Van Halen - Learning To See Lyrics

[Eddie Piano Intro]

The loss that you feel, I know that it's real.
It's so hard when love is blind.
You put your heart on the line.
Now you feel like I'm wasting your time,
But I know that someday, somehow, you'll learn to love.
I knoooooooooooooow (oooooh)

I'm learning To See
But I don't have glasses
You broke every heart
by the masses
That you weren't meant for me... (ohhhhh)

They said our love was out of sight,
But you smashed my heart in two
And that just wasn't right. (ooooooh)
'Cause at the end of the day you could just walk away,
When you find what you want isn't even the thing you need.
I knoooooooooooooooow. (uh huh)

[Chorus 2x]

[Eddie Van Halen piano solo]

And all that you've lost, it's not all that you've gained. (no)
There's something that's left behind. (uh huh)
If there's a tear in your eye,
There will be a blue sky.
The time of your life,
When you were learning to see. (oooooooh)

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Van Halen Learning To See Comments
  1. Andrew Rodriguez

    This clearly sounds like they were never in the same Room at the same time

  2. joe Pipe

    When Hagar dont search a pop song, make a good song

  3. Steve Wages

    Should look up Catherine from Eddie vanhalen

  4. Caroline Percy


  5. El Nińo

    Great, hardcore, heavy metal-Van Halen-style song. . lyrics are on the deeper side and the guitars, oh my the guitars are incredible. . talk about a TRIPPY and HEAVY guitar solo. . very interesting with a modern flourish. . always been a favorite of mine from them, from the waaaaaaaaaaay underrated "Buddhist Era of Van Halen" which I'd say went from the 95 Balance record on through A Different Kind Of Truth. . yeah, great music.

  6. Viva La Vivas

    Went back to this album this week and man this reminds me a bit of Soundgarden somewhere in there, Chris Cornell could have sang this song.

    William Seyfried

    Viva La Vivas 👌🏻

    Collin Keemle




  8. Jason Greenwell

    Kick Ass that’s all I got to say. We as Van Halen fans are being deprived of great music from Hagar and the Van Halen brothers. I miss this band.

  9. James Shamburger

    Another Killer Tune

  10. James Wells

    It doesn’t seem like 14 years have passed since this small offering from Van Halen.all 3 songs Ed’s guitar is all over the place which to me was good its kills me to have think if they could have gotten along and finish a album what the rest of it would sound like.

  11. echoeman

    So obvious the chemistry was long gone at this point.

  12. Will Johnson

    Sorry. This song SUCKS.


    that's okay. so do you. lol

  13. krystal Kat2

    Well I am a van halen freak

  14. Neemias Silva santos

    Sound Very good ,heavy

  15. Deenie Beenie

    rare moment in which neck pickup is used

    Yeah Whatever

    Not it's not. He always used with Hagar.

  16. Larry Smith

    We all need 2 take a look in the mirror.

  17. Larry Smith

    My thoughts.

  18. giuliopoli69

    Hagar song definitely!

  19. Jordan Bugge Sr

    It's just a great band that's went through changes as we all have through the decades. You can't please everyone. You gotta roll with it. These guy's get told this and that by producers etc and all want to reach their own satisfaction. Ask Ed how long he worked on Caroline to get it just right?. I have been working on a song for seven years and it's not perfect, I won't settle for less.

  20. Miss Piggy

    I quite like the 3 songs from best of both worlds

  21. DVincentW

    I used to listen to this in my conversion van on the beach at Stuart Beach Fl...
    Always takes me back.

  22. simon richardson

    Sammy Hagar has such a tremendous voice. His Montrose stuff is f***ing awesome as well

  23. simon richardson

    oh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. herewegoaround

    Man! What a TUNE!!!

  25. Mason G

    Great song. The ending is very abrupt tho. Sam's voice sounds amazing on this track. He always sings his heart out

  26. Jonny Babich

    love the intro

  27. Dusty Croson

    The song is alright . But the solo is good . :) wish they would reunite with mike and sammy for a fall 2016 tour . That'd be awesome since Dave can't sing now and eddies son is a fat slob who can't sing


    Sam's writing has gotten terrible with time, not that it was ever great. They need to leave it alone.

    soluciones jonathanarias

    tell us more about them, you seem to know their whole lives well enough.

    simon richardson

    haha, say what's really on your mind, dude!

