Vamps, The - Missing You Lyrics

I've had space and time
To realize the grass ain't greener
And I kinda miss my side
Know I shoulda listened
When you told me the first time
("You won't find another like me")

'Cause I'm sat here in my front room
With a girl who ain't you
Hoping and praying you're breaking up
With another fool
Who didn't hear the words
That I hear on the same loop
("You won't find another like me")

Maybe I should have loved harder
Put up more of a fight
I know I could have been stronger tonight

I've looked for love
But there's a space inside my mind
Where I keep on missing you
I keep on missing you
If you've seen enough
Know that I'll be right here
Not with somebody new
I keep on missing you

(You, you...)

I learned every lesson
No more guessing
No more reasons why I should be
Reminiscing instead of saying how I feel
Instead of running from what's real

'Cause I can't keep all this weight on my shoulders
I can't sleep while my bed's getting colder
Strip it back and underneath I know
I'm scared you'll find another like me

Maybe I should have loved harder
Checked if you were alright
I know I could have seen things in a better light
Now I realize

I've looked for love
But there's a space inside my mind
Where I keep on missing you
I keep on missing you
If you've seen enough
Know that I'll be right here
Not with somebody new
I keep on missing you

(You, you...)
(You, you...)

(I, I keep on missing)
(I, I keep on missing)
And even though there was nights (I, I keep on missing)
(I, I keep on missing)
We'd fight until it subsides (I, I keep on missing)
(I, I keep on missing)
And, God, you know that I tried (I, I keep on missing)
But I keep on missing you (I, I keep on missing)

(You, you...)
(You, you...)
(You, you...)
(You, you...)

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Vamps, The Missing You Comments
  1. Heather MacMillan

    I love this song! I could listen to it a million times before I would get sick of it.

  2. Rex Doria

    How can they make songs that are so much better than the rest out there??

  3. Jade Jade thE LoVE

    It sounds good in 1.25x speed

  4. Barnaby

    I imagine fake scenarios and cry while listening to this song

  5. Carp's Gaming

    Some Boyband Becomes So Underrated Because of KPOP

  6. The Mysterious Hobo

    This song would be even better if it was slowed down

  7. Redon Ramadani

    his voice!

  8. Scorpiocorn Marshmallow

    This song made me cry, the Vamps are SO underrated. ♥️♥️♥️

  9. Wei Xinyu

    check out the live version, its 10000000 times better :,)))

  10. Banshaniah Myrchiang

    The vamps👍👍keep it up😎😎

  11. McKenna Davis

    if i could marry a song, call me the mrs 💍

  12. Panicatthephandom

    Everett 💔😢

  13. Padgzmn

    The vamps deserves to perform on AMAs 💓

  14. Haylie Davis

    i loved harder than i should've. i tried to find love in you but you played me and thats what hurts the most. i would do anything in my power to make you happy and you hurt me.


    Ur song is really gud

  16. Daina Urnieziene

    This song reminds me of my best friend she is in Highschool end i stil need ONE more year but wil not be together only can be together on the weekends 😔


    Best band and have the purest heart

  18. naciiaxx

    this song is perfect to be in a movie

  19. Nelamae Miano

    i keep on coming back listening to their songs because i keep on missing them too, yeah 💗😭

  20. Chain_Viper_ CG

    Damn glad I decided to listen to this

  21. jmcbln

    i've been a fan of the vamps since their "last night" mv and til now i'm so proud i stanned the right band😊💖

  22. jmcbln

    this music in a netflix movie🤔

  23. ChrisTHE GamerBOY

    I miss all 6 of my friends I wish I can see all of us again all together

  24. Charlotte Mcc

    This is beautiful in concert I cried so much

  25. Fairouz Ibtisaam_

    The Vamps and 1D are just the same boys but the vamps is younger🤣❤

    Charlotte Mcc

    Fairouz Ibtisaam vamps lowkey better

  26. kitty_ Y

    thats a good song well I like it }

  27. Kiran_ sid

    Missing him 😞

  28. Melon Bar

    Wasn’t quite a fan of them but after I found this song on Spotisfy... I’m obsessed with this song

