Van Canto - Hells Bells Lyrics

I'm rolling thunder, pouring rain
I'm coming on like a hurricane
My lightning's flashing across the sky
You're only young but you're gonna die

I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's putting up a fight
I've got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya, Satan, get ya

Hells bells
Hells bells, you got me ringing
Hells bells, the temperature's high
Hells bells

I'll give you black sensations up and down your spine
If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine
See the white light flashing as I split the night
'Cause if good's on the left then I'm sticking to the right

I won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's puttin' up a fight
I've got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya, Satan, get ya

Hells bells, ooh
Hells bells, you got me ringing
Hells bells, the temperature's high
Hells bells

Ooh, won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives
Nobody's puttin' up a fight
I've got my bell, I'm gonna take you to hell
I'm gonna get ya, Satan, get ya

Hells bells, Satan's coming to you
Hells bells, he is ringing them now
Hells bells, the temperature's high
Hells bells, across the sky
Hells bells, they're taking you down
Hells bells, they're dragging you down
Hells bells, gonna split the night
Hells bells, there's no way to fight, yeah!

Oh, oh!
Hells bells

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Van Canto Hells Bells Comments
  1. Rakanarshi2

    All I can think of is the chick singing and a deep masculine voice coming out.

  2. Zerbröselus Zerbröselus

    Coole nummer. Last euch nicht unterkriegen. 🤘

  3. Adam McHenry

    i love this band but i miss Sly, no offense to the new dude but without him the band truly does sound like a gimmicky acapella band. New dude has an amazing voice and range though 😄

  4. sessy01

    Sometimes I find myself singing along and wonder why there isn't a demon in the back singing in drop G tune and below giving the bass that fearsome rumble like the Doom Slayer just walked in.

  5. Eggsplosion Jones

    Came for the “bum bum”, stayed for more “bum bum”

  6. Tony González

    I want a pedal wah for my guitar
    Do ro ru tum tum

  7. hindRV

    Bravoooooooo............. R

  8. EvilEmuEmpire

    No... no riddly diddly? What do you mean there’s no riddly diddly?


    Benny Greb approves

  10. TheTheDevilwithin

    A really great Band

  11. Angel Maldonado


  12. Kathi Maus

    I love it.
    I love the new sound of the band.

    Hagen is such a great singer. Can't wait to rock with them next year.

    Hagen, your are awesome. Go on! Rock it.

  13. Павел Миронов


  14. Jaime Abraham García Ocampo

    This is the stupid "band" I ever listen to

  15. ilove Lana

    BR ???🔰🔰

  16. Philippe Medhy

    Sympa mais je préfère largement l'orignal :p

  17. Alex Navy

    Лучшие! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Ritter D_U

    Like from Russia, with love

  19. frdx

    0:52 so the greybeards have called

  20. Mart1031y

    I really, really liked this version. I think Hagen's voice is a really good fit for this song.
    The video is simple, but to the point: people singing :)
    Nice work and keep up the rakkatakka!

  21. Angel Luduena


  22. Дмитрий Архипов

    Bring back the old frontman or the band will die like van Canto

  23. no go

    Besser wie das Original....vor allem nicht so Reich gefressen und arrogant...

  24. system crash

    Как всегда на высоте 👍

  25. Rostiy

    I love that Voice. But the bells at the beginning, could be a little bigger :D

  26. Justin Green

    Props to the vocals not perfect but acdc is a hard act to follow

  27. Mateo Clivio

    I miss the old sound man It's like a body with no Soul man

  28. Benjamin Carmelo Borg

    No fucking guitar?

  29. Jota Pê Otto

    Ficou Muito bom esse cover, parabéns Van Canto

  30. Toy Bonnie

    Jesus Christ does Hagen need some tea after this?? Somethin' for that throat cuz good DAMN

  31. tj rhythm

    Bum bum bum bum buuuuum bummmmm. 🤟🤟

  32. Victoria

    I dont like de new singer. I miss Sly, i loved his voice.

  33. Daniel Streuter

    Haven’t seen you guys for a while - hope you’ll change this misery!
    Grüße aus Osnabrück, auch wenn ich euch (und Orden Ogan) schon hinterher gefahren bin 😉

  34. Mask

    Hilfe 🤮

  35. Rou Koe

    Höö, wo is denn der Original Sänger mit dem VanCanto Tattoo am Unterarm,....??

  36. Bilbo LotR

    Damn thats great. Keep going. Greetings from Germany!

  37. Sandra N

    Erinnert an ACDC.....

  38. A.C. Dragonlover

    I really do like Hagen's voice here. I don't think he's a bad singer at all. But his voice just clashes way too much with the others. One of the best parts to albums before was just how amazingly well everyone's voices blended together. I think Voices of Fire really showed this off fantastically. But Hagen's voice is just such a strong contrast to the others that it always sticks out. This song works because the vocals are a natural fit for his range and style. But I can go and listen to Bard's Call, If I Die in Battle, or A Storm to Come and almost get lost in the sound. I just don't experience the same thing with Hagen.

  39. RoKenX2

    get your real singer back.... RIP .....