  28. R Ma

    EVH's heaviest alternative style sound, he sound so FAT here!

  29. Mark

    Ah... the melody that we've come to know from Sammy. That's the problem. The guy hasn't changed a fuckin thing since 1974. He's very complacent for a Jew.


    @ShadowOfTheWave That would explain it 

    Hans Klopek

    +ShadowOfTheWave Lee Roth is a jew circus performer, Hagar is an A CLASS gentile musician with more chops than that rat Rothstein.


    @Hans Klopek Thanks for correcting me. I wasn't aware of that... honestly


    Well I really liked both eras of Van Halen/Hagar. I really liked the 1984 album with David Lee Roth and their very first album. I really liked the "5150" album and "For unlawful carnal knowledge" from Van Hagar.


    Mark and Hans, please stop being Van Halen fans. I don't want to be associated with your racist asses in any way!

  30. Sam Sykora

    Eddie's guitar solo at 3:23..... :O

  31. Greg Rinchich

    Does anyone know what the hell Sam and Eddie were fighting about ???

    John Bonham

    Eddie's drug and alcohol problem/massive ego/mistreating Mikey, and Sammy being more focused on the Cabo Cantina and his liqueur company than Van Halen.

    Green Bay SixxString

    Sammy didn't want to tour is what started it. That and the Twister movie soundtrack. Sammy's wife was pregnant in Hawaii and Sammy didn't want to keep flying out to re-record parts for Humans Being. VH said he never should've committed to doing it. Eddie's alcohol problems didn't help either.

    Green Bay SixxString

    @John Bonham Eddie's ego? It's His band. Sammy had a big ego back in the day. Listen to his interviews.

  32. Theuniverse Isaniceplace

    Amazing to know Eddie was a drunken slob during this time. Beautiful guitar melody. Typical Sammy Hagar bubble gum lyrics lol...

  33. mario duhaime

    j aime bien Sammy Hagart mais j aime mieux David Lee Roth le vrai Van Halen...

  34. Todd R. and NIKKI

    What amazes me is that Michael did not play bass on these three new songs they recorded with Sammy back in 2004. He of course played bass on the subsequent reunion tour...but was on a salary. Eddie...what a SHITHEAD you turned into!!!


    @Michael Chavez Well, I think Sam and Eddie are still a little rocky with each other. Plus, Eddie most likely sees no point in letting Mike back in, since his son took the bass. But we can always dream. A Van Halen reunion is more likely than a classic Guns n Roses one.

    William Getz

    @stinkydo0d It would help if Sam would just stfu with all the negative stuff. It has gotten way past old.


    It would appear that you were incorrect on that one, sir (i.e. GNR). :)

    Neon Eviscerate

    Viva, where's Izzy and Steve then?


    yeah, Eddie was not his better self when still under the influence, which was most of the time back then...but people also need to realize, Eddie played at a level no one else but his brother could compliment, and he was a perfectionist...

    SO, Michael, with his lesser ability drove Eddie crazy, purely from a musical standpoint. It's been said that Eddie remastered some of Michael's bass tracks on some songs by himself, in secret, to get them right, or right by Eddies vision. That's just how it goes with superstars who are better than the rest. Let's be fair Michael was not considered a really strong bassist by most. These guys were friends who started a band, not professional musicians who auditioned for these jobs. Except for when they hired Sammy Hagar actually. Eddie said they originally wanted a female lead singer for the vocal ranges, but Sammy could do it all; that guy can whale...and they got along so well in large part for that reason.

    My point is maybe Eddie didn't handle it properly with Michael but you have to acknowledge the issue he was struggling with for years. Eddie didn't have a problem with Sammy, because they understood each other and their creativity together was endless, and Sammy's ability was there.

    HOWEVER, Sammy and Mike became really good that complicated matters worse at end of the Van Hagar years...and a possible reason why Sammy is still not all that receptive to Eddie, since they're still together now.

