Van Canto - Badaboom Lyrics

An ancient legacy
Turned into a song
Of confidence and hope.
Spreading endlessly.
A view to the end of all
Horizons and beyond.

We'll get to the core tonight.
Our forces will prevail.
For too long we've been doomed.
Release our Badaboom.
We draw a line of sight.
New air we inhale.
No more are we doomed.
Release our Badaboom.

Rumours were afloat,
Turned into reality
And finally brought to life.
Letters that we wrote
Became a melody
Granting deep insight.

We'll get to the core tonight.
Our forces will prevail.
For too long we've been doomed.
Release our Badaboom.
We draw a line of sight.
New air we inhale.
No more are we doomed.
Release our Badaboom.

And we'll find a way
Through darkest nights,
Our road enlightened by the moon.
Every step will lead us
Closer to our might.
Our final aim appearing soon.
Release our Badaboom.

From no one to someone.
From nowhere to somewhere.
To any places one can be.
We will find our way
Through darkest coldest nights.
This is for eternity.

We'll get to the core tonight.
Our forces will prevail.
For too long we've been doomed.
Release our Badaboom.
We draw a line of sight.
New air we inhale.
No more are we doomed.
Release our Badaboom.

And we'll find a way
Through darkest nights.
Our road enlightened by the moon.
Every step will lead us closer to our might
Our final aim appearing soon.

Release our Badaboom.

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Van Canto Badaboom Comments
  1. Cheshire Sims

    Anyone else notice how all the bands whose instruments were stolen were all bands Van Canto did covers of? That's not suspicious ...=)

  2. uesdto signin

    1:17 From "Helloween - Dr. Stein" to "VAN CANTO - Badaboom"

  3. Swings Subliminals

    Lol who else thought the men in black were gonna steal Joakim too?

  4. Talatharas

    Ozzy... ????... sabaton who was the mid group



  5. Talatharas

    that sabaton... *dies*

  6. oddy joker

    I have some question ??? what songs are sung by other bands in this video
    except for sabaton I dont the other songs

  7. Daryl Lonigan

    r/unexpectedsabaton WHAT THE FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!

  8. Anvilshock

    With kind support by "LINE6"???? What did you use a Line 6 for?? Paperweight?? Exploding amp prop? Because you can't possibly have considered putting one of their colossal piles of dogshit into any serious signal chain!

  9. Dead Light

    The Hetfield WTF was perfect

  10. Dead Light

    This is hilarious

  11. DarkGames26

    Que es esta vaina!! 😝🤤😒😒😒😒😖🤢🤮

  12. Der Mopf

    Hoecker... sie sind raus!!!

  13. Johnston Fleming

    discovered these guys a few weeks glad i did....

  14. José Castrillo

    This is awesomly good and funny af. NICE.

  15. simonlibik

    So apparently big metal bands dont have any backup guitar lol

  16. Daniel Davis

    nothing compares to Billy Joel's for the longest time

  17. Nino

    I love how they add some of the most well known metal bands in there just for that weirdo scientist to steal their guitars xD

  18. Alex Lambino


  19. jp0005jp

    daihatsu, daihatsu :P

  20. Electric Blue

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkkk AFF existe isso né, esse mundo precisa acabar

  21. Bradly Henson

    The   Woman  is   GORGEOUS,   When   I  think  of   what    God's   First   Woman   ''Eve ''   might   have  looked   like,   I   now   See   HER.    Her   Voice  is   perfectly    Matched   with   her   Beauty.    This   is   an  EPIC   Band    I   Wish  they  were   more   Popular.

  22. Joe Mclaughlin

    What about a keyboardist ? Most chorus groups have a piano player, perhaps lose the drummer ? It sounds empty, but interesting attempt at metal music !

  23. TheSchuetzeP

    Hoecker sie sind raus.

  24. TheSchuetzeP

    Returning to this one after hearing the new single releases is like going from the Trump presidency back to Obama.

  25. Yav Yav

    Je suis pas fan de la musique en elle même ( c'est très perturbant ) mais je trouve l'idée super intéressante

  26. Fillipe Luna

    The rakka is takkating in the bada of the boom!