  40. Benneducci

    ::wince:: Sorry, VC, I love your other albums, but this new guy just isn't working. I suppose that he's trying to sound like the original singer here, but 'castrato with a bad smoking habit' didn't sound good for them either. Just my two pfennig...


    Listen to the original... he's singing in the same style


    @key015 Yes, and as I said, the vocals sound awful in the original too. I realize that you're likely going to cry heresy or something, but that's how I see it.


    @Benneducci then you don't hate the new guy, you hate rock from the 80's lol


    @key015 Well, I'll admit I wasn't big on rock in the 80's, I was more into Alan Parsons Project and I was also eight, but I seriously doubt that every lead was that bad at singing. Bottom line - I don't enjoy nasal screaming, nothing more, nothing less.

  41. Soulcleave

    like its great, but if i heard this years ago as one of the first songs, i wouldve laughed, and then kept going and forgot this band existed

  42. Alex Hristova

    this is hilarious. it feels like the new vocalist is getting his voice purposefully this high, but from the comments i'm getting that it might actually this ... nerve grating. which is unfortunate.

  43. der Finger

    Ist doch totale Scheiße....

    das ihr solange nichts mehr von Euch zu hören gegeben habt!
    Krasse Stimme und Geil, Geil, Geil!

  44. Eliss CZ

    Awesome ❤️❤️❤️

  45. ChrisHasVideos

    Sounds more like Accept than AC/DC

  46. Иван Алексеев

    вери вандефул!

  47. Sentenca -7

    Ich bekomme Ohrenkrebs und Kopfweh zugleich.

  48. Sentenca -7

    Oh Gott, muss das sein. Muss man mit aller Gewalt, geile Songs so verhunzen.

  49. Matze1972 z

    Ich vermisse Sly, aber Hagen macht hier nen wirklich guten Job!

  50. massiccio81

    I neri per caso del metal. Per me snervanti. Non ha senso.

  51. Douglas Lee

    As a first timer to this channel,looking at the thumbnail I thought maybe it would be a really version of hell's bells.
    I was NOT expecting these men and women to be shouting BUM at me!

    Alexandrasays .x

    Douglas Lee *heavy ?

    Also, how very odd.

    Alexandrasays .x

    Also @ 1:40 and other points, I don’t like how this singer keeps on signalling that i’m a wanker.

  52. fabrice sautois

    Magnifique ❤️👍👍👍👍👍

  53. Leftist 1996

    I will always be grateful to van canto how i found myself through them and how their music helped me build my personality. It was the first power and symphonic metal band I listened to and Id never have discovered the genre without them. I dont want want to offend him and he surely is talented in a way but Hagen just doesnt fit into this band well. His voice doesnt go well with Inga's and this is just not "my" Van Canto anymore. I am not saying they need a Sly double and nobody will exactly replace him. , as much as I miss him but even if it is a leadsinger this role should kind of make the band stronger in what they are and not make them something different. I personally feel like Van Canto lost track of their own path. Nightwish for example didnt just get another soprano voice to imitate Tarja but after a while they found someone that also kind of makes the band complete and I feel like Hagen despite his qualities as a singer is just not the missing part that adds into the bands puzzle. I used to download almost every song of Van Canto but I didnt do that with a single one since Hagen is there. I want to be a loyal fan and not just turn away from the band but I just cant enjoy this music. Regarding this comment section it looks like the band has no future with Hagen and people will turn their back on you guys if you dont look for a better match. The similarity between Hagen ans Sly is that they can both do a very high and very low voice but while in Sly i felt like it was also high=gentle/warm and low= rough /cold this is exactly what Hagen cannot provide. Listening to him is like agreeing to people who arent into metal and say that it would just ruin your ears and he lets you choose which way you want it. Even if it sounds like it I dont mean that he cant sing or doesnt have a nice voice but the band makes him sound terrible and he makes this obviously great band sound terrible. Since it would probably be an unhappy choice for the band to find a replacement for Sly because he is just out of concurrence it would maybe be an idea to get 2 male leadsingers along with Inga, one with a high and warm voice and one with a low and cold , growling voice, both coming out quite natural and not as forced as Hagen does it. I feel like specially a cappella bands cant do much harm in becoming quite big and it gives them more options within their frame. Sorry for this long comment that I just had to get off my chest. I am actually german like van canto but I thought i should write it in english and if anyone actually ends up reading this I would be curious to hear in which of these points you agree. We that are still hearing these songs surely want van canto to become a band that we can listen to again with pride and not just while hoping that we are still in transition here so I find it important to communicate our thoughts to them openly and I feel like I owe them honesty. Obviously band is nothing without their fans and listeners.

  54. Shawn Stoudt

    The voice of vancato this group has always been great

  55. Shawn Stoudt

    This was great and wonderful and even if it was not acdc it was awesome wishmaster

  56. T0r T0rri

    This remind me AC DC

  57. Дмитро Костюк

    Sorry but this is not very interesting

  58. Алексей Максимов

    Круто!!! ракатака

  59. Alisson Mendes

    Sonoridade fantástica! Dá-lhe Van Canto!!!

