Vamps, The - Waves Lyrics

My hands are shaking
Holding photos taken
And I wanna get you out of my head
I'm bruised and broken
By the words I've spoken
And there's not much of me left

The cold in my bones
I feel it in any way
Ghosts in my home
They leave 'cause they can find much better
Lo and behold
I'm on my own
With only myself to blame

'Cause I'm a fool
I let you down, I let you down
I made waves
I'm ashamed
Was all for you
I let you down, I messed around
I made waves
My mistakes, yeah

I know I'm not perfect
And I know you're hurting
I'm sorry that I wasn't there
When I call in the morning
Without any warning
I'll say all the things
That I should've said

The cold in my bones
I feel it in any way
Ghosts in my home
They leave 'cause they can find much better
Lo and behold
I'm on my own
With only myself to blame

'Cause I'm a fool
I let you down, I let you down
I made waves
I'm ashamed
Was all for you
I let you down, I messed around
I made waves
My mistakes, yeah

So can't we go back?
Can we go back?
To when nothing really mattered at all
So can't we go back?
Can we go back? Yeah

'Cause I'm a fool
I let you down, I let you down
I made waves
I'm ashamed
Was all for you
I let you down, I messed around
I made waves
My mistakes

I'm a fool
I let you down, I let you down
I made waves
I'm ashamed
Was all for you
I let you down, I messed around
I made waves
My mistakes, yeah

I made waves
All for you
I let you down

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Vamps, The Waves Comments
  1. Scorpiocorn Marshmallow

    Damn I love the Vamps ♥️

  2. Ginger Koning

    One of my fav songs !!!!!!!<3

  3. ginevra grosina

    I love The Vamps ❤️

  4. Redhead Panda

    I love this song! 😍 Any limelights here? #imalimelight

    Julie Wilson

    limelight :)

  5. Bianca P

    im crying right now listening to Tris sing in the background

  6. Yee Yee

    I'm actually in love with this song

  7. Elijah Rol

    anyone else make depressing play list to cry to lol (not really)

    lone nadh

    Have a good day!👍💫

  8. its angelpenamante

    Love the vamps

  9. iza en


  10. Layla Tambasco

    the vamps songs are so good that they scare me, really. lmaoooo

  11. Marlonlesterjames Mobo

    I love the song

  12. Angeline Ho

    I just watch Connor sang this live in Singapore and it was the most magical thing i have ever seen

  13. Broken Wings

    Such a cute amazing lil song 💚

  14. supergirl5885

    This is literally my favourite song

  15. Claire McCready

    I made waves... all for you 😫🥰😍

  16. Jessica v

    omg this is my fav song ❤️❤️

  17. Jinjin Cupal

    So proud of the boyzz seeing them for the last 6 years😊💖💖

  18. aestheticmusic_xo

    Why is this song so underrated? It's awsome!!! (Like all their songs)

  19. rebekah love

    i love ur asthetic

  20. poppinsparkles

    This song gave me the vibes 3 years ago from the vamps my heart still belongs to this amzing band ♡♡♡

  21. Louise Crouch

    Seeing The Vamps live... is a must :) everyone go do it :) xxxx

    Minnie Meg

    Was lucky enough to see the boys for the first time this tour, ready love 'Waves' 😊✌

    Louise Crouch

    @Minnie Megbrilliant, I want to go again :) hope you had an amazing time xxxx

    Minnie Meg

    @Louise Crouch Fingers crossed we can both see the boys live again because there is nothing better ✌ x

    Louise Crouch

    @Minnie Meg absolutely, and new hope club :)

    Minnie Meg

    @Louise Crouch Yeah I was looking foward to seeing them perform, it was nice that I got to see them whilst they were still touring with the vamps 😄

  22. Louise Crouch

    Brilliant x

  23. Zhyra Jane Garcia

    I just love this song😉💚

  24. Ilyd Hood

    Really great song

  25. Kim Last Jarina Chua

    I love this song

  26. somebody stole my jams

    damn, those vocals tho. forever love them, forever love their music, forever will keep on loving them, this EP is outstandingly amazing

  27. Jennifer Žigova

    The vamps

  28. ᴄaʀᴏ ꜱaɴᴄʜᴇᴢ

    Such a pain The Vamps are really underrated, they're amazing!

  29. lizzie2106

    Can't believe how good this song is

  30. Holly Steele

    Chorus and pre chorus I hear a believer imagine dragons feel, anyone else?

    lennie dance cover

    Holly Steele just you !

  31. Charlie Turner

    i was not notified........grrrrrrr but such a good song like always

  32. Catherine Joson

    they really don't let us down, their songs are just _🔥amazing_

  33. Joseph braker

    wow amezing songs

  34. Your Pet grass

    I came from waves by woodju. How did I get here?

  35. Mery G

    I love them so much 😍❤️

  36. Pearly Shell

    This song hit me

  37. justine dapdap

    vovo si bebe

  38. Niky sarah Ramroop

    The vamps the greatest singer 👨‍🎤 bands world wide yes true 😊

  39. Bethany Allen

    anyone else going to see them on the four corners tour ??🥰

    Shana Donghi

    Bethany Allen meee :)) belgium

    faouz. sml.