  27. shandic001

    I love this videoclip, this song and this group, i love you all guys, u are simply awesome.

  28. Aureate Amanuensis

    If that was supposed to be Pär, it looked a lot more like Chris Rörland! 😅

  29. Annie Park

    Are your songs, such as this one, your originals or your covers? I know you guys do covers, but I didn't know if any of your songs are originals. You're really amazing, and you should totally become an official artist if you're not already! Also, how do you pronounce your name?

  30. blindg

    They still have a drummer. Isn't that cheating?

  31. exxinferis24

    this doesn't sound half bad though the premise sounds quite stupid, I really like it

  32. kirbiliusclausius

    You took our instruments. So we have no problem killing like 4 people.

  33. Τσέην Το

    cringe canto

  34. MegaPompoen

    The mad scientist should really work on his lab skill's no way anyone would be able to reproduce this if he work's this sloppy...
    (that might be a good thing but it still annoys me)

  35. Jakob Thompson

    Oh come on, not Sabaton! Especially not in the middle of Primo Victoria!

  36. Coma Lab

    Hoëcker, Sie sind raus!

  37. Analog Defector

    This is terrible.

  38. n1mand


  39. Legnish

    Literally dropped my jaw realizing that is Bernard Höecker 😂

  40. Maykelin Otero Castillo

    #rayito 💕💕🙏🙏🙏🙏 ganaré

  41. HaGEN V

    Это, сука, ахуенна было! Каждый раз удивляют ребята и радуют.

  42. Western Studios

    What was the ozzy osbourne song?

  43. KillerCSM

    Hoecker sie sind raus!

  44. Таня Ефименко

    Наконец то нашла этот клип.

  45. ilovegore89

    (non so se ridere o piangere)
    I think Inga should do something for the breath...

  46. Whyme

    o tought he flipped joakim off for a second

  47. V Reacts

    Great beat...BADABOOM!! I reacted to this on my channel. :) Showing support.

  48. KibaThe GloriousUnicorn

    1:50 song?

  49. Brett Klima

    Van Canto, heroes of the metal apocalypse!

  50. 垣見一慶

    Hello from Japan !!!

  51. Onan Jath

    Metal...acapella? Ok. This is pretty fucking cool, whatever it is...

  52. Juan Gomez

    y este mierdero que ?

  53. Beverly Laude

    Acappela metal?  Cool!

  54. Yordan Yordanov

    lel Sabaton has a Van Canto hearth picture in their studio

  55. Shynia Negricor

    Wahnsinn!!! Hammer Musik, Hammer Video.

  56. Alex Cross

    She is beautiful.

  57. ricardo salas garcia

    boom big badaboom? yeah yeah leelo big badaboom!

  58. V'yell Gohl

    4:38 Winterfresh.

  59. Lumen Psycho

    Liked the song? Got it in my Spotify playlist & many more.

    Take a peek at my playlist, which I'm gonna update weekly & share if you feel like it ^_^

  60. Banana Lov3r

    Me: Mom can I have guitar?
    Mom: No!
    Me: ok *riddly diddly*

    Brandon Phillips

    Haha! Damn this made me laugh a little too hard at 1 am. GF wasn't happy. Lol.


    After seeing this, can't help but think Ned Flanders from the Simpsons would fit right in here.

  61. Khananda Nanda

    Amo badaboom . . . .

  62. 小笠原渉


  63. РамФильм

    Это охуенно

  64. Jasper Jaffe

    I like Sabaton's Van Canto poster... it's funny to me...

  65. Michael Mann

    why did they take James Hetfelds guitar and not Kirk Hammets

  66. craela

    Hoecker, Sie rind raus!

  67. Leafmouth 0

    there is way too many distracting sound cuts in the music video, its so frustrating :I why would anyone think that would be a good idea in a music video ever :I

  68. Rifleman Wilq

    Funny video (reactions of Sabaton, or Metallica), but also good, and very nice song!

  69. Rifleman Wilq

    2:25 Joakim become angry

  70. Grim Reaper

    FUCK the into to this song Just FUCK it.