  29. Nene Navarro

    Yooooh' I'm burstin' into teaaars whileee I was listening :(( The Vamps is such an amazing baaaaand :((💖

  30. L V B

    "I've looked for love but there's a space inside my mind where i keep on missing you"

  31. Yangkie B

    this is sooooooooooooo GOOD


    My girlfriends will leave me soon😭😭

  33. Sophia Anahera

    Can someone please make a slowed version of this song? 🙏🙏🙏

  34. isababel lee

    This is dame 😍

  35. Daisy Rob

    Live missing you is better.. 😅

  36. Hera Mae Buenaobra

    It really sucks listening to this song especially if you've been hurt real bad. It fucking hurts as hell 😭

  37. brianna altizer

    this song is superior

  38. Rein Laveski Booc

    jomel pamarmar

  39. Gerald Gubot


  40. Kate Estrelle Sarvida

    Nice song!!!♥️

  41. Mariam Raza

    This song is <3

  42. Michael Derengowski

    I’ll be right here
    Sat here with someone else
    But it isn’t you 😎🖤

  43. Artibor Marbaniang

    me and my friends we're still practicing this song for teachers day on 5/09/2019

  44. Jessica Mae Muyco

    I believe this song to who missing you and me💕

  45. XDLove807 '

    This song has a great message to everyone.

    It is about a couple breaking up with each other but knowing that they both made a mistake causing the relationship to end, although both broke up, they are still missing each other inside and want to get back with each other.

    I feel like it happens in life as sometimes breaking up isn't the end to a relationship, we should all stay more positive and don't think that the person we broke up to are going to hate us forever.

    Shout out to everyone who experienced breaking up with someone. It's not the end.

  46. Scarlett Widow

    This made me cry . I wish I could meet them o e day . They are one of the greatest this time around. Love them❤

  47. tikiibug

    Haha okay but I wish you actually have that much room in a airplane 😂😂😂🙋🏼‍♀️

  48. Lisa Lanzinger

    I cried

  49. KashishMandia

    People who have played far cry 5 will like it even more😍

  50. izzy brown

    💕love the vamps
    Loved them since 2015 ❤

  51. Angelo Rodriguez

    It has nearly been 4 months since you left without even saying goodbye, saying you want out without enough reason. It's just, it's so fuckin hard to move on when you don't know where or what you did wrong.

    "i looked for love but there's a space in my mind where i keep on missing you."

    I miss you so fuckin much, :'(

  52. Katie Holland

    i miss them so much i want to hug them again eek :(

  53. Janice Anec

    Im loving harder now, and im in pain. 😭😭

  54. Darielle Minguito

    The Vamps is underrated!!!!!! They have awesome tracks💛💛💛

  55. TheLazyBear101

    Wow. This has more views than the one they actually posted

  56. Joleen Quitugua

    the visual in this videos is so aesthetically pleasing!!

  57. ゆにこぉん

    I can’t wait 8/18
    I waiting for you in Japan:)


    Emma 02

    ゆにこぉん オォー!わたしも行くよ‼︎


    だよセレナ おお!楽しみましょうね!!🥺

    Emma 02

    ゆにこぉん そうだね!!😆🎉

  58. Elliz Baskerville

    Why I am crying even though I don't have any ex in my life 😔
    This song feels so touching for me , and I love the feeling 😍

    lisandru cristea

    Elliz Baskerville it’s because it’s how most people, so probably you’ve dreamed of being in love and that’s how you would think if you were in a relationship😏

  59. Ava Lewis

    I love it 💕💕

  60. daria xue

    Those lyrics just hit me right there where it heart

  61. Tyler Alexander

    He sounds JUST like Conor Maynard

  62. ogor gogogo

    This song is perfect

  63. minah pham

    i’ll be here for you, ok bubu?

  64. Amy Weir

    This song should be in a movie!! agree with this comment

  65. WolfStar

    I just lost my first girlfriend a few weeks ago.. I want her back tho.. 😞💔

    I’m gonna send this song to her.