    @Shana Donghi same!! Also belgium😍

    MarcsLife 04

    Yeah Berlin😍❤️

  40. lucas wong


  41. laura •*•.•*

    when you sing the song while in lesson and because of the brats who says that they need silence you go to principal but you still sing the song. duh,♥THE VAMPS FOREVER!♥

    cheychey bern

    I'D do the same!!!!!:)

  42. Godwin Mabini

    One of The Vamps best music

  43. Dominica Claribelle

    mmmm daddy

  44. Tessie Ballesteros

    Best time to listen to this song: on a beach, starry night, sitting on the sand with an ocean waves = perfection

  45. Usa .y

    The Vamps🙈💕💕
    I love this him🥰

  46. Shannon Blood

    This 😍

  47. Castaneda Angelica

    Nice song😍💓

  48. Sky Williams

    They need so much more credit for there music 🎵

  49. Hopia Sen Malik

    i love this💖💖

  50. Angelica Delapeña

    ilove the song😊😍

  51. Joycee J Cadalin

    I let you down, I messed around
    I made waves, I made mistakes😶

  52. Diana

    I am have been obsessed with this song since it got released❤❤❤

  53. fluffy bird

    When i'm looking for the vamps new songs i'll automatically land in here 😘

  54. RENMAR alvarado

    I thought I hear 'in better ways' in the the song but when I watch the the lyrics I didn't find it I'm shocked


  55. Delisile Sema


  56. Sean Herz

    This is so good

  57. Malak El Sawaf

    *10 seconds into the song* OMG i love this song
    Edit: Wow 2 likes, I've never gotten so many likes before... thanks guys!


    59 😉

    apsorarechylmarak marak

    91 🖤🖤

    Elijah Rol

    @Aida Poore 102

  58. Mia Md

    My favourite boys band 😍 I'm in love with this song 😍 (and with Brad 😉)

  59. Anna Marie

    "I know I'm not perfect" fucking hell Brad you are perfect

  60. moon child

    This my new drug

    cupcake lol

    Yes I listen everyday to the missing you ep 🔥🔥🔥🔥👍👍❤️❤️

  61. julia samantha


  62. Llama Lover

    These guys sound like AJR & Fun. had a child. Phenomenal sound! Consider me a fan!

  63. Yarden Simcha

    The vamps are one of the best bands ever..
    Can’t even explain how much I love their lyrics

  64. Lilly-Anna McDermott

    Wow ... I’m shook this is so good💞

  65. Manaal Fatima

    "I know I'm not perfect"

    You're perfect. Believe me.

    Kimeon Thomas

    Ummm? No one is perfect?

    Sniper Elvis

    @Kimeon Thomas god is perfect buddy lol

    Kimeon Thomas

    @Sniper Elvis True that. Gotta give the glory to God.

  66. x Sirius x

    Again... The Kings😍🤧

  67. Magda Bartoszewska


  68. Rayssa Rebeca

    The vamps is one of the best bands omg

    Tata Simp

    If only people see what you see...

    Amy Harris

    The bands I love is: The Vamps, Jonas Brothers, Why Don’t We and New Hope Club 💞


    hm for me the best bands are:

    The Vamps


    @cherrycola Little Mix for meeeee!💙💙😍 They are my queens and Bebe Rexha💜💜 is also my Queen! I know Bebe is a solo artist and I don't know how I got to this kind of topic

    Aria Irwin

    @cherrycola YES OMFG U HAVE TASTE

  69. Rayssa Rebeca

    I'm crying

  70. Carel Noynay

    Keep up the good work the vamps

  71. Kinga x

    Polska? 🇵🇱

  72. kodzuken

    the vamps is really out there releasing bops after bops

  73. Gold Coast Music

    Hope u all enjoy this EP the Vamps has blessed us with cos i certainly did, this one for sure is a bop! <3

    Megan Hewson

    Fallen in love 😍 thisssss ep


    I will never get tired of saying how great this channel is!!

    Francis TV •

    This channel is the best for lyrics.

  74. synctify

    Whos here before 10,000 views?


    ​@Gold Coast Music Heart comment? before 10k?

  75. Moataz Amr

    Omg 😍😍 thank you ❤️

    Gold Coast Music

    thanks for watching! ❤️

  76. Mas Fuentes

    I am on my own. to keep on. ..God bless, all....and take care!

    Gold Coast Music

    hope u have a great day!

  77. Jaime Little

    This song is great 👍 I absolutely love it ❤️❤️

    Gold Coast Music

    you're great! ❤️

  78. Anjali Sinha

    Omg😍 what an awesome song. I am loving it

    Gold Coast Music

    glad you enjoyed as much as I did, you have great taste! ❤️

  79. jack carbell

    Like 👍👍

  80. Celm 89

    Fanboy here hahahaha <3

  81. Liquid Sounds

    very soothing track, i love it!

    Gold Coast Music

    indeed, im glad you enjoyed homie, hope u have a great day! ❤️

  82. Jeferson Rodriguez

    Omg, amazing😍

    Gold Coast Music

    ur amazing :)

    Jeferson Rodriguez

    Omg, i died🥺

  83. Laelia Carter

    I love this song

    Gold Coast Music

    glad you loved it ❤❤❤


    Laelia Carter

    I love it too! 😍😍💜💕

  84. sunnylee bitch


  85. Angiela Nicole


  86. Joberlyn Trapal

    try the MISSING YOU!!!

    Gold Coast Music

    we've uploaded it!!!!

    Joberlyn Trapal

    @Gold Coast Music yep i had seen it! thank u very much!💓

    Vamily Brazil



  87. Maria Chewwy

    Ilove it

    Gold Coast Music

    glad to hear that :)

  88. ESAU D.U JR