  71. Douglas Andrade

    Great Song, Great Band, Bealty Female Singer

  72. MrZeck77

    that's awesome

  73. stefanos 666

    with the others bands

  74. Riksuuu

    ran digidigi badaboom badaboom randigigi

  75. Yseheryusi

    what instrument do you play ?
    oh well, i play the riggidy diggidy.


    MrKrus77 sounds like Flanders joined a metal band.


    +AtrusOranis i think Ned Flanders already has a Metal band, callen Okily Dokily


    A perfectly valid traditional Irish instrument. Nicely complements the hurdy gurdy.

    Jasper Jaffe

    I would love to see an Eluveitie and Van Canto combo... it'd be amazingly interesting...

  76. BritGames

    who were the guys who were singing that Black Sabbath song?

    J Booth

    that was supposed to be ozzy obviously, though it clearly wasn't, but that clearly wasn't Metallica either. But I like the concept.

  77. Denovation


  78. Zorbane

    I just realized, they used their voices as the sounds of the special effects!

    Rhonda Gott

    Yes they do, It's amazing live! xD

  79. GrannyBashy

    Hoecker the man

  80. trolltv

    You just habe to love Joakim Brodén drinking while rockin it :'D Noch ein Bier, noch ein Bier.


    it's funny, every Sabaton knows this german sentence :D

  81. oscar.lloma

    4:24 Fus Rho Da!

    Jasper Jaffe

    4:39 IIZ SLEN NUS!

  82. Metal666Blind

    Skandal!!! Bernhard Hoecke hat das selbe Blind Guardian Tattoo auf der Schulter wie ich :D

  83. Benni C

    Berhard Hoecker ? als Prof hahahahahahah geilo !!!!


    wasn't sure if it really was him, quite funny tho :D

  84. FTS FistThroughScreen

    peter pie led me here and now im gonna spend the next 4 hours listening to Van Canto, these guys rock!

  85. Felipe Brubeck

    Mr. Smith? I guess Van Canto are the chosen ones.

  86. CidGuerreiro1234

    I love the story for this song. Someone stole all guitars in the world, so Van Canto is off to save heavy metal because they don't use guitars and were not affected. It's so silly, it's actually pretty cool.

    Claudio Contreras Gómez

    Some kind of Pick of Destiny film xD
    I would pay for that.

    Andrew Singleton

    CidGuerreiro1234 Indeed. That's just stupid enough to be epic. c'mon guys we wanna see a feature length tale of acapella metal that shakes the heavens and drumsticks that deflect lightning.


    All because some dipshit nerd can't play :P


    a comedic action musical film with vancanto as the main characters telling the full story of this video

    Vinicius Esperança

    @Claudio Contreras Gómez this is a fact

  87. martinloud77

    Hoecker sie sind drin !!! ... ´´

  88. Seb


  89. Ferroun

    The guy who invented this deserves a metal medal :-) Nice and funny clip and with Van Canto's music...hmmm...give us more!!! ;)


    Give that man a cookie

  90. Farmer Dale

    was that supposed to be ozzy, and metallica? the sabaton one is obvious lol

  91. German Tovar Jr.

    Inga as Ozzy, she really fooled me 😂 how could I not tell them apart?

    German Tovar Jr.

    Literally she Supermaned that disguise, all she needed was her glasses.

  92. Daniel Erdmann

    Hoecker!Sie sind raus!
    super, Daumen hoch

  93. The Warrior


  94. Michał Biś

    What's the names of songs used here? I mean ale of them

    Balon Greyjoy

    Paranoid - Black Sabbath

    Master of puppets - Metallica

    Primo Victoria - Sabaton

  95. Денис Груздев

    зачем застебали метлу)))

  96. Klaus Schmied

    Was macht Bernhard Hoecker in diesem Video????

    S L A Y E R

    Der war beim Video für Edguy - Robin Hood dabei

  97. BotShox

    Echt ohne Scheiß das ist der Hoecker in nem Metal Lied geil =D


    the James Hetfield doppelganger scares me