happy

  55. Ray

    Hands down favorite halen Jam

  56. Paulo Costa

    She ain't waiting til she gets older,
    Her feet are making tracks in the winter snow,
    She got a rainbow that touches her shoulder,
    She be headed where the thunder rolls,
    Ah, ah, ah
    She got rhythm,
    Got that rhythm, of the road
    Ah, ah, ah
    She get crazy,
    Woman get crazy if she can't go
    Ah but ah, she just looking good.
    She comes like the secret wind
    She's as strong as the mountains, walks tall as a tree.
    She been there before, she'll never give in,
    She'll be gone tomorrow like the silent breeze.
    Ah, ah, ah
    She got rhythm,
    Got that rhythm, of the road
    Ah, ah, ah
    She get crazy,
    She get crazy if she can't go
    Ah but ah, she just looking good.
    You know how sometimes, you got to rush,
    You're running blind, but she jumps the gun.
    Question is, not does love exist, but when, she leaves, where she goes.
    I got a feeling she don't know either,
    Wait like the wind, watch where she blows.
    Oh, oh, got that rhythm,
    That sweet rhythm, of the road
    Oh, oh, oh she get crazy,
    Woman get crazy, if she can't go
    Oh, oh a looking good
    Ah yes!

  57. jeff heyne

    Haters? On the mighty Van Halen? Give it another listen!

  58. C S5

    not just a great song in its own right, but also one of the best guitar solos ever, and also a perfect retort to the popular current internet opinion of "dave could never sing".

  59. Sven Figueroa

    I DO NOT give a shit what anybody says: this album was good. Period.

  60. Fuphyter

    LOVE this f*ckin song!!!! My sister and I would hang out a bar with live music. In between sets we always requested this song to dance to. One night we walked over and he said "yeah....I know" lol

  61. Randy Irvan

    Best tune on this album!!

  62. Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast

    First Van Halen album I ever had. Stole my oldest sister's LP copy to point she got pissed and my parents bought it for me on my 7th birthday in January, 1983. By age 7, I was a fan of Van Halen, Styx, Bob Seger, The Eagles, Pink Floyd, Men at Work, The Police, Def Leppard, Ozzy, Journey, The Rolling Stones and with me it was albums on cassette or LP. The 45 happened one time in late 1984 with Dennis DeYoung's Desert Moon (it failed), within a week, had the album on cassette (I enjoyed the album).

    Brings me back to age 7 in 1983.

  63. RastaSaiyaman

    Love this song.

  64. Chris Hamilton

    I literally had a rather strange dream where Michael Anthony was just around the street, or the corner, just after doing some time on the water. It was very powerful, strange, yet I miss him like Hell.

  65. David Rogers

    I was listening to these guys long before i seen them in concert or heard Dave talk. So. I was hooked on the music 🎶 . The best in my book

  66. Randy Irvan

    One of my favorite Van Halen songs!

  67. Минтон Бaрри


  68. Pam Bains

    ahh ya so f** sweet ! mmmm

  69. Glen Munro

    shit hot

  70. Scott White

    If Roth would just sing the songs in concert instead of acting like a fool people would not gripe. He still has the voice to do so except the screams....

  71. Edje001

    Sounds like Jan Akkerman, song produced in 1977:

  72. Randy Irvan

    The real Van Halen!

  73. WWIIman1942

    This song has so much style to it.

  74. Edje001

    Do I hear Jan Akkerman in this......Tranquilizer........ ;)

  75. Rebecca Galvez-Lackey

    true gods,o yes

  76. Bob S. Stevenson

    has to be one of the gems of the roth era. another great example of eddies overlooked rhythm playing.

  77. Randy Irvan

    One of Dave's best!!

  78. Susan B.

    Super underrated tune! this song is Van Halen perfection ❤️

  79. BC M

    One of Van Halen’s best songs. I was sad to hear Eddie felt this was his least favorite album

  80. Wychwood Ave

    Diver Down was my gateway Van Halen album. I was hooked and went back and found first 4 LPs. 2 years later, 1984 dropped and it solified the group as my favourite hard rock band.

  81. Dustin Punks

    You know what’s incredibly funny? This apparently is VH so called B side tracks. This album is better than 90% of all the rock and roll imop.

  82. John Harrold

    Great cd,

  83. TheTheratfarmer

    i can't sleep. a cat.

  84. cheranth010864

    Not many rock songs are this fucking smooth and this fucking good.

  85. Truman Carter

    I think it's about being in love with a younger woman

  86. Martie Gerecke

    That sweet rhythm of the road...

  87. Tim Dry

    Love this!!

  88. TheTheratfarmer

    cats don't even look me in the eye and jump up and crawl to sleep right next to me. i love women too, lol.

  89. TheTheratfarmer

    i do not listen to lyrics, how do i end up with these type of women over time, lol. they are the wild ones.

  90. LeeT44

    Epic song.

  91. King Aragon

    Good catch

  92. Jim Norrison

    This is the best porn music I've ever heard.

  93. Brad Query

    lot of haters out there on this band... in their hey day, nobody came close. they absolutely rocked in their prime!!!!

    Chris Glendinning

    ya i agree , i heard vh 1 when i was 9 or 10 , they were and are so amazing , so many magic moments ( at least for young guitar nuts)

    Chris Glendinning

    think u had to have guitar head to really get some of the van halen stuff , there are some impossible riffs on every album , the rhythm section is highly underrated , vh 1,2 wacf , and fw , and some off diver down ( secrets) are in their own league and i feel untouchable

    Superior Health

    They can carry their hatin ass sumwhere else! V.H rocks


    yeah but the people that matter understand how Ed changed the game. One of my favorite solos here. Very Holdsworth.

    Patrick O'Donnell

    Haters? Who? Soy boy Millennials and gen Z kids? Their opinion doesn't matter because their musical tastes are informed through NSYNC and back street boys and Brittany Spears and Christina Aguilera and Limp Biscuit and dubstep or whatever the hell else shit music they're into. This is the real shit.

  94. nilson neran

    Van Halen muito bom sempre !!!

  95. Edwin Nunez

    Unreal memories. Miss NY.

  96. Molton Rocka


    Ethereal Catholic

    Molton Rocka Oh yeah!


    I cried when dave left in 84. Wasn't the same!!

    charles kandrut

    VAN HALEN 85-96 RIP

    Sweetpotato Johnson

    Van Hagar :(

  97. Rich Speers

    My first VH album.  I was a metal head and didn't really like this song at the time.  Now I love this and really appreciate Dave's lyrics as I get older.  This was really produced well too.  A nice, clear analog sound.  This LP had a mix of everything on it too which I've really come to enjoy.

  98. Dio Rules

    After all these years I still don't like this song. I know I'm in the minority. I try to like it I swear. It just never did anything for me and Eddies solo, while amazing, just seems out of place. Oh well...

  99. Shimanofan

    She got a rainbow that touches her shoulder

    moncorp1 Inc

    She'll be gone tomorrow like the silent breeze.

    charles kandrut

    More stupid Dave Roth lyrics

    Richard Linville

    @charles kandrut You`re so smart here ya go Skippy take the mouse and click "Solve"What did you do in your life?

  100. david de Figueiredo

    This song is so sexy