Van Halen - Dancing In The Streets Lyrics

Ah yeah!
Calling out around the world,are you ready for a brand new beat.
Summer's here and the time is right,for dancing in the streets,
They're dancing in Chicago (They'll be dancing)
Down in New Oreleans (Dancing in the streets)
Up in New york city (Dancing in the streets)
All we need is music (sweet sweet) sweet music (sweet sweet music)
There'll be music everywhere.
There'll be swinging,swaying,records playing,dancing in the streets,Oh!
It doesnt matter what hat you wear,just as long as you are there,
So come on
Grab a guy,grab a girl,everywhere around the world.
There'll be dancing,dancing in the streets.
(Oh)Its just an invitation,across the nation,a chance for folks to meet.
There'll be laughing and singing,music swinging,dancing in the streets
All we need is music (sweet sweet) sweet music (sweet sweet music)
There'll be music everywhere.
There'll be swinging,swaying,records playing,dancing in the streets,Oh!
It doesnt matter what hat you wear,just as long as you are there,
So come on
Grab a guy,grab a girl,everywhere around the world.
Dancing,dancing in the streets,
Way down in LA,everyday,dancing in the streets (Dancing in the streets)
San Francisco way, (Dancing in the streets), they do it everyday now,
(Dancing in the streets)

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Van Halen Dancing In The Streets Comments
  1. Edgy Emo Kid

    This song makes me wanna dive into someone's body and destroy it from the inside out

  2. MyKittyPercy

    The beginning of the end for Van Halen. EVH did not want to use this synthesizer piece for a cover song. Especially this song. But, DLR and Ted Templeman got their way. The rift kept getting bigger *sigh*

  3. bakedme

    I really love pink Annasui but at this point it seems he’s gonna be blue if the anime gets adapted :(

  4. Tommy Allman

    I'm surprised that Eddie didn't fix his mistakes @ 3:06-07

  5. BrAnD

    This album was the beginning of very big changes for Van Halen...

  6. Brad Reeder

    Really listen to the lyrics and feel the darker vibe of this cover. It brings to my mind an homage to civil unrest and rioting. All the cities listed are places of extreme ill repute...

  7. Alex Beyblade

    dancing in the streets gets run over

  8. Buck Gonsalvez

    Reliving my youth .. AWSOME

  9. Dark Requiem

    Back then, they made really stellar covers like this and You Really Got Me.

    Dark Requiem

    Which is also in this album as well. Van Halen doing covers really was great.

    Todd Baker

    @Dark Requiem also another good one was youre no good

    Dark Requiem

    How about Ice Cream Man?

    Todd Baker

    @Dark Requiem oh hell yeah.

    Todd Baker

    @Dark Requiem even DLR's california girls was amazing

  10. AHS Society


  11. Visible Depression

    Came for the Stone Ocean reference. Left with a brand new favorite song.

  12. J. O

    This song makes me wanna dance in the street 🔥

  13. rodolfo huezo

    Great remake

  14. Two Black Labs

    Ahhh...the song that furthered the rift between Diamond Dave & Eddie V...Eddie & producer Ted Templeton... and eventually lead to the ultimate breakup of Van Halen.
    Eddie’s ego might’ve gotten the best of him and probably made him make one of the rashest decisions in Rock & Roll history by separating with DLR...

  15. 1kurto

    No wonder they split up

  16. mike odonnell

    teens LOVE cigarettes, beer, weed & sex

  17. Adam Spears

    & this is the beginning of the end of van halen.

  18. Blackwood Richmore

    The opening synth rythm reminds me of the ZZ Top Eliminator album.

  19. just a amateur

    This sounds hella funky, i love it

  20. Highspeed Tarantado

    DivER DOWN!

  21. Lord Xenu's Follower

    That bruh moment when you change stand abilities mid part.

    Bip Bup

    And sex

  22. G. Moore

    This packs a punch there in the beginning. Just a great power-packed intro. Uplifting tune. Starts: dodododo Boom!!! whooooooo! ahh yesss (or yehh).. Best woooo maybe ever. Good job on the woo. Need more of that intro. Extend that plz.

  23. Johnny Chunders

    No adverts. OWWWWWW! fuck yeah!

  24. Николай Русев

    I don't want jojo cucks here

  25. Domino TV

    "Diver Down.....i can use it to kill you.....FROM THE INSIDE OUT"

  26. Teresa Roberts

    Trump's song for 2020..go Trump...


    No Trump

    Mr. Ha

    That's not Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

  27. Bernard Saturnino

    girl or boy

  28. Norman Cook

    The beginning of this song transitioning from the synthesizer to the guitar - absolutely incredible!

  29. werner caspary

    Sweet memories of my teenager years. Miami Sunset High - class of 1982....unforgettable.

