Van Halen - Jamie's Cryin' Lyrics

She saw the look in his eyes, 'n' she knew better
He wanted her tonight, ah, and it was now or never
He made her feel so sad
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
Now Jamie wouldn't say, "All right", ah, she knew he'd forget her
'N' so they said goodnight, ah, oh, 'n' now he's gone forever
She want's to send him a letter, uh yeah yeah
Uh just to try to make herself feel better
It said "Gimme (gimme a call sometime")
But she knows what that'll get her
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
Now Jamie's been in love before (ahhh)
And she knows what love is for (ahhh)
It should mean, a little, a little more (ahhh)
Than one night stands, whoo
She want's to send him a letter, uh yeah yeah
Just to try to make herself feel better
It said "Gimme (gimme a call sometime")
But she knows what that'll get her
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
Oh, whoa, whoa, Jamie's cryin'
[Repeat til outro]

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Van Halen Jamie's Cryin' Comments
  1. Antonio Torres

    40 yrs later, and Jamie is still crying!

  2. N Mercedes Villa


  3. Air Assassin

    Best Van Halen song 🤘🏻

  4. Jon

    till this day

  5. Jamie Ragar

    That’s my name thanks dad mom wanted a boy so ....

  6. Jamie Ragar

    Than one night stand lol

  7. Jamie Ragar

    Who sent that?

  8. Buck Gonsalvez

    I gotta relive my youth again before I die … MEMORIES

  9. Adam Mentzer

    It's actually spelled Jaime and the J is capitalized.

  10. Mac Urban

    The guitar parts!! And the vocal harmonies!!


  11. 549charger

    Check out Little Dreamer

  12. Angela Granata

    Could listen to this over n over and never tire of it!! One of my very favorites❤❤❤ The old Van Halen is still better then today's music

  13. Edward Jacob

    2019 -eddie van Halen great guitarist. Fucking awesome.

  14. Jayme Figueroa

    Jayme’s crying😭

  15. Andrew Farkas

    1:21 when the skovren snapped

  16. David Garris

    Real music and a real person and band.

  17. B H Mch

    Jamie needs to get together with Billy Joes "Virginia" and realize only the good die young.
    Sister Christian knows this.

  18. Edward Jacob

    2019 my daughter just graduated from high school 17.she thinks I'm weird. Lmfao...

    Alex Pardo

    Edward Jacob Weird why?

    Edward Jacob

    @Alex Pardo because of all my music. Lol.

  19. Jamie Springer

    My name is Jamie and I am crying thank u

  20. megamarsonic


  21. 010101110101010001000110

    "She wants to send him a letter...." Teens today are like..."send him a what?? Why not just text??" Oh how I miss the pre-Internet days sometimes........


    010101110101010001000110 young People know what letters are, you dolt.


    @pyropulse You think I was completely serious....I think that makes you the dolt. And a hypersensitive one at that.


    @010101110101010001000110 Lmao, too fucking cute. No shit you were joking, but the joke was fucking stupid. Someone called out your stupid joke; "they are hypersensitive."

    You embody boomer values, but I don't think you are a boomer. So weird. Your joke was 100% boomer tier, and so was your response. You have boomer humor; it isn't a bad thing, just cringey.

  22. The Rad Man

    Now go listen to Tone Loc Wild Thing.. hehe

  23. Fatima Botello

    The besttt

  24. Joe Joe

    The commercials blow! For the feeble

  25. Edward Jacob

    20192019-great guitar...Eddie van Halen...

  26. Christopher Morrison

    owo owo owo jaime's cryin

  27. Michael Feezor


  28. Mike Campbell

    I was in my prime when this era was about lots of rock, girls, booze,snd drugs! And hot cars as and bikes ! I might add this song is allways best with eruption first then jaime's crying!

  29. John Doh

    ♪♫ Wild Thing ♫♪

  30. Luis lazaro Machado mazorra

    Buen grupo pero es una lastima que Davi Lee Roth se separara del grupo

  31. Michael Feezor

    Great backup vocals

  32. Noah Kracht

    This song is the beast

  33. SKilledP0TATO

    Used to jam to this song in the car with my dad. Still just as good as it was when I first heard it in the 90s!

  34. Sunny

    When the mythbusters ended

  35. Fabricio Ocampo

    best group music in this style 70 years rock

  36. James Franson

    IS. HE OR SHE, What,s. The song. Talking. About.

  37. Anthony Mitros

    Saw and payday are nobody's so is Carmine too. There just a dicrace to what the real MC's bring. Sucker MC's don't mess with me.

  38. Scott Burton

    One of VH's best songs!

  39. unknown studios official

    Is no one going to talk about the lyrics? They're dark AF

  40. Daria Wells

    If I were a stripper, this would be my jam.

