Valentine, Justina - Renegade Lyrics

Shit, Justina
Aw, you picked one of my favorite tracks
Let's go
You know we gotta do this dirty
It's Mysonne!

I had to rumble, I was Simba in the jungle (uh-huh)
Fight for ya life for these hyenas that take it from you (that's right!)
Daddy told me (what?), speak up, you never mumble (never)
Niggas know I'm a beast, I just keep it humble (haha)
The streets'll numb you, kids takin' painkillers (damn)
It's insane, the pain turned 'em to trained killers (ahh)
They can't hear us (nah), everybody screamin' at 'em
Chains is gleamin', Satan is sendin' demons at 'em
Gave her ya semen but you ain't seem 'em since she had 'em (tshh)
You a phantom and now you hustle, he want a phantom (get in)
How you a man? (hah)
You don't know your son from madame
So you ain't tell him that the feds was gon' come and grab 'em (damn)
Son of a madame, papa was a rolling stone
He left me alone, I wanted to be a Corleone
Hole in the chrome, 'til I finally found my crown
Now I'm known as the realest nigga this side of town
Pound for pound, the lyrics is like gospel (gospel)
I make soldiers so the take over is hostile (that's right)
I showed 'em how to make lemons in the lemonade
Real niggas never die, so I'm a motherfuckin' renegade!

Since up in the Christian, I always talk to Ghandi
Listens, the evil people tryna break me down my very existence
And make me feel like I'm a blemish, and perfect and flawed
They got me walkin' the plank, every one drawin' they swords
Said I'm the queen of the half hazardous craft in my wordplay
No writers, no gimmicks, I guess that puts me in first place
They mad with a hurt face, haters why bother?
You meet me in the flesh and act like it's Hakuna Matata

Said I'm a renegade
Self made, throwin' grenades
Trying to blow up the place, now tell me no to my face
And I slay, and I gave, for the [?]
Through the pain in this game, left a stain
It'll never be the same

It's Feminem on the track, I had to switch up my lane
"But you're just stan!"
Y'all didn't put respect on my name
And that goes for all three of y'all
I mean the press, the fans, the labels, Emmy
Is depressed to Stan?
You see, they got me on the edge, I know they dyin' to push me
It's a dog-eat-dog world, and they gave me a pussy
I had to scratch to the top, climb my way out the cage
So when I'm pissin' off the buildin', I rain on your parade

'Cause I'm a renegade
Never been afraid to say what's on my mind
At any given time of day
I'm a renegade
Never been afraid to talk about anything, anything
'Cause I'm a renegade
Never been afraid to say what's on my mind
At any given time of day
I'm a renegade
Never been afraid to talk about anything, anything

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Valentine, Justina Renegade Comments
  1. krystal cozart

    You are an amazing rapper i love you justina valentine

    krystal cozart

    ur better then cardi

  2. James L

    Mysone thought u knew better 2 do this beat

  3. Tony Kiev

    What a beast

  4. Mariah Ramos

    "It's a dog eat dog world and they gave me a pussy, I had to scratch my way to the top" I FELT THAT

  5. Niketa Lemoth

    This is way too short!

  6. David Obi Jr

    She sounds like the one of the chipets🐿😅🤣😂

  7. Lorenzo Salinas

    I agree. Sorry but y'all can't touch Em and Jay

    Shayne Yessir

    I totally disagree for a female she murders this beat

    Niketa Lemoth

    She murdered it. Your missing greatness

    Lorenzo Salinas

    Stop saying for a female. She's fkn awesome and is better and has more bars than most dudes but their version is not better than Jay and Em

  8. Petuniah Mosena

    I understand but the original is the one

  9. Iveliz GVF

    I love it!!! I had to put it in my playlist!!

  10. Eedat

    If you're gonna rhyme over what is considered one of the best rap tracks of all time you better be sure your bars are on point and you didn't, sorry.


    Eedat, you don't thing the rhymes was on point?... seriously.... Justina and Mysonne are the tightest rappers in the game. They rhyme tight and on time and they can rhyme about anything thing to any beat in any style. Check out Justina Valentine freestyle on Sway in the Morning and Mysonnes freestyle on Flex hot 97 Seriously, I'd love to know what your idea of "on point" sounds like?....