    I don't think Eddie is or was as big an Ahole as he gets generalized for being back then because most people don't understand his struggles with Michael weren't just about who likes who, or alcohol influence, etc...but he did do some mean things to Michael Anthony, no doubt...and I hear Mike is a super nice guy.

    Either way, we have a full TWO eras of awesome VH music. When I think of other bands that have lasted this long, there's mainly been one sound progression, who can think of major bands with entirely different careers of sound both of which were at the very top. Only other I can think of is Chris Cornell with Soundgarden and then AudioSlave. Another gift to music.

  35. Ziggyzag Zi

    i rather listen to Ed w/ out SH on this,guitar is the way. great voice , but after 10-15 songs, enough. dont forget to listen to Montrose, tho...

    Chuck Panzarella

    Ive followed them since i was 16. I saw em in the fox theatre on the v.h.2 tour. Very intimate venue for 7.50$. Next time in 1980at an arena.3rd row. The band was on point but dlr sucked bad. Last i saw them till 86 which as the video shows the whole dynamic changed. They were a band not a vegas act. Dlr cant sing and is an idiot. Van halen is my band and i drives my friends crazy. Their best song areent even on the radio. Put mikie and sam in and I'll go c em along w/ s shit ton of other people. Stay frosty hand down best song on adkot


    joe Pipe

    @Chuck Panzarella Dave sucked? You are crazy man.
    In this song Hagar scream like a female, fuck.

  36. Mark Waters

    The greatest guitarist & band for the next century. PERIOD!

  37. TheAntman1265

    Great song!

  38. lithiumlounge

    wtf? I never even heard of this song!! And i call myself a Halen freak?

    Patrick Saints

    lithiumlounge i've heard it before but never really gave much attention --good one, especially the drums..!

    Geniuss Maung

    I also 2019 November


    @toddvandell85 Saw em in '78 at Cain's, Tulsa. Shook Mike's hand on his way to the bar! With Sammy in '92(?) Dallas. I concur.


    I saw them live myself, actually. It may have been summer of 1978 or 1979.
    It was right about the time Van Halen II was about to drop.
    Anaheim Stadium, where the Angels still play baseball, though it's not called Anaheim Stadium these days.
    But that concert was actually a twofer that day: Boston was on tour with Sammy Hagar opening, and Black Sabbath was on tour with Van Halen opening for them.
    They converged on Anaheim Stadium.
    Sam opened, then Van Halen, then Sabbath, then Boston closed.
    Helluva concert.
    We were about as far away from the stage as we could be, in the 2nd to the last row all the way back.
    One more row, then you'd fall into the parking lot.
    Still a great show, even though the stage was far enough away that there was a sound delay.
    Was also the concert where supposedly Van Halen all jumped out of an airplane, landed in the empty field across the freeway from the stadium (which is now the parking lot for the Honda Center), got into a waiting van, which drove them over and let them out right in front of the stage.
    It was a memorable entrance, especially for a band that had been opening for Black Sabbath.
    I feel pretty certain that was the last time Van Halen opened for anyone.
    You could already tell they had that headliner attitude and energy.
    I kinda felt bad for Black Sabbath, because Van Halen blew them off the stage.
    Ozzy was doing these jumps that made it look like he was trying to emulate David Lee Roth's acrobatic leaps, and just failed rather pitifully.
    But Sabbath was touring their Never Say Die album, which I liked, although it seemed like every critic had nothing good to say about the album.
    I remember Sam doing a lead guitar battle with his guitarist at the time, Gary Pihl, too.
    That was pretty awesome, because I hadn't realized Sam was such a good guitarist himself.
    And Tom Scholz, leader of Boston, did this really awesome pipe organ solo, too.
    The roadies rolled out a full blown church organ with like 5 or 6 keyboards or however many there were, and the entire back wall of the stage was the pipes.
    That? Was crazy.
    Boston was touring behind Don't Look Back for that concert, 40 some years ago.

    Dan Maler

    How can you be a Van Halen freak and not know that they released a greatest hits album in 2004 that contained 3 new Sammy Hagar songs AND that they TOURED the album in 2004????

  39. giuliopoli69

    canzone Hagariana :-(

  40. Ewolf5150

    as opposed to sammy hagars comparing women to grade A steak in good enough?