    Mwaniki Mwaniki

    Don't go back to her...NEVER GO BAAACK

    Vittoria Giraud Baldi

    Send it to her.

    Rex Doria

    Did u send this to her? What happened? Pls share if it's ok with you. Thank u.

  66. Kharisma Azzam

    Permisi orang INDONESIA mau Lewat

  67. Yumei Cos


  68. Andrea Pascual

    The vamps good ♡♡♡

  69. Michael Derengowski

    Don’t miss you too much 🦂

  70. aestheticmusic_xo

    This makes me emotional every time😭💛

    Gracie Moore

    Fern Vamps & NHC same bro same

  71. LittleMissRavenclaw

    I love the vamps and am fully obsessed with this song. My crush moved schools and i keep on missing him. <3

  72. r.rezzcr Idont’thavalastnamegodamnitnowlemmego

    Is this normal? Tooo....much shivers😨😨 I need the mv to come out!!

  73. Aoise Taggert

    Omg I keep crying at this song because I absolutely love this song

  74. Jason Almida


  75. Sara S.

    0:40 the way he says 'tonight' ho lee sheet

  76. Rosé Fanboy

    Meiii miss na kitaa balik kana☹️

  77. Merle Mitchell

    I keep on missing you.💋 Where are you?👧 You must be tired, you keep running through my mind.❤🌹💋👨‍⚖👧🎈🌹

  78. TAC

    I am alive🍅😥✝️✝️✝️🌈🤝🏕🇦🇺🏩🧢

  79. Regina Hay

    Damn who hurt theses boys

  80. Zemikah Akana


  81. Nandini Khandekar

    Ohh what a song 🎶
    In love with this one... ❤❤

  82. j6qv

    im so inlove with this song..

  83. Alexandra Blazevska-coe

    this is my favourite song ever 😍

  84. Frances Darlene Ephan

    The vamps is the best

  85. Dolphin Man

    This music is extraordinary! I absolutely love it, the lyrics are amazing and I can really understand the emotion in them! ^^

    {\___/} ~ Dance!
    (> ᴗ <) ~ Dance!
    / ^ ^\ ~ Dance!

  86. shreya negi

    IDK why my boys are so underrated.. There songs are so beautiful, lyrics are so deep, they have amazing talent, are funny, entertaining and of course handsome.. I mean it really it hurts alot when I see the views on there orginial video,they don't get the appreciation and all that recognisation they deserve.. No matter what happens I will stand with them and support their music till the end.. They are my ROLE MODELS and I am proud to be a vampette ✌

  87. sanchit sachdeva

    Nice song and keep it up Gold Coast Music

  88. Louise Crouch

    The first time I heard this tune was live at Manchester Apollo last Saturday evening, what a classic song. The Vamps are wonderful and super talented and really know how to make a crowd move, dance, sway and bounce the love around the room. Love to Tristan, Connor, James, Bradley... love you guys :) x x x x

  89. Rhys Swindell

    Great music it kinda sais my life cause I'm losing friends and people are starting to hate me

  90. Wayne Smith

    I be missing you

  91. Natascha x

    yea this song makes me cry. I am missing you, i really do.

  92. Prissilia Nov

    Why is The Vamps so underrated. Their deserve more ❤️

  93. ITANG PITANG who is Brad missing really? Lauren? Sabrina... Is there anyone else??? Never mind, kidding.

  94. Azriel Taylor

    Yeah, this hurts. 😭😧

  95. Francisco Dinis

    This song hits me in the feels hard

  96. Gold Coast Music

    This is one of the best Vamps tracks to ever be released, lemme know what you guys think. I couldn't pass up the opportunity on sharing this track with u amazing people! <3

    Brett Kavanaugh

    *for you*
    Not for everyone else

    Carel Noynay

    The Vamps are the best

    Ralph Ortiz


    Saniya Dhonre


    caitlyn beswick

    I love this could you do up all night