Van Dyk, Paul - Tell Me Why (The Riddle) Lyrics

Tell me why, tell me why

If I could open my heart again (if I could, if I could, if I could)
Must be me why I feel like smile again
If I could open my heart again (heart again, heart again)
Must be me why I feel like smile again

The morning comes and the snow is falling
The morning comes and the snow is falling
The morning comes and the snow is falling
The morning comes and the snow is falling

Tell me why, tell me why
Tell me why, tell me why

The morning comes and the snow is falling
The morning comes and the snow is falling

The morning comes (I can understand the reason)
And snow the is falling (tell me why)

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Van Dyk, Paul Tell Me Why (The Riddle) Comments
  1. Billy Huddleston

    The best do in the world I grew up listening to this uber dj ich lieb dich paul van dyke

  2. Gyöngyi k

    So good music..👌💥

  3. antonio gaspari

    Simply the best PVD 🎩🎧💖

  4. Shaun Dixon

    John askew’s remix of this track is on point!

  5. Lincoln Project DJ SBSW


  6. Una Therman

    Fanks ❤️

  7. gigabytekilla

    The ruler of trance

  8. ayup_me_duck

    Underated massively!

  9. Ellie Mae

    2018 and it’s still hot AF

    Charlie Smolinski

    U know it Girl! 😀 In Trance We Trust! 🎶

  10. Amir F.

    wow, massive one :D

  11. Dan Bryda

    One of the best trance albums of all time


    definitely one of the dopest album covers too!


    Absolutely agree. Great album ☺

  12. Dariusz Kulach

    This is a magic... i was listen this album a hundred times ...18 years ago.

  13. Benito Goldman

    Spring of 2000!

  14. Marek Ds


  15. Nick_Khodakivskiy

    Actually good

  16. Alex RaGo

    :) =) "÷$#@)₩¥_%

  17. NREAL

    State of the art track from a state of the art album.

  18. Lawrence Lee

    great trax

  19. Una Therman

    I mean paul

  20. Una Therman

    1 night Derek was upstairs and all I wanted to do was spin your vinal on the decks and I said if pUl is doing a six hour set so am I funny true story

  21. Una Therman

    I respect you!

  22. richierich

    This is proper PVD nice energy.

  23. Big Rich

    What can I say that hasn't been said already on here ??? 😱🙏

  24. Mech Hakim

    wow nice song

  25. nombre apellidos

    piece of art

  26. Max Cady

    asking me asking me asking me wonder if I could wonder if I could wonder if I could !

  27. JCT Skauntine


  28. paul butler

    I first heard this in year 2000, bought it on cd called, slinky Fator 3 . Back then i didnt have a clue what i bought when it came to dance/trance music just aslong as it had strong beats etc. This track stood out for me and loved PVD ever since.

  29. BigiBeef

    what an absolute fucking monster tune - PVD 6 hr sets at Crasher

  30. Scott Graham

    Excellence :)

  31. Jimmy Dean

    Lol, HONESTLY,... I think I feel kinda bad for anybody that didn't grow up listening to Paul Van Dyk and his early albums (Out There and Back, 45 RPM, Seven Ways, P.O.D. #1 etc.....)  cuz, MANNN I would be SOOO UPSET if I were any of you guys, I'm sorry... but FOR REAL, They don't make albums like these anymore kids! :) PVD Ol' Skooler <3 4 LIFE!!

  32. Tazaiyar Ahrayah

    classic. oh the nostalgia..

  33. Yohkoh

    Excelent track! I love it!

  34. sharvae gajathar

    Progressive Trance at it's best <3

  35. Digital Age

    amo tanto esta rola gran maestro van Dyk vive por siempre

  36. Luis Montijo

    Back for more :)

  37. José Velasquez

    That sound <3

  38. Luis Montijo

    Just pure class

  39. Melanie Wilkes

    Southsea ...fab x Makes me wanna dance!!

  40. Kryptyk Mynd

    Amazing track! Loved it for years now. Timeless!

  41. Red Shift

    Tell Tell Tell, Me, Why...

  42. Jennifer Jones

    I love this track! I was looking for this particular mix, with the breakbeat switch up. Thank you!

  43. Maria Thompson

    After all these years and it's still so fresh and really takes you to another place. Simply awesome! I am never tired of it!

    Steve Key

    yup. released in June 2000.

    Raver Till I die

    makes me feel 30 again....

  44. Владимир Ефимов

    Один из моих самых любимых миксов ! Я уважаю создателя этого трека за великую трудоемкую работу , ведь создать такое очень непросто. 

  45. Alexandros Lizekas

    I consider myself blessed that I can and I hear a so huge producers - artist like Paul Van Dyk. He was and he is always in my heart.

  46. zulupolice

    try RAMMSTEIN;)

  47. obito55

    best for racing ;)

  48. Daedube

    I like more the version of global but i love everything coming from pvd

  49. Jordi Santos

    Uno de los mejores temas del Sr Vandyk, Paul van dyk - Tell me why..........

  50. nickelxp

    Por eso eres mi ídolo! saludos desde México. D.F.

    anonymous 4

    nickelxp ya estuvo en mexico y ace poco en veracruz estuvo chingon 👍