Van Dyk, Paul - Together We Will Conquer Lyrics

Time will always tell
The reason why we love so well
Now I know what's mine
Stand the rest of time

Try to picture the answer
To the question of my heart
Keep it in my mind
And when that's looking we'll find

Together we will conquer
Together we'll conquer

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Van Dyk, Paul Together We Will Conquer Comments
  1. chris cole

    We are more than conquerors !!!

  2. Esper the Bard

    The nostalgia of this music goes right to my core.

  3. jasonheman

    Amazing Paul!

  4. Love Star

    tonight in portland

  5. Bert Alan

    One of my favorite tracks of all time

  6. Saji Babu Chandran

    Have been searching this forever.....

  7. Frank ONeal

    ein meisterwerk.....danke paul. du bleibst mein idol und bist der meister der elektronischen tanzmusik.

  8. HoodSensei

    This was the first trance track I listened to while blazed af, waaaay back in '03. That was the best high ever.

  9. Erika Barber

    Be still my delicious it almost hurts!

    Love Star

    deepest blue track title

  10. pinkstrumpet

    Trump's theme song.


    fucking random but that made me chuckle

  11. Eduardo Melendez

    great song!!!!

  12. Joseph Call

    this is what trance is all aboht me n my girl love t hj is jam

  13. Jyrki Aaltonen

    This is meditation of music for open mind indeed...

  14. Érick Zazueta

    Hope this great album will be available in iTunes + Apple Music!!

  15. Dariuz

    One of the best electronic music piece in history!!

  16. aloha hello

    had this album "out there and back" in 2000 ...14 years ago, hope i was young again.

  17. daniel brown

    you mean paul and his EX wife? he filed for divorce years ago!

    Sebastian Sek

    tranceone11 he has new wife and, yes, he is divorced from Natasha. #ownedknobhead

  18. Dario Haida

    I cant imagine paul and his wife doing this beatifull song....long life to pvd and his wife!

  19. Matzerium

    My first trance CD, Paul Van Dyk introduced me to this wonderfull genre that still today follows me wherever I go, thanks PVD :)

  20. Algazar

    This track is classic, brings back so much memories...amazing how much effect on one this track can do...

  21. Robert Cone

    This album was so awesome. Reminds me of commuting to college on a cold winter morning, driving on a frozen highway for an hour, watching the sun come up over Lake Superior.