  30. Plasma xander

    SUMMER'S HERE AND THE TIME IS RIGHT, FOR *dying at the hands of a gay priest with a bdsm stand*

  31. Benjamin Enchilada

    Odd cover choice for Van Halen but still far better and more fun than the original.

  32. [ Hector C N ]

    [ D I V E R D O W N ]

  33. heyitsmemarcus

    What if
    You wanted to go to heaven
    But Anasui said

  34. 『 палава палачинка 』

    What if you wanted to kill FF
    But Anasui said
    *Hippity Hoppity your legs are now froggity*

  35. Frankincensed

    Makes me light in the slipper.

  36. Bryan Mcwhite

    2019 Rules forever van Halen s the best 👍.

  37. zachbdude

    This song makes me want to leave my girlfriend and be happy!

    D .Dankey

    Are you not happy with your gf or what?

  38. NPC #76409543

    WRIF played this all summer long. They never played little guitars, my favorite track on the LP.

    Nosaj Iksnek TooUglyForPorn

    WRIF does play a LOT of the same songs over and over.

  39. Guido Mista

    When you dive into a dude's legs and turn them into springs


    Bruhver Bruh


  41. #ThầnThánh

    Where are the JoJo fans?

  42. Paul Bergeron

    Great cover!!! They added a swaginess to it.

  43. Jason Stonestand

    Eddy in his prime.

  44. zz chief

    there are way less jojo comments than I would have thought

    Diversity Deliverer

    Most of the jojo comments can be found in the comment section of the diver down and pretty woman tracks by van Halen.


    Trust me, when part 6 is animated we will see a very different comment section.

    Wes Bell

    Switched from Van Halen,being my favorite band, to Led Zeppelin, when I was a wee lad. 79,80 I was 12. HAD TO GET AN ELECTRIC GUITAR!! WANTED TO MAKE THE SOUNDS,THAT MADE OTHERS FEEL LIKE I FELT listening to the complexity of Eddie V H, and the swagger, I guess, of James Patrick Page. LZ!!

    just a amateur

    I think its quite nice because of that, the jojokes these days are so forced its just nice to see people enjoying the music

  45. Kevin McCrohan

    if the ego's, drugs and booze didnt grab them. mmmm

  46. Hot Rockin'

    Love Diamond Dave & the groove on this superb version! Oh! & those backing vocals!😆🤴🎸

  47. Hasaki

    You know why you came here. Annasui's watching from the alternate universe.

    David Ryder

    No clue what the hell you're talking about. Some sort of cartoon?


    @David Ryder He's referring to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, a series by mangaka Hirohiko Araki.

    J.W. Taylor

    @David Ryder ohhhhh

    J.W. Taylor

    @David Ryder spongebob

  48. Sniper_Artwork

    Anasuis has a good stand


    A top 3 stand, if you will.

  49. Coffee

    This song makes me feel like switching gender mid part.

    Makz Ionut

    @TENTA that is not confirmed by anything. Just like Fugo being too broken and was removed from GW, or Josuke saving himself from thr past ,those are only fan theories. The last 2 are even confirmed by Araki to not be what the fans think.

    Jean Greff

    @Makz Ionut Fugo was indeed too broken,he could have easily killed Diavolo in the church,it only loses to a couple of really OP Stands

    Mountain Man


    Mountain Man

    Well, I think you got the feeling, but whatever....I'm dancing anyways

  50. o_O 0_x

    We are dancing in Lowell 👍👍

  51. Guy Jones

    Love the intro..


    Great track

  53. Chiara Teruzzi


  54. Bryan Sarracino

    Eddie’s guitar solo is underrated here...

  55. Byzantios1

    Back then, as much as the Van Halen brothers disliked this album, I always thought this was a cool song.

  56. Pela Cable


  57. Chris Hamilton

    The Scar of Seven. after I show my leadership abilities. Bezos doesn't trust me with a chance.

  58. TheTheratfarmer

    Dave? i don't , yes. some part of Van Halen.

  59. TheTheratfarmer

    Mike too, is 25% of Van Halen.

  60. Sacriphyx

    Synth or not, why on earth would Van Halen cover this song? Waste of time on the LP. Just ask Van Halen himself.

  61. mountaingoat1003

    This sucks, pretty bad.

  62. G. Moore

    Still one of the best build ups of the start of a song. Amazing stuff. Song just pumps you up.

  63. Atila Page

    Sweet, sweet solo!

  64. AndyGinterBlues

    That freakin' solo...

  65. john schomer

    My ex girlfriend Sue Linde and my sisters Karen and Vicky use to go out in the street and dance to this song.

  66. Josh Stephens

    They just recorded Diver Down to keep their name out there following Fair Warning.

  67. Ulric Kennedy

    After listening to this, iv'e decided David Lee Roth is the only thing missing to complete the Bowie/Jagger video.