  41. scott dean

    dam what else did Jamie do? crying then a gun

  42. scott dean

    Van Halen, not Van Hagar

  43. Guillermo Cortes oyoque

    I said when I play this. Music I going to get my end of promotion WY I need to pay my promise and I did did now some we wish but it happened 😂

  44. Ken Hall

    this is the song sampled in tone loc's "wild thing"

  45. Fox Mulder

    Tone Loc SHOULD thank Van Halen, for samplin' this song's intro for Funky Cold Medina:

  46. Eddie Willis

    Myfav jam Jamie's crying

  47. Jeffrey Richardson

    overhead door tools
    jimmy lamothes sister fools
    cool national pools

  48. Edde Willis


  49. Garrulous Arse

    This album changed EVERYTHING

  50. stardaddyo9

    Tone Loc is a theiving bastid

  51. Fluff McPuffles

    my mom has two songs with her first and middle name, jamie’s cryin and roxanne. i’m jealous lol

  52. Sam Reich


  53. MusicZombieGirl9999

    What happened to RnR bad ass love songs????

  54. Gregory B

    This tht skate rink music..80's bby 🤘🏼

  55. Bobsegar Shit

    That fuckin intro tho 🤘🔥

  56. Neel

    I love the guitar/drum intro! Dial that to 11 for sure

  57. Michael Williams

    She saw the look in his eyes, and she knew better.

  58. Terry Masters

    If your a guy named Jamie, sorry!

  59. Jon Morgan

    Jamies been cyin for a long time.

  60. Cal Burge

    Great band too bad the Van Halen boys are egotistical assholes

  61. Tweak C

    78-84 were the some of the best times for everyone, gotta love VH not to mention motley crue was right afterwards man we were all getting laid

  62. Vladimir Putin

    "I say GIBBY"

  63. Edward Jacob

    2019-please someone take my back to the 80's.lmfao.a great time.

  64. Edward Jacob

    2019- absolutely fucking awesome.

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  66. Brady Hess

    I prayed for a Van Halen concert that I attended with my Playboy Bunny friend years ago. The Van Halen brothers were quite obviously inspired by the Holy Spirit and put on an awesome show, yet they are still unrepentant. Alex is near death with a failing liver. It would be a crying shame for them to lose their God given talent in hell.

  67. Edward Jacob

    Eddie played guitar in Michael Jackson video beat it.

  68. Edward Jacob

    20192019-fuck yes.

  69. Edward Jacob

    20192019-just fucking awesome.

  70. Craig Davis

    Tone Loc-Wild Thing!!!

  71. Teresa Blair

    I love this song

  72. David Dover

    IT'S ....JANIE.......NOT JAMIE......YOU DIP SHITS!

  73. Ellis Woodall


    Jason Barnes

    Are ya mental?

  74. Brady Hess

    I think Jamie got over it by now...She has found some sperm bank with a fat wallet, pumped out some babies, gotten fat, divorced him and taken half of what he is worth. The rock star wasn't so dumb to forget her after she blue balled him.

  75. Rat Man

    Tone loc...Wild

  76. Edward Jacob

    20192019-fuck yes.

  77. Sherri Smith

    Great rock I always loved named my puppy Jamie after this song from a child growing up in the 70”s

  78. Spark That J

    All instruments and vocals are just on point to the fullest, so crispy 🔥

  79. watershed44

    AA3JF brought me here let Jaime know.

  80. Devin Cavazos

    Why do I think of Jamie Lannister?

  81. Bob Abooey

    Thank You Chiam Weiss

  82. Milo Terronez

    Old Folsom... Them crazy ass white boys.. skin it brother!

  83. Audra Love

    Sorry I didn't mean that

  84. Audra Love

    Fuck off


    Him or her. Both right?

  86. Lance D


  87. Lance D


  88. Carson _____

    I got bit by a dog today

  89. Loose Lucy

    Good tune

  90. John Adams

    Very tight group. Makes you want to throw rocks at rap shit.

  91. Roomhead

    man, jamie kept fucking up in the 80s.

  92. charles bissett

    R. you. Really. crying. Jamie?????

  93. Dio Collins

    I really like how Michael Anthony's voice sounds in the background, love it man!

  94. fuzzy apple pie

    495 are cryin

  95. Fred Virtuoso

    certain songs the entire band clicked regarding Roth actually singing something in a unique style only he could muster... this is one of them.

  96. Yamaha Music Ambassador

    Van Halen 1 Total Classic! At 16, it was testosterone charged crazeeee!!!

  97. Jamie Dawdy

    I was actually named after this song lol my dad was on his way to the hospital when my mom was having me and they hadnt picked my name and this song came on so my dad said let's name her Jamie! Wish hed have listened to the lyrics....

  98. D Lilly

    This is some of the best from VH.

  99. Average Johnson

    This song is about males forcing themselves onto females and the emotional impact of male crudeness.