Valentine, Justina - Love The Way You Lie Lyrics

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
Well, that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry?
Well, that’s all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

You were [?] in the crowd but you tryna know me
Listenin' my friends but they don't know me
When it’s all good, yeah they're down to ride
But if you go down, then they runnin' high
I love the way that you bring me
It's the same way that you made me
Believe on love, then was thought you was sick
You pull me back and I'm stuck in your whip, uh

If I knew better (better), I would of left ya
Ah, nah nah, we will forever (ever)
I was down for whatever
Ai, ya ya, and you always say the same damn thing
Every time that yo ass can't come
Like it ain't my fault, I always you believe you were in [?]

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
Well, that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry?
But, that’s all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

I give you all of me ’cause you didn't notice
Now we blamin’, pointin' fingers but the fingers loaded
My vision blurry, now you out of focus
You shot the bullet, tell me what's your motive?
I'm drinkin’ from your potion, it's a potent
I'm clinkin' now you every time you talk shit
Like I wasn't there when you was hittin' them licks
To bang you out if the shit [?] got switched, oh

I was just waitin' for you to go change in the man in the mirror you say
Reflectin' on what we could be

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn?
Well, that's all right because I like the way it hurts
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry?
But, that's all right because I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie
I love the way you lie

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Valentine, Justina Love The Way You Lie Comments
  1. Kane Hillarious

    i love this Feminem


    Well gah’dayum you done took me back yo my childhood fa reos fa reos. Omg this is fucking 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Virus Nurav

    Lovely voice 😍😍😍🤙🤙🤙👍

  4. Kam Soul

    if you like justina check out this artist

  5. Gucci Blaine

    Fire 🔥

  6. Alex Baki

    She's fire. The song "JUST" gave me the same chills I got when I first heard Stan..

  7. Lonely Stoner

    I like this Version better.. Smh

  8. Janee Reeder

    I fucking love you

  9. J-Dawg Argueta

    JUSTINA you should make a Feminem remix on "Kill You" I know it will be DOPE

  10. ReaperBM

    This cover is dope af Justina! Put it on iTunes so I can download it on my iPhone please ❤️ Much love girl, keep doing the good work! ❤️

  11. John Jasko

    Jersey stand up!!!!

  12. Evelynng1000 Rose

    Why is there never any lyrics to these;-;

  13. Jimmy Butson

    Hot as hell + can rap like a boss? are we sure you are real?
    kicking ass girl

  14. makiah and the bffs

    Your so pretty you have a amazing voice you are such an idol i love your music and your beautifull hair please reply its your girl JUST. Haha love you 👋☺☺☺

  15. Kermee Lor

    When is this song available on iTunes??

  16. Morgan Taylor

    NEED THE LYRICS 😭😭😭😭🖤🖤

  17. Morgan Taylor


  18. Tabus

    My favorite Eminem song. Now I love it even more. Amazing.

  19. Cristian Sanchez

    I would listen to your music

  20. eminem1#fan

    Eminem is the best stop comparing yourself to him 😂😂

    Danielle Oppelt

    If you weren't trying to be mean then why say anything at all? Why not listen and keep your opinion to your self? What's the point in leaving a mean comment on someone's work? She worked so hard on these songs. If you don't like it you won't be coming back to the video. Next time try listening and moving on. No harm done there, you have no idea how your words might impact someone. Even if you feel like you are being mean..

    Awkward Dawn

    She's not

    Johnnie Williams

    Seriously STOP IT B ORIGINAL!!!!

    Johnnie Williams

    @Danielle Oppelt hw can u work hard on bitting someone's style and beats

    Flip Master Pro

    @eminem1#fan like you could better

  21. Joanna P

    I love her

  22. ScriptlessProductions

    You're beautiful in every way

  23. kayla moncada

    Ily justina❤️🤧

  24. Andrew Googoo

    Im so disappointed that im just stumbling upon this great artist best recommendation i ever clicked i love her voice n her vibe keep slaying Justina

  25. iii.idc. ly

    This so beautiful, Justina i know your an amazing artist but this blow me away.