    Bill Belzek

    Bowie/Jagger version was basically a faggy clown show --- only Dave and Eddie could make this song ROCK

  68. Terry Neeley

    I have a memorie.desota Springfield township, Aron Pryor ,his naborhood he lived of my favorite boxer's.i useto travel to Florida for when it reached cold weather I would travel to Cape Coral,then in 1985 that stopped because of a complicated situation of a death.

  69. サイトウサトシ

    sounds cool for 2019. It's not old !

  70. TheTheratfarmer

    every VH remake was better than the original.

  71. Allen Wiley

    Go Valen!

  72. Philip Salter

    The most energetic songs they did.

  73. Bud Lee

    I don't understand why VH hates this song . I think it's one of the better songs on this album . Of course the best one is The Full Bug but , this one is good .

  74. Malcom Sendelback

    I want to finger this song


    Ok Malcom

  75. joe egbert

    oh Yeah !

  76. Engineered

    This is Van Halens worst song ever!

  77. Red Becker

    Best drinking partying song on jukebox in 82-83 Shakeys pizza Cheyenne

  78. Vanei Pontes

    Great Band / Great Álbum


    I believe it‘s actually spelled „ÆLBŪM“

  79. Frank Patraziebe

    Great cover of a great song!

  80. David Lape

    Best jam for last day on earth lol. Grew up with Halen. They are the best. 🌏🔥🎸

  81. cellini051

    This is one of my favorite Van Halen songs! If anyone can do a cover right it's them. This is such a cool and creative take on the original.

  82. Daniel Rosenfeld

    This is my favorite version of this song.

  83. James Friend


  84. James C

    Hands down best version of this song


    Hands down, period!


    Best remake, yes.


    Better than Jagger/Bowie version?

    Blair Darby

    @iggy082 🤣

  85. Joseph Vineyard

    Oh. Theres gonna be dancin.

  86. John Poston


  87. TheTheratfarmer

    i said it before, VH makes a better recording. sorry,

    Frank Patraziebe

    True but a lot of those 60s classics had poor recording quality. Give Martha 70s sound quality and you'd see.

  88. Nancy Lynch

    CARMAN is more vibrant than ever..

  89. haskpts

    .. and Johnston, Rhode island.

    marcus murphy

    Warwick RI. Yea boy

  90. Erin Condon

    My brother just took a test on landmarks in the Midwest and one of them was the “motor city” and so I had to show him this landmark song to go along with him lesson.

  91. Patrick Geis

    Great summer song everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  92. Sandra da Silva

    David bowie sorry... But this sounds better

  93. Manuel Villalba

    Que banda, por Dios !!!!!!

  94. Chris Damon

    You know, I worshiped Bowie and Jagger, but this version mutilated that garbage version they did a few years after this. I always liked Van Halen's cover of this. It made me want to get up and dance. It kills me to say it, but Bowie and Jagger's version was just putrid.

    john roudebush

    Chris Damon the grateful dead does a great version

  95. Jason Ruppert

    Gayest Van Halen song.
    Well it's a toss up between this and "Jump"

  96. Daniel Rendon

    Brings back great memories...

  97. karlmoles65

    I was 17 in 82. And if you weren't there, you'll never know how wonderful it was.

    Chiara Teruzzi

    @DTOM, ¿eStamos? magari a tornare indietro!!!

    Bill Belzek

    80's was the last truly great decade in American culture --- the last time people truly loved and laughed and knew what having a good time really meant --- today's world is TOXIC and headed straight to Hell --- mostly because of Commie Trump and his white nationalist Deplorables stinking up America

    DTOM, ¿eStamos?

    @Bill Belzek I was 100% with ya, placed the blame upon the solution rather than the have backwards and upside down.
    Your use of the word commie to describe Trump betrays your total lack of knowledge not only of politics and philosophy, but of Donald Trump and his beliefs and policies. While the slow creep of communism and corruption has after 70 years now become the normal and accepted state of our government and society, Donald Trump has made his opposition to it very clear in words and in actions. I never liked his personality or his style as a person. But his honesty and patriotism are more important than his choice in hairstyle or interior design atrocities. He is uniquely qualified to finally expose and remove the corrupt elite democrat/republican sham ruling class and return the republic to a place where the constitution matters and justice applies to all, regardless of status. Why are you fighting for the crooked establishment?

    Sr Elle 2.1

    oh yes.I won't know how good this song is.I mean, it's not like I could hear it right now.

    Wyguy the French Fry

    But you didn't have JoJo part 6 in 82

  98. Rob Simpson

    Better than the Original!!!


    Dont know if I would say that BUT it is better than the Jagger/Bowie redo.

    Cryo Judgement

    Anything David and Eddie worked on was gold

  99. P G

    jesus, Eddie's solo is so raunchy and raw yet lighthearted almost like he's giggling up and down the fingerboard

  100. Brandon Van Delden

    And by the way this is an AWFUL version