  11. Douglas Alex


  12. Charity S


  13. dragon0361


  14. No Neck Jeff

    New age em and 50

  15. Apryl Van Ryn

    I fox wit mysonne and i fox wit Just. This was hot fire for the time it lasted

  16. ALLRED


  17. Tyler Lindsay

    sounds like 50 but more real and the verse valo does is better then eminem right now. just dropping truth bombs!!

    Tyler Lindsay


  18. Hot Boi Tazz

    dope fiya all thee above

  19. Taehyunggie

    Mysonne guy sucks.

  20. Lamont King

    She killing it with her sexy ass I know Em very proud of her .

  21. Advait Desai


  22. Yeeterice

    who the fuck is this bitch. leeching off Eminem? fuck her.

  23. Mulik Azizah

    You are amazing rapper girl 👌👌💜 love you justina valentine

  24. Jay Flo

    Whoa 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 didn't expect this 🔥🔥

  25. Dro Briggz/AAG Axel

    ☺☺ I had no idea she was a rapper but I clicked for Mysonne but stayed because I'm impressed

  26. T.B. Veneman

    her fans: femineminists?

    zaid khan

    Trump dickrider Alert 😍😍😍

  27. Brainz Rooney

    sick got damn

  28. King Kong

    Lol roasted Birdman! This mixtapes fire

  29. Elise Graziano


  30. Blu Haiku

    it's a dog eat dog world and they gave me a p&ssy

  31. MJ Price

    Yo on some real shit Justina Valentine is my biggest crush rn!! Like hmu lil momma!!


    Yo!! Justina sound identical to Neon Hitch when she singing...looks like her a little too.

  33. Wang Peter

    when is the vid comin out

  34. Ness Lee

    Your voice is crazy. I enjoy your singing more than the rapping honestly

  35. Ness Lee

    "no gimmicks".....really?


    Ness Lee irony in its purest form

  36. j2big


  37. IAmHim

    NY taking over the rap game! Simple

    Brannon Moegelin

    Sinner big facts i live in ny yet to go to anyones concert tho😭

    Juan Torres

    How they taking over the rap game if they taking Detroit’s niggas songs and remix and they flows 😂

  38. Deborah Gatica

    This is definitely #1 and then Just and The Way I am... I literally loved all the songs

    Juan Torres

    Deborah Gatica no it’s dumb same flow same chorus

  39. Aaron Van Dyke

    Good delivery and lyrics but why don't you make your own shit instead of literally making money and views off Eminems name and hooks? Like you're talented.. we see that.. so use that talent and make your own production and music.

    Variety Society 33

    I did not know that. I will check it out it is wrong that celebrity copy other music and they should make your own. Here a fun quote "good artists copy great artist steal".

    Saul Trow

    It's a mixtape.
    The purpose of it is to get her name and music out there. That's it. And that's what it's done. Her original pre-Feminem music was nowhere near Feminem in terms of attention.

    It got her name out there. It helped to get her to where she is now.

    That's it. Don't overthink it. She has a ton of original music. This is a mixtape where she could appeal to something everybody knows and loves (MMLP) and work with beats and styles she's grew up listening to and would be able to write to better than most beats and hooks.

    Jonathan Guzman

    @Aaron Van Dyke you didn't do your research or else you would know she isn't making money off of it. Not anyone can rap on any Eminem beat and sound good. You a special kind of stupid huh


    This is what an artist has to do now a days. Remixes can get people to listen when they other wise wouldn't. Did you know her before is? If she got the recognition and shot she deserved she wouldn't be doing remixes son. 2 examples are 50 cent and Drake who both got big on remixes before their debut albums.


    Exactly that's how I feel

  40. USO switch

    this beat should not be touched


    USO switch I know plenty of people who should tho

  41. Out Psycho

    wickedly stuff imma sub !

  42. B H

    Mysonne has that heat. But this bitch is overrated as hell. Biting ass, stealing all Eminem shit and try to rebrand it as yours.

  43. MouseThaKid Videos

    both killed it, Mysonne been killin sh*t

  44. D E P R E S S I O N

    I can sum up all my words with one. SHOOK

  45. Elda Aguilar

    She sick

  46. Sev70ty Da Roxxstar

    She rode that shit toooooo good

  47. the most loved and hated all at once

    This was fire just..... I fucks with this.