  26. Brainz Rooney

    Crazy flow great raps

  27. Brinzino

    So she’s basically just remixed everything eminem songs

    madi5070 madi5070

    Is there a problem @Young Zino

    Naniya Mernando

    @Johnnie Williams she got her own shit

    Juan Torres

    madi5070 madi5070 there kinda is if you think about it she’s not original and this album is basically saying I’m trying to be like him and not my own person


    @Johnnie Williams Lolwhat. Some of the most popular songs of all time have been covers. Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is a damn cover.

    Johnnie Williams

    @Sean quit looking at her breasts & pay attention 2 her talent OH YEA, SHE HAS NONE!!! THERE'S A REASON U DON'T HEAR HER ON THE RADIO. DUH!!!!

  28. YKB Jay

    I love your music Justina 🔥💯💕

  29. Yasmine Valentin

    Yo what. I knew this girl had potential when I saw her on wild n out. She stood out to me out of everyone on the show and I love her so much 😍😍😍 shes honestly my favorite. I love you Justina! 💞

    Juan Torres

    Yasmine Valentin she has bars but if she doesn’t get original that potential will go straight to the garbage the whole feminem album was stupid

  30. Pussÿ Chicken

    Justins big fan! Ur kicking sss on the challenge. If possible could you please put feminiem on Spotify

    Pussÿ Chicken


  31. Just Coconuts

    Found you through “Wild n’ out”. Wasn’t dissapointed. Love this so keep it up. ❤️👏🏾

  32. Ayeesha Aidah


  33. Haydn McDade

    I enjoyed the flow.

  34. Lala Orellana


  35. Trippa

    Put the album on spotify!! Love this

  36. Da Kiddda

    Know I ain't the only nigga who wanna fuck Justina.
    I need a redhead off my checklist

  37. Ravens World entertainment

    Justina I love you lol I'm gonna be bumping this for a minute two friends of mine already have looked you up and listened to a few of your songs I hope there's a ablum one day 💘

  38. SK1llx x5h07

    Nice one love ur voice :) if you see this have a nice day

  39. Ben Mason

    I would never fuck a girl that *sounds like this*

    Rico Recklezz

    it was dc young fly who said that nigga


    lyene kk it’s a joke that dc fly said on Wild n out

    Aisa Luvs u

    But you still on here listening to her music plus im pretty sure she wouldnt fuck you anyways

    Ben Mason

    Aisa Hasanic y’all are fucking retarded. Do you even bother reading the replies before you say some dumb shit?

    Ben Mason

    Michael Anthony Iania do you people even bother reading the replies before saying dumb ass shit?

  40. Majestic 12

    Pop that pussy like a pistol, ya!

  41. AJ RX

    You've been on YouTube for 8 years? It's probably impossible or improbable to come after Marshall Mathers. Sadly he may have shut the game down for any non-black, but especially white, rapper because when the bar was set that high, everything else falls short, even and maybe especially for a female. At least she's trying. I have a feeling that many white rappers were discouraged and quit when Slim Shady lit hip hop on 🔥 and white emcees.and rappers wanted no smoke.

  42. mcsiddesh turuvekere

    so cute

  43. mcsiddesh turuvekere

    add me to ur fanlist with pure luv

  44. Secret Man

    Can you do a remix or trapped in the closet or same girl by Rkelly

  45. mike higgins

    Damn not only is she hot she does good on this shit.

  46. Kim Gow

    Love her!!

  47. __Leo__

    New fav song

  48. Captain Crunch

    You know I gotta be here for justina remixes

  49. Markhm 2002

    Legend says that Justina never replies

    Justina Valentine

    Markhm 2002 👀❤️

    Astar Squad

    +Justina Valentine your talented I fuck wit you don't give up babygirl ❤💯❤❤❤❤ your music hot and your beautiful


    Justina Valentine omg you replied 😄😘

    madi5070 madi5070


    Michael Love

    Markhm Are you still with us? Ugghh Ooooh He fainted into a comma and never woke up again. Lol

  50. Linda Thao

    Nice beats rap voice jastina