  60. J j Zzz

    Malisimo pero Malisimo!!!!!!!

  61. TomicaCZ

    Hagen has good voice, but it seems to me that Van Canto didn't wrote the songs for his voice. I'm especially sad because Hagen can growl really well and there is no song on the new album which would benefit from that. Well maybe Desert Snake... I was so hyped when you released Voice Number 7... But the new album was kinda disappointment :( But I wouldn't say that it's due to lead singer change.... It feel like the music isn't that powerful and well composed like it used to be.
    I'm looking forward for your new stuff and really hope that you will come out of this stronger than before :)

  62. Слава Зовальнюк

    Забойно и круто

  63. José Eduardo Girón

    I'm sorry but your new singer is a totally disappointed

  64. Txu 18

    Comentarios en español xfa...que es esto...

  65. Alehandro Mogil'ery


  66. Hawkalicious

    Ernsthaft....Musik klingt gut, aber eure Videos sind einfach nur .....*Fremdschäm*

    The Super Secret Squirrel Society

    Ich sehe jetzt nichts was ein Fremdschämen verursacht

  67. John Pitt

    So, I'll be going around all day now singing "doe doe doe doo doo."

  68. Bulli81

    Super klasse

  69. Nonskiller

    4:58 = He's disappointed.

  70. needleswolf


  71. Gosia Kacewicz

    Sly... I miss you..

  72. Павел Заброда

    Привет из России!!! Ребята Вы супер!!!

  73. Weozet

    Die beste A Capella Band der Welt schlägt wieder zu

  74. vinuristhebest

    I LOVE the guitar vocals in this song <3

  75. Nikolay Sergeevich

    Ему яйца раздавили? 🤔

  76. Emilia Schmidt

    Das ist genial! Da schlägt mein AC DC Herz schneller!

  77. Pytúr \m/

    Wer sind die? Hammer geil

  78. Nobody

    This is a fantastic cover!

  79. Tres

    One of the few songs from "Trust in Rust" that I liked. I like this kind of music videos where the focus is more on the song and and the band rather than bombastic visuals (which can be great too though).
    Hagens voice just fits the original song and the general style really well. However... Sorry to be "that" guy, overall I didnt much like his performance. Its a matter of personal taste so this is nothing against him himself, the band or anything of that sort. Its just that to me his vocals dont fit the style of Van Canto. That and the fact that I found the recent album overall more dissapointing than anything else (not just the vocals but also lyrics for certain songs and the "instrumentals"/arrangements) makes me a bit worried about the things to come - seeing how I wasnt the only one who was a bit underwhelmed by it.
    Anyways, not sure if this is even going to reach anyone: band member, fan or otherwise but regardless,
    Best of luck for whatever you are planning next and I still stay tuned for new stuff. Maybe things will grow on me again. You guys take care!

  80. The Mystic Euphoria Project

    Just amazing ! LOVE it !

  81. Никита

    Выкладывайте видео чаще, ё-маё!

  82. rus russian


  83. ninja2336

    I love you guys keep up the good work. Much love from Scotland

  84. Klaas-Jan Paauw

    I want to like the new singer, but for me this is the only song on the last album that his voice can carry. I just don't understand the decision to hire him. It's like when maiden hired Blaze. It just doesn't work. I hope next album will feature a different singer.

  85. Joel Navarro Vercher

    Echo mucho de menos a Sly

  86. Draztikus

    disappointed they used a real bell and not had a guy go "BONG BONG"

    Amanda Soares

    @Planche Vincent I take u didn't get the joke....

    Nicolas o viking mais rapido do oeste

    @Planche Vincent wooosh


    @Planche Vincent is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's the joke.

    Matthew McAlpine

    Maybe it is a guy going "BONG BONG", he's just really really good at it.

  87. Kay Rene Eiser

    Geile Version 🤘

  88. Luis Henrique

    Nice! AC/DC 🥰

  89. badboy0579

    Guys, you've done it, plunged right into the atmosphere of young of AC/DC, thank you for enduring classic rock sounding for a new

  90. dwight_fry

    Nailed it !!! \m/ ^.^ \m/

  91. Sepilein1

    wow heard nothing of them for quite a while now...i really liked this song with the voice the new singer had but was at fear if the "new" leadsinger voice will be good in other songs from yeah i dont think so for me after checking some out.
    First the Joy of the recommendation and now the bad suprise that the newer songs dont work for me. Dont know how to feel about it...but yeah lets drive trough the old songs one more time :/

  92. Mateusz Sawicki

    Hello from Poland. Gooooood job

  93. FoXz

    Damn did not expect that voice. Actual goosebumps.

  94. John Nelson

    First song where I think Hagen fits, otherwise, no. It's unfortunate that he and Inga's voices clash so terribly. This is the first Van Canto album I don't own.

    Jessica Averbeck

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Was disapointed with the first recorded pieces with his voice, thought it might be better in a live concert and left a few weeks back the concert at rockharz open air, his voice is good, but does‘t fit with the female voice of Inga, no contrast… what a shame, I really loved the band… 😔