  41. Susie Moreno

    Sammy and a sober Eddie would make it

  42. CMT Productions

    The New album really sucks

  43. William Clark

    Tattoo and the rest of A Different Kind of Truth are just killer. It's taken me several years to learn to accept different things from my favorite band, in this case it's being able to enjoy some of the Van Hagar era. But I agree, this song is a bit on the stranger side, and not in a particularly good way.

  44. William Clark

    As I said previously on another video, the entire new Van Halen is liquid fucking awesomeness!

  45. blackrockdude1

    NIMROD !!


    love this song. its fucking bad ass

  47. Tmantebow

    I kind of like this song. Sure I haven't been around to witness the old Van Halen but I don't know, it's kind of catchy, and it's a whole lot better than up for breakfast.

  48. Wyld Lane

    think layers. for example, the background of the solo sounds like the whump whump whump from the Wild Times soundtrack at or near Donut City. Besides, who listens to the singing dancing bear anyway. Enjoy the ol' VH (todays Ludwig Van)

  49. Wyld Lane

    On the grand scheme of things...Eddie is a master musician and Sammy is a master human being. History doesn't lie.

  50. Kane Litwiniec

    This is the first and hopefully last time I have to hear this song. It does sound terrible. Like Sam and Ed are fighting over who shines more. The guitar and melodies are a complete fucking mess. The last 30 seconds are the best part of the song, except for Sam's last bit of screams. Like he probably truly didn't give a fuck. HE said in an interview that 20 shows into this tour he would of walked if not for a strongly written contract. He said at the time Ed was a miserable fuck.

  51. aalton

    @MrVHWolf Love the new stuff from VH, it's epic, but this was a huge Eddie brain child. Sammy sucks in chicken foot cause the lyrics sound like cheap blues cliche's, but EVH was out of control when this was recorded and had his hands all over the production and the majority of the compositions if you wanna call them that. It sucks big time, but it isn't hangar's fault. Van Hagar was great up through balance, but I'll always prefer DLR with them.

  52. hirskdubbi

    @red5150ful hahahaha thats priceless oh wise one. i assure you Sammys lyrics are nothing close to grounbreaking or even memorable. This is NOT vanhalen,this is some lame ass shit here

  53. σοφός


  54. mesarock2vh

    Another decent VH tune sprinkled with Sammys sorry ass cliche lyrics!

  55. Mat Rix

    The form in this song is terrible---none of the sections link together.The chorus isnt bad,but the "mellow verses" sound like a completely different song.And Sammy's lyrics,while never great,are at an all time low on this song.Stupid as hell.And some of the notes he's singing are just painfully bad.


    You could say that about all 3 new songs from this album. They basically threw 3 songs together. Had Ed been in a better place at this time they prolly could have worked together better and came up with some better songs. This reunion was doomed from the start. The chemistry was gone because Ed wasn't Ed anymore. Also Sammy prolly didn't waste his best lyrics on VH because of that as well.

  56. Beerm3

    @Kickstart25 I liked Van Halen with both singers but I agree it's only Van Halen with Roth..

    Eddies playing and song writing in the Hagar era was awesome but doesn't fit Roths tone or lyrics etc.. and as cool as some of the songs on vh3 were we wont speak of that.
    I guess the rumor is they went back to old demos of the 80's.. so hopefully we get some Oldschool sounding shit with a new vibe.

    I don't see it as a comeback.. I just hope it sounds like Van Halen and doesn't suck. =\

  57. blackrockdude1

    IT WILL SUCK WITHOUT M.A. PERIOD @Kickstart25 !!!

  58. blackrockdude1

    ...I'd rather have Mike & Sam back.

  59. blackrockdude1

    I agree. But the new stuff will suck without Mike's "supersonic" high-end background vocals. Who's gonna make up for many of Roth's shortcoming vocals live. Plus Roth can"t perform like he once could. No more Bruce Lee impersonations (THAT'S THE ONLY THING THAT SAVED HIM, but that only helps so much). He's more like Wayne Newton now. I guess Vegas changed him 'cause Roth ain't what he used to be. He used to start the show flying off Al's drums. Now he walks down a ramp (?) WTF !!,

  60. derek bee

    cad